Embracing the Christ Mind develops when one learns to give and receive.

By embracing the Christ mind consciousness the two essential principles of masculine and feminine within your self become one. The heavenly Father and Divine mother who are the polarization of the principles of love are within your heart when realization of the true self occurs.The separate mind seeks to find a partner to love, but in reality what is being sought is unity with the Self. Love contains every thing and outside of love nothing exists.To become complete and perfect one searches out side them selves for the perfect partner, but in reality all are one , but the separate mind creates judgement which compound individuality of the separate ego which in turn creates likes and dislikes creating separation. Having a life partner is part of the process , where one receives love and gives love.In the process one may raise a family , but for what purpose you may question? The purpose of family is to learn love. But now the bigger picture of what is truly your family is emerging. A lot of people speak about love, for love is the purpose of life. So loving all of “the family of man “is our goal. As one embraces all life as them selves one is playing the separate game by believing we are all separate. When we are searching for our twin soul we are searching for our selves. You could call it the other pole of your separate self. When you do find your other pole or see the Divine principle within your own present partner you arrive home. Bliss and joy fill your whole being. When one knows one self one fuses the two principle , which become one. The love between these two principles is infinite. Finding the other pole in your self creates for you awareness that the other pole is not of this kingdom , but is the higher self watching over you guiding you to greater awareness of the truth of your being. to know God is to love your self and all life.For as love passes through your body you begin to love yourself. loving your self is a very hard road to follow, but this must happen before you all life. loving all of your self without judgement requires acceptance of who you are. Loving you self creates respect and harmony and invites into your being the Divine presence.Knowing and sensing the divine presence within your being allows you to know and embrace unconditional love.
The birthing of the Christ Child now is possible for both principle are consciously on the planet. The immaculate conception takes place when the descending masculine force meets the feminine force in the bridal chamber of the now opened heart. One intuitively will know when this happen as one focus of attention will have changed. about this time one starts to loose old friends and change their interests and habits. This will be noticed when you feel that other are asleep. but do not judge them , just send them love. For we all have our own journey to take to awaken.

What results when the Christ Child is awakened you may ask. The divine conception that has taken place is the immaculate conception born not of matter but of spirit. Like all children that child will be guided to learn who it is and in who’s Divine presence it has it’s life experiences in. All that have awaken are the result of their awareness of who they are , but we are still children. We may decide to play for a while and enjoy life experiences but there will come a time when our Divine purpose will call to us to work.

Daily you will receive feeding of love which will be confirmed by your own inner sensing. Bouts of joy and bliss will confirm for you right thought, and right action . You may call this the resonance of truth,. With new perceptions and new discoveries what was accepted as truth will change. It will take courage to live by your new truth. As you embrace the principles of love you will become aware of what love is. You will learn that it is a continued energy that emanates a psychic radiation that permeates your being and that to receive it consciously it would be wise to live by your now new principle of newly discovered truth. What does the feeding of love do you may ask? It creates within your consciousness a feeling of oneness. This allows the ego to bask in the love and drop all thoughts of fear or deficient thoughts in the separate mind. Then over time a merging of every thing you are will support your awakening. The love you receive contains light, warmth and conditions for growth. This includes what will be now attracted in your life. Love is the is the fulfilment of wisdom received and the knowing that there is no separation from” I Am All That I Am ”

Love gives life continually and intentionally to the beloved and makes a statement that every thing is contained in the all consuming consciousness of direct knowing.

The loving voice of Christconsciousness awakens in us the spiritual powers that strengthen, uplift and redeems. Love and wisdom always go hand in hand together. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the quickening of the spiritual nature which is reflected in the intellect and in the body. We can then weave new ideas into our soul consciousness and create out of them the ideas of the heart. LOVE is th…e attractive force that draws our good to us according to the depth and strength of our realization of love. Pure intelligence of divine ideas does cause the emanation of a soft golden light which dissolves the darkness of fear that surrounds us and in so doing, cleans out consciousness of fear.
Remember, it is the experience and the thoughts produced by the individual from their belief of what is truth for them and is allowed to enter the mind that creates and foothold. As long as people live in duality they will be subverting their transcendent soul nature which is love and replacing it with egoist involvement of the feeling in our heart of likes and dislikes which causes indiscriminate attraction and repulsion through the

