Day: January 27, 2016

“Consider the Lilies of the Field” as you Embrace Christ consciousness Awareness


In our spiritual path, we all receive the power of faith to a greater or lesser degree. There is now at this time a resurgence of faith among many people on their spiritual path. This has been granted largely in part to the great work that is daily carried out by everyone on the planet and due to the desire level of more and more people to realize in the faith of a loving universe. Remember, our ideas of what truth is will always be changing. The power of faith is the assurance of things hoped for. Faith in a new reality is already building an abiding substance in our mind and body. This brings me back to what I have read about what Jesus said to Peter, “Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shall loose (deny) on earth shall be loose in heaven”.

Every person on this planet is love and at no time are they less than love. The only place that this truth is not a truth is within the individual belief of the person and what they accept as truth. So at a very young age, I asked God to strengthen my power of faith. This was the first power that I received when I was seven years of age. There are 12 powers within each individual. These will only be accessed through deep meditation. Later I started to recognize this power of faith as a vibration within myself which I felt. It had a particular type of vibration which always was accompanied by knowing thoughts. This vibration created in me a quickening of spiritual understanding. I used to express both silently and audibly. When I spoke the words, I started to realize that I could energize my words. This allows me to feel grateful and feel the universe encouraging me with feelings of love passing through my body. So when I was in my early teens, I started to coach basketball and I could see the impact of my faith in the words which were energized by spirit to raise the faith of my team. The Old Testament is full of stories of the faith that certain individual had and what they achieved to name but a few (Moses, David, Samuel and Prophets) do read them. Faith is a gift from Father Mother God. It is a spiritual gift. When the faith centre is activated (located at the top of the head) it creates a quality of the mind that moves and molds ideas and brings them to concrete expression.

FAITH is the assurance or confidence within the mind brought about by devotion to seeking the truth that a particular thing or ideal will happen. Metaphysically, I have understood that the vibration of light that mind is able to expresses at its awareness level, always takes into account what the mind accepts as truth. Since then, my awareness of the indwelling Son of God consciousness “Christconsciousness”, the only begotten Son or Child of Spirit is living in my heart as the Inner Teacher.

By calling on the Christ Self to come to your assistance you will realize that you are setting in motion the consciousness and the idea of infinite knowing. At first, you will feel peace, then radiation will penetrate you and then you will become conscious of emanation of spirit descending within you. Overtime, you will feel it working in every cell and fiber of your body. This begins your experience, your unity with the divine mind, there is no separation.

I ask you the question now, “Could you give up false ideas that impede your development to Christ Consciousness? We have all heard of the ego or the anti-Christ which believes in separation, and we all have heard of the prodigal son (we are returning home). Certain ideas and ways of thinking we now know, contribute to what is manifesting in our life. We all are becoming aware of the vibration we send out by what we are receiving. So it is wise now to change what you think and focus on, so that you can create a new point of attraction. Now man (individual) believes that he/she is less than perfect, hence, that is his/her point of attraction. By expanding ideas, things change. One must give up personal attachment to limitations before one can receive the universal truth. Limitations are seeds sown in the mind of the individual and accepted as truth. All beliefs are limiting and create resistance to what could be.

So when I started to work on the resistance and opposition of personality to completely express what was truth, I sacrificed the ego, so I lost my old life mainly old ideas, relations, mode of work, money. This allowed me to also choice to let go any feelings that was blocking my good. But the one thing I did not loose was the Christ Consciousness contact. JESUS word, “You have to loose yourself to find yourself (I now understand this, hence, I am in the progress of working to merge the ego with infinite consciousness). So, that was the only thing that was real. The Holy Spirit comes upon those who pray in the “upper room” “Jehovah” “Divine Mind”. When there has been an aspiration and a reaching out for a spiritual life, the faith faculty becomes active in consciousness.

“FAITH is assurance of thing hoped for”. Intellectual faith admits doubt, Spiritual faith includes unfailing assurance and immediate response”. At the beginning of your work, these two attitudes of faith are often observed acting and reacting upon each other. Faith boosts the spoken word, so the word faith has an inner force. Words of faith set energy in action. When the centre of faith is activated, a idea in the mind of man (individual) connects him/her through faith with almighty energy. This faith centre within the pineal gland develops strong faith in “everything is possible”. By affirming the activity of this super power, it will merge you to All That Is (Christ Consciousness). This ability is near impossible without stilling the mind the never rests. So meditation is advisable to experience the now moment.

EVOLUTION is the result of the ideas that certain individuals develop and use for the good of all. So, who are we, but the result of the evolution of our own consciousness, and that consciousness is the result of seed ideas sown in our mind. If you have faith in things invisible those seed of faith will increase. Every word or idea in Divine Mind is sown by man (individual) in his mind and is then brought fort according to man (individual) receptivity. “Whatsoever a man sowth, that shall he also reap”

In my heart I have pledged my life to support all who want to mingled and integrate with Divine consciousness. Jesus said to Peter,”Upon this Rock, I will Build my Church” Jesus is talking about the Rock of Faith. So now, I am in the process of building the Son of God Consciousness for all who desire to become more and more fearless and free. You will find that all true ideas that are planted in the heart with knowing assurance of faith will manifest.

The spirit centre in the crown of the head is the throne of Christ and the “I AM Presence”. You will know it as a quickening taken place by the feeling of your cap at the top of your head, or a soft light prism just above at the top of your head. As you are reading this article, something is already quickening your faith centre. When one gets advice from the intellect, it is impossible to develop faith. Faith is developed by calling on the presence of God consciousness, as the only begotten son. the Christ-consciousness ,child of spirit Faith is about tuning the human will to the Divine Will. And in so doing, it obliterates mortal limitation of the mind. This is achieved by conscious communion with the all powerful God which gives the realization of “there is no separation between soul and spirit from the oneness of its being which is infinite consciousness. When one has much communion with the infinite Christconsciousness, doubts rarely enter into the mind of a true believer in the faith of Father Mother God. So as Jesus went up the mountain a lot, we can take it that this is where you and I should have the wisdom to know that without meditation, the mind of limitation which we are accustom to will always rule. I have one resounding message to all, “set up time in your day to communion with the infinite Christ-consciousness which is your Birthright”.