What is self mastery?

What is it all about? Why am I here? Who am I? To solve any mystery, one requires right knowledge and wisdom. So what is knowledge? And what can one do with it. Our minds we know help us to determine, choose and discard ideas, but also our mind tells us what to feel, what to think, and what kind of life to have. But what do we mean by mind. Is it just our thoughts or would it better to mean the totality of our psyche. The question always arises in us, “What is good for us” Now based on whatever knowledge we have, we always act with the knowledge that it is good for us. The moment we realize that we always do what we believe to be good, this will allow us to appreciate the value of knowledge. Based on what one believes they know about a subject, they usually use knowledge for good. But what if this belief isn’t true. Some think money will give or create peace, but it does not. So what some rich people believe is not always true. So it is necessary to investigate what one believes as their truth and to take into account that truth changes with time due to discovery and new perceptions.

“How we act according to what we know or what we think we know is important” So the ability of our minds to be able to accept a paradigm shift will determine your lives, what you want to be, what you want to do and how you want to live. FEAR is dependent on what we think we are. I believe lack of knowledge creates all fears. With fear based ideas wisdom has no home. So we now know that we do not have full knowledge or wisdom about everything. We tend to be afraid of what we lack in knowledge about things. To name but a few – anger, sadness, love, compassion, dependence, emptiness, being alone.

Let us briefly examine ourselves. Believing in death makes us scared of dying. Knowledge also extends to feeling, and knowledge also extends beyond thought and feelings. The more we gain knowledge of who we are, the more our desires, for what we think is good for us will change and reflects within reality.” When examining facts and experiences that you have or that another person is describing. Focus on the following “what am I assuming I know and believe and accept as my truth happen not to fit with my new perceptions from other people that I have just experienced ”The more you gain knowledge and wisdom of who you are . the more your desires for what you think is good for you will change and reflect a new reality. When you experience knowing that you are beyond your body, mind, emotions and sensations, you will realize that there is more to you than that of physical being. It would be wise to be still and tap into your infinite consciousness. This is achieved. by meditation Then you will find out who you really are. You nature is love so you do not need to look for love outside of yourself.

We do what we believe to be good for us, based on the knowledge we have. Everything we do, every little thing depends on what we think we know. What we believe to be the best way to do things is not really the best way, at the time of taken action if the knowledge changes or expands to include new knowledge. Try applying the old law of physics to land a rocket on the moon. It can not be achieved. Take another example pain in the body always creates fear for everybody, but if it is explained as trapped air the fear will go. But if it is explained as medical condition fear over power the person.

So reaction depends on knowledge (less creates fear). So it is important to gain the necessary knowledge to live our lives to the full. Knowledge gained through our lives becomes our beliefs. We tend to believe our own beliefs too much without questioning them, then go about our lives based on them. But what about old perceptions. “Knowledge becomes part of our minds” But is this wise. So now would it not be better to test all accepted knowledge and see if it fits with your new perceptions.

So how do we find out the truth? Remember: “Ask and you shall receive” So ask the question: Is this thing I want really good for me? Did the person I learned it from know it was good? It was good for that person but is it good for me? Could it be obsolete and requires new ideas to fit it in to your new perceptions.

What we know is not ultimate knowledge but only inconclusive knowledge or part of the truth . So what about the situation where knowledge is evolving due to new perceptions that some people are realizing.

Ask the question: What information am I assuming about what I know about what to do, that I do not know that is accepted by others? Could there perceptions be valid. You will realize that there is much more to you than this, and how much more”. Because of the capacity to learn and with our minds we can investigate, study and arrive at new knowledge to see and understand new concepts. We actually find out who we are. Our nature is Love, so we do not have to look for love outside ourselves, but we can share our Love with those who desire more Love. Having loving thoughts and only projecting thoughts that are not deficient makes way for unconditional love. Any thought less than love is deficient. Put love before every thought. Then the wisdom in the feeling will reflect the truth.

By questioning and investigating, you will be able shift though of what you think you know and with an open mind allow other kinds of perceptions and values and even actions to emerge in you.

Now from experience, I know as your ability to question all things to find truth strengthens your perspective widens and what was spoken as another truth can become your new truth. Your now focus is bigger and your ability to know increases. Knowledge requires awareness, without awareness you cannot know yourself.

When there is more awareness in the body, the capacity to know feelings increases. With increasing feelings, it is easier to discriminate, strength grows, patience and courage grow. Peace and gentleness reside within the body. Particularly within the heart. Our experience of our nature becomes knowledge. It is when our essential nature of oneness with all life is achieved, that experience and knowledge become inseparable and that is wisdom

Our bodies and minds are knowledge. This happens when the oneness” all that is “reveal its magic, of its boundless dimensions. With these new revelations the new paradigm is accepted.

