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Why meditation?

If one researches the befits of meditation one will have to use various techniques and various ways of measuring the effects of meditation to prove to the separate conscious mind the value of stilling the mind . The turbulence of the fearful separate mind never allows one to be still. The amount of attention and focus we give fearful thoughts keeps our mind as unproductive as a class full of children that has gone out of control and stops listening to the teacher. Our inner teacher is always speaking to us at our level of awareness. By stilling the separate mind one chooses to listen to the inner teacher. I call the inner teacher the inner Christ. Contact with the inner teacher always come with inner knowing and pure bliss. The bliss captives the separate mind and releases fearful thoughts and creates peace for all as the practice makes perfect this inner peace and the joy of receiving inner bliss. As more and more people practice meditation they will receive Divine contact from the inner Christ which will be accompanied by Divine bliss.

“I am all that I am” created human beings of two substance . matter ,that is flesh and spirit the permeates everything. The flesh will return to earth and always remain as earth, it can not inherit the kingdom of God. The spirit in man was meant to be raised up so one would become awaken to the fact that the Christ child that is born will be raised up to be a Divine child of the creator of Father Mother God  and inherit all within the one family of God. The spirit of God is defined as the expression of the living ” I Am All That I Am” The spirit is the principle and Divine essences’ of everything, including the soul. Our task on earth was to express in physical life through a pure mind , heart and divine will , the love and essences of our true self, as the Son The perfect reflection of the Father Mother God of ” I Am All That I Am” The Divine Christ impulse with our hearts is now awakening the truth of our being. Both flesh and spirit are necessary to develop our consciousness and our human growth into full awareness. As more and more people become aware of their thoughts , intentions and their true essences, a shift in consciousness will gradually take place. The physical world is manifested through the project thoughts that come from our own mind, our own  heart and our own will. The separate conscious mind as it adopts the principles of love ,one puts on the Christ mind , which is the divine Christ impulse of the Son , which is the perfect reflection of the thoughts of God coming through each of as at various levels of awareness to be manifested. The flesh and the separate mind was never meant to be the master. But over the pass thousand years it has. As one awaken and stills the separate mind one starts to understand  and  become  aware of the inner teacher which leads to be come self realized .