Day: January 14, 2016

Perfect reflection of Christ- consciousness

Perfect reflection of Christ- consciousness

In the beginning of the birth of creation the first coming of Christ was the birth of creation. God breath a desire and the Holy Ghost or Mary carried within its virgin whom the Christ consciousness. Which was symbolized by the son of God? which was” the only begotten Son” child of spirit. The PERFECT REFLECTION of cosmic consciousness (GOD THE FATHER) in and beyond all creation.” In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was GOD.” So the perfect reflection was imbued with cosmic intelligence. It is my understanding now that Jesus was the first to become aware of this knowing within his conscious mind. So was able to say” I and the father are one” He did say follow him. Jesus message for all of us was to follow him into the diamond heart awareness of Christ consciousness. The diamond heart consciousness and awareness is symbolized by wisdom, love, clarity and ascension. The diamond and the heart symbol can be seen in every era, culture, religion and esoteric writings since the beginning of time.

The second coming of Christ is happening now. It is happening within you right now. It is happening within the subtle regions of your being.

To support the diamond heart consciousness it would be wise now to practice meditation and begin to focus on the heart sense which has intelligence far beyond that of a fear based mind which is after all a servant and collector of data. Daniel Defoe once said “that the soul is placed in the body and it is like a rough diamond, it must be polished within or the larder of the soul will never appear “The Diamond heart awareness will transform the lost soul of every day realm of consciousness to a new understanding and wisdom of the potential of each soul. Already modern science has acquired new perspectives of multiple universes including the string theory and folding time theories. We hear a lot about vibration and resonances, and soon more discoveries will lift the lid to new discoveries. Since new discoveries and perceptions force us all to acknowledge paradigm shifts do take place. Soon it will be common knowledge for all to see. This vibration tone is at present been measured by modern science. The diamond heart awareness symbolizes the soul’s journey home to its true awareness. It is with this new awareness or heart sense that the people of the world will define what we give our attention too. Already many people of the world have started to wake up. The hallmarks of our attention will manifest our very thoughts and will utilize the emotion of fear or love to co creates them.

The Native American Indians and other Native nations such as the Australian tribes have been given the concept of the diamond and the heart to acknowledge immortality. It has been preserved as both a symbol and acknowledgement to transformation. The first time I came across the Indian motet was on my visit to America back in the early eighties. I learned that the butterfly diamond symbolized transformation by a process called metamorphosis. At that time I was searching for answers which no person was able to give me. Since that time I have learned that the diamond symbol is emblematic of time and space, which prompts us to live in the now moment. The diamond heart awareness is announcing to the world a new understanding or reality to be embraced.

In alchemical philosophies and metaphysical speaking the diamond and the heart create unity and balance to” all that is”.

Most of us now more than ever before are very much caught up in the restlessness of the annoyances of life. These include the constant roller coaster of emotions and the drama of life. Our worries and our constant expectations of financial, emotional and spirituality aspirations are always arising. It is my opinion that without loosening of the hold of our focus on these issues, our attention keeps us binding to these and we invite more of the same because of the unconditional love of the “Law of Attraction”. Focus attention on imperfection binds us all to more imperfections. In the modern world, freedom can only be achieved by realizing that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and have forgotten the nature of your being. What is taken place now is the remembering of who you are, or your return to the knowing of your infinite eternal soul. Be aware that the energy waves will be ebbing and flowing with increasing frequencies from now on. It would be wise to call on the comforter The Holy Spirit, when fearful thoughts enter the mind through habit. So anybody who would attain the diamond heart awareness would be wise to include meditation. This will support you in loving and merging with the ego. Then rise above the consciousness of your physical self (deny himself) and keep in attention constantly focused in Christ peace even while you are daily crucified by trials and your spiritual aspiration, as well as being tormented by restlessness and destructions. The intensified focus, fervent devotion and meditation produce the ecstasy of oneness with cosmic consciousness.

By now some of you will be aware that you are beliefs of who you think you are. Your very intentions and thoughts are energy and this energy that you create will manifest. So any intention of thought set in motion will change to the degree that the soul remembering will allow. Fear inhibits the remembering process. We are becoming aware of energy and as it expands beyond the physical, some of us sense it others see it and yet still others can communicate with it. With this group of people I have this to comment. Notice how the mind set of unconditional love practices regularly will change the reality that you are experiencing. All the resistance of the drama of life dissipates. Limitation will start to fall away. New belief systems will be evidence of the new seeds that you are planting within your consciousness. This will become your new truth for now and your experiences will reinforce the “Law of Attraction” with vibration of love and this energetic environment will affect your physical world. In fact you will be working with thought and intention before it will come into manifestation. Now with deliberate conscious creating of your part in creation as a co-creator, the universe will create that which you desire. This freedom creates peace within and more remembrance of your purpose.

Any thought that is diluted down with the remembrance of fear is not perfect. Hence we are the creator of what is. Have the wisdom to know that your very thoughts are creating this world. Accept full responsibility for your thoughts, words, deeds and associated feelings and beliefs which are making you a beggar man in God’s House. We then can take responsibility as co-creators and have the wisdom to stay focused on putting LOVE before every thought. This will bring about unconditional love. As a result, the people of the world will find a new and meaningful means of nurturing ourselves and allowing the emergence of truth, love and wisdom to allow the all new expansive transformation of life which is well and truly underway.