Let us talk about twin ideas of knowledge and power and the concept of Self-Mastery. In order to gain self-mastery, it would be wise to shift your focus inward and see the world and your place in it in new light. Throughout our lives we acquire information which in turn allow us to pursue status and symbols of status. This gives us power over others. From now on, it would be wise to develop self-mastery over your own thinking and the feeling in yourself. This will allow you to give your gift to the world.

So power over others is replaced with self mastery over self . The awareness of your self mastery and inner strength, will empower you to behave from a place of great wisdom, that will be revealed by the Christ Self (within). As you learn to modify your thinking, your world will undergo fantastic dramatic changes. You will realize that you are responsible for your reactions in any given moment. Others will cease to have power over you or control you. e.g. Why is that person behaving that way and making me feel upset and tired? Ask the question. See this situation as an invitation to explore yourself from a new attitude of self-mastery. By seeking your stream of thoughts and simply going with them, the conduct of that other person instantly loses its power. Your inward examination will allow you to listen to the inner teacher (inner response). Your inner Christ Self will allow you to examine your thoughts with tolerance (LOVE) toward yourself. By calling on the inner Christ, the conduct of the other person instantly loses its ability to hurt you.

By refusing to turn the controls of your existence over to anyone or any set of circumstances, your exercising your personal strength instead of force, you are now practicing self-mastery and a new internal state will come about.

Whatever situations that you find yourself in , where you are anxious/upset over the conduct of others, take the focus off those people or situations you are holding responsible for your inner distress. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling without blaming yourself or others for the feelings. Tell yourself that no one has the power to make you feel whatever you are feeling and make you act in a certain way without your consent. But you are willing to feel your emotions without calling them wrong or need to chase them away. This is the time to focus on understanding yourself. Now by taking full responsibility for how you chose to respond to anything or anyone. You are aligning yourself with your Christ Self. It is about changing the way you chose to perceive the power that others have over you.

Allow yourself to dismiss any desire to extend power over others through forceful nature of your responsibility. Catch yourself as you are about to tell others how they should be. Practice allowing them to make their own mistakes without interference from you. When you are in judgment mode, you isolate yourself from the “Inner Teacher” (Christ-self). Your whole body constricts and acts as an insulation from love. To poison another you first have to be the vessel to create the poison ,hence you poison yourself.

Remember: “I am responsible for what I see, I also choose the feelings I experience“. By questioning and investigating , you will be able to shift through what you think you know and with an open mind allow other kinds of perceptions and values and even actions to emerge within you. Now from experience I know as your perceptive ability widens, the picture is bigger and your ability to know at deeper levels increases. Knowledge requires wisdom , which leads to awareness. Without awareness it will be impossible to know yourself.

When there is more awareness in the body , the capacity to know feeling increases. With that change in perception the intuition and heart sense begin to make them self know . Hence awareness is off and running. With the increase in feeling ,Your Divine presence is able to guide you through how you feel. Loving thoughts about your world increases the vibration and the feeling of love that you experience is transferred to the sub consciousness which is then your new truth. With regular feeding of love this change perception deepens your awareness. Now with the added awareness it is easier to identify what is truth for you. The conscious mind become aware of the experience and that becomes knowledge which will become wisdom over time.

As we experience our true nature ,we begin to realize our essential nature is Love. It is in the realization of our oneness with all life that peace begins to be known. Then experience and knowledge become available and our bodies and mind become wise and knowledgeable. There is no separation, you realize that you are unique, special and a loved soul. It is our essential nature of oneness with all life that experience and knowledge become whole. Then essences revels it’s boundless wisdom and knowledge of all dimensions to the recipient. The spirit realms are now revealing to the world the Christ Teachers. Who in turn will make ready all who are desiring Christ contact. This will be different for everybody. You will not know the time or place when you will be lifted up into that realization. My own experience was beautiful . I remember the feeling of pure love energy passing through my body. To describe the energy there are no words. What I experience was expansive ,gentle, smooth ,and loving. At no time did this energy create fear , doubt or judgement about me . It was the most beautiful knowing which produced cosmic brotherhood which awaken in me spiritual comprehension and resurrected me into the consciousness of Bliss. With daily meditation you will be choosing to awaken your spiritual joy and you will be prepared to begin to liberate your soul which has been in bondage since the beginning of time. I recommend eternal life. So make meditation your daily work and prepare to receive your Christ-Self.

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