While hear on this planet our task is to realize our true consciousness and to become aware of higher states of consciousness while we put on the mind of the intelligence of “The only begotten Son” of” I Am All That I Am”. The Christ intelligence. The ability to perceive God through direct experience is only one breath away.” be still and know” I Am All That I Am ” . For God is not separate form H…is creation. God created the many and the many knew Him not. Your higher consciousness is not something you have to get ,or obtain or even develop.it is available at all times. To connect to it all one would be wise to do is desire the truth of their being. Since our focus is on and in the world we attach all our focus and attention to the physical. This hides from us the truth of our being and in who presence we have our life experiences in. Our focus on individuality and being separate from our good created our fear. We all seek good. To communicated with God one requires stillness . In the stillness one will develop new perceptions and discover new awareness of one’s being. With practice of meditation one will still the separate mind that feels separated isolated and always focusing on negative unconstructive thought through fear. You could say the word( SIN ) There is not one person who does not seek good. But due to the apparent absence of good we created the idea of evil. When God created the world He saw it was good. Could you perceive changing the word of God to Good. Then the Good we all are seeking is God. If we accept this then the good I am seeking is life experiences that bring me joy. bliss and truth. The good I am seeking is the substance of God ” I Am All That I AM” I know the God love all His children so the good that is there for me I ought to have .

It is the belief and attention we put on the separate ego of our individuality that obscures the realization of reality of the self. It is our only focus on the ego ideal that keep fear alive. The ego only deals in form and what it can possess. This keep our identification hidden and bonds us to acting out of fear, forgetting the spirit within. The true Self as God created it. As one practices me…ditation and put on the mind of the true intelligence of the perfect reflection of God , one embraces the principles of unconditional love. Then by living with these principles one become a Christ aware being. The Christ Self is awareness itself, and is you guide and teacher to bring you home to your true one Divine consciousness . Behind your Christ consciousness is the supreme consciousness o”f I Am All That I Am” in who Divine presence you have your life experiences in.

The separate mind can only come in contact with the vibratory sound of Om and the Divine presence when it is still. As long as the separate mind is entering thought, it will not become aware of the every present , eternal and infinite Divine presence signified by the supreme being ” I Am All That I Am”. The turbulence of the separated mind is always focused on fear and the idea of separation from …it good. The subtle energies can not be picked up by the separate mind. The separate mind can not comprehend any thing that is more subtle than it self. The cosmic vibratory sound of Om has within it the Christ intelligence of pure love.So when you receive bouts of pure love within your body and consciousness know that you are blessed. As you experience Divine bliss in ever increasing new bliss you are making direct contact with” I Am All That I Am” through the perfect mind of the centre of God’s consciousness of absolute stillness and oneness which vibrates through all creation .

So meditation is a step by step to self realization (Christ-consciousness) -cosmic consciousness and eventually attain God union. This is not possible with our rationalizing mental restlessness which is our constant companion. (which is based on fear). Divine communion or rather deep meditation dismantles the delusion, and once sincere devotees of truth have experienced the divine joy of sanctuary in Christ-consciousness within their bodies and nothing will be able to lure sincere devotees away from the truth, wisdom, and love that they experience. It is through your perception of Christ-consciousness within yourself that you will know God contact. This is the keys to the kingdom of heaven. You are the consciousness which you have realized within yourself. Therefore, you are a belief expressed about who you think you are.

All meditations fall into two main classification. These are concentration meditation and mindfulness mediation. It depends where one focus their attention and energy. In concentration meditation, one will streamline their focus to one thing. The best concentration meditation I know of is when you concentrate in your breathing, for me this was the most simpler of the methods that I tried. Whereas mindfulness meditation is the total opposite. You do not streamline your focus but you enlarge it and take all the information from all the senses including the developing senses of the sixth, seventh and eight levels of awareness. You will start to become aware of your feelings with a new type of awareness and sensitivity,.Body wisdom will become your awareness and your inner knowing. in a new way as your inner sensing awareness becomes sharper and overtime you will have the ability to interchange the two processes of meditation. You will be just a witness or observer of what is.

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