By feeling love within one’s own consciousness, a light will begin to break which allows the individual to experience a profound peace and joy more than the ordinary human heart has ever known before. The first time I have personally felt this peace, I heard and felt a feeling of love so pure and real .It changed me there and then. An inner voice, the same as what the shepherds in the countryside of Bethlehem had experienced. “Peace on earth, goodwill towards men”, was my knowing within the pure silence. I had realized, I had to create peace within myself. So I resigned to create peace within my own heart. My task was to create a heart that could love unconditionally. The only way I knew how to do this was through meditation. This practice created in me peace. It enlarge my consciousness, my cup became overflowing. Before, this peace was realized, I had two masters. My fearful mind was one master, and my heart prompts was my second master. Whenever I decided to do what my inner prompts were trying to achieve my fearful mind would overrule them. I was a divided house, and my ability to focus was always over ruled with fear full thoughts .So my overall focus was fear. Christ peace gives all who with devotion and whole heartiness to obtaining Christ consciousness within meditation the total enjoyment of ecstasy and peace. By keeping your feeling free from fear vibrations which create restlessness in the mind, you have but one master. When this inner peace is experienced within meditation, one enters the soul and overtime the vaster peace that one feels is Christ consciousness or the Christ self which moves into cosmic consciousness and a knowing of the infinite consciousness and what you are able to tap into. Eventually, overtime and devotion, the restless thought and associated feeling are vanquished within the silence and ever new bliss is celebrated within the soul and body. You are the consciousness which you have realized within yourself. Therefore, you are a belief expressed about who you think you are.

Christ consciousness is the perpetual state of unconditional love always choosing love over fear. This is achieved by blending heart and mind in meditation and developing an inner sensitivity to be able to be on vigilant watch to hold fast to the joyous inner communication with infinite consciousness (the only begotten son of the Father Mother of God of All That Is) child of spirit. Over time, this will bring about the ideal of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and adherence to the highest divine truths of universal love, where one realizes their oneness with God.

By learning to listen to the pulsating presence, feelings will generate a world of love for everybody, by feeling our hearts desires into creation. Soon more and more people will be radiating energy for the good of all. Throughout the universe everything is vibrating. It is the balancing of the fearful thoughts that is now taking place so that the correct order as per design of our Father Mother God where Love dismantles what thought has diluted down and has created from the beginning of time, by distorting the perfect mind, by introducing the concept of the possibility of not good, hence the creation of imperfection.

Intention seems to play a great role in the evolution of WHAT IS. So it would be wise to align and listen to Divine intention. Any decision based on fear or selfish benefit creates an intention to hoard or keep there by breaching the “Law of Supply”. Hence we have created this recession. So companies and institutions that lay claim to possession and who with hold information will be focusing on fear and fear related issues. The unconditional law of attraction like a good servant will reflect back to them, what they imagine into being through their fear. By sharing information and desiring to support all and accepting that we are all on our journey home, life will be so different. Unconditional Love will transform all. So by practising inner silence, one will meet God, and Goddess and divine peace will abide. In my own experience, it took devotion, faith and perseverance, but I keep knocking at the door of silence and God did respond. It was the habit of being inwardly in the calm and peaceful knowing of infinite consciousness that I realized the Divine Presence. Ideas in the mind created through the power of faith produce the respondent feeling of Love. Taking control over your thoughts the emotions by merging heart and mind in the now moment creates a partnership of trust with Divine Presence, I noticed that, invading the disturbing thoughts of restlessness which were focus on, sometimes produce feelings that created in me, judgements and I was trapped in the duality of having feeling of attraction or repulsion for them. So what I experienced through my heart bonded me to likes and the dislikes which create attraction and repulsion situations. I realized that my heart stores up emotions and it is the desire of habit that my words, thoughts and deeds reflect what was in my heart. In realizing the truth about what emotion I allow into my heart, I knew it would be wise not to be tempted by the fearful thoughts and corresponding feelings. Knowing that my thoughts can produce various emotions I started to use my feeling to monitor my ideal thoughts and then started to choose better thoughts to produce associated good feelings of love.

Divine intention is now more than ever before, forging a path for all. To support this paradigm shift in consciousness to allow the subjective nature to prompt each of us “Be still and know I AM”. Daily meditation would be a wise choice to know the loving voice of the only begotten son of God and Goddess (The Christ consciousness) the only begotten son, child of spirit speaks within the silence. Allow the spiritual power to strengthen, uplift and redeem you. It would be wise to accept the baptism of fire, which burns away your fear and replaces this with unconditional love. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter will be your redemption to quicken the spiritual nature of your being and return you to the true consciousness which is the purity of the diamond heart consciousness and its ability to fulfils Divine Intention

The diamond crystals feature the building blocks of all life. The diamond crystals are pure and all life comes from this purity of creation. With the recent introduction of the law of attraction we all are becoming aware of the reflective nature of our lives, hence our habitual focus on fear and powerlessness, bonds us to the limitations we think in being and reflects our reality. Each person on the planet is love and at no time are they less than love, but within their own accepted truths of who they believe they are. We are all unique and perfect and will all contribute to the whole, just as the many facets of the diamond contribute to the overall beauty of the diamond. When the Christ light becomes a reality, the diamond heart awareness allows intuition to guide and to establish faith, love and wisdom within your consciousness. ” I am the door and no man can shut it” this door that no man can shut is the door to infinite consciousness. It is only by actually experiencing this knowing within the silence that you begin to be self realized. All the great masters realized this.

So by practising meditation and developing your inner sensing capabilities you will embrace the Christ light of your higher self, which is love. As the diamond heart awareness grows among the population, the collective awareness will shift the masses in a new direction. This will be the beginning of wisdom, which will transform and create the magnificent metamorphosis on planet earth. This will bring forth a new earth and new consciousness will be introduced as pure wisdom. Advancement of great magnitude and magnificence will be ever increasing and joyous. Our bodies will be transformed and our soul will know of its capabilities, leading to the development of our dormant capacities which have yet to be discovered.

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