Day: January 13, 2016

Shift to wisdom by embracing the principle of love.

Since we now know the separate mind project on to the screen of life and our attitude and our very focus of attention summons our life experiences we would be wise to embrace the principles of love as a basis for our life experiences and those life experiences of our follow brothers and sisters. We all come into life with the human condition of being separate from love. We are all creating life experiences by thinking them into being while not realizing that we are in divine partnership with “I Am All That I Am”. As one awakens to the ultimate reality one starts to embrace unconditional love. The existence of love in our thoughts imply the existence of  a power that allows all things to exist and become more aware of the ultimate reality.When we love and choose to love we find our true nature, which is love. The only place where love does not exist is within our own separate mind.The human condition is now being transformed by an awakening to the principles of love. The masculine energy is the action taken energy which when in unity with love creates trust that the action taken will produce our good. The feminine energy is the allowing energy or trust energy which drives the law of attraction to produce the desired result. When the heart is blocked by judgments it creates separations from our good and this separation from our good blocks the trust energy. Thoughts are the power that move everything into existence, When one’s thoughts are focused on sharing knowledge or wisdom one is rewarded by the inner awareness of joy and bliss.As one feels an expansion through the heart know as the resonance of truth one is aware of the confirmation coming from the inner knowing that one’s good is at hand .As one feels an expansion of love , joy or bliss one is communication with the presence of God.