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The Intelligence of the Soul


The intelligence within the separate mind has the awareness of discrimination and functions as the know-er and doer of what is. It appears to be conscious because it reflects the intelligence of the soul or the Divine Self. When the focus of this intelligence is Ego bent due to lack of true awareness one thinks one is the cause of what is. This hides the truth of our true existence., which is one with all life in the Divine presence of “I Am Al That I Am” our true bride and source. Then with our focus firmly rooted in the separate mind we forget about our true origin and our true nature which is love.

We replace eternal life with dying, abundance with scarcity, suffering and disease with as out side of our self , instead of true awareness of our true nature which is at the inner core of our selves. So to become aware of our true origin and our true higher self ” it would be wise to be still daily so one can access the inner teacher the Christ self level of awareness., where one can experience the Divine bliss of their true nature.

Shift To Wisdom By Developing Diamond Heart Awareness Within Your Consciousness


Shift To Wisdom By Developing Diamond Heart Awareness Within Your Consciousness

This world is a creation of the material creation of “All That Is”. God stands far and beyond this finite world. From its inception, the material creation was bound to the laws of evolution and dissolution.
Jesus once said, “Be ye perfect as my Father is in Heaven”. But what was Jesus talking about? The thoughts, the words, the intention, focus and desired outcome all belong to the realm of this world. Although, one cannot see what thoughts are? They are vibrating according with “The Law of Attraction”. There effects are interwoven into the finite world that we live in. Notice I say finite not infinite. Equally the same thoughts attract together by the same frequency of intention and focus. So it would be wise for you to keep your thoughts pure. Always focus on what you want and have the desired intention for the good of all. All thoughts manifest where they find homogeneity of frequency. This creates group consciousness. Where by each group consciousness actually create its own God. Through belief systems, it then proclaims laws and robbery of the soul of its true identity and wisdom begins.
In trying to understand why so many interplanetary visitors are been attracted to this planet, I came up with the idea of the “Claiming of souls by the homogeneity of frequency” which lock the separation of evolution of where the soul vibrates at. In summary, we all choose our own destination in this universal planetary creation of our Father, Mother God.
With the manifestation of Jesus, His love and His inner teachings which are only manifested by stilling the mind, we have choice of what to focus on what thoughts to create and for what intention we live our life. With the stilling of the mind you break free from belief systems and the ” UN- Godly mass consciousness groups” and regain your connection to your Divine Soul.

At Jesus death, there is a statement that is recorded. It is concerning the tearing in two of the elaborate and beautiful curtain 30 ft x 60 ft length and height in the place of worship. I wish to now at this time give the hidden meaning to the significance of this event.
An inner room called the” Holy of Holies” which represents the Holy Place of God’s Presence. The secret room was separated from the rest of the temple by an elaborate and beautiful curtain, 30ft x 60ft high separating out the priests from the people. This was set up by a group consciousness that used this to propagate separation from God as a belief system which was programmed into the masses of people to control them. In the tearing in two from top to bottom at Jesus death, this was the sign of a birthing of a New Consciousness “the Christ of Father, Mother God” within the world of form. The curtain was torn to let all know that Christ conscious awareness also known “ as diamond heart awareness,” would give access to all to their Soul Wisdom. This would provide daily contact with our Divine Source. Not just to the privileged of few Priests, who after all were affiliated to the false group consciousness and were allowing corruption to enter the world. This corruption is now within every aspect of our legal religions, political institutions and teaching of what truth is, but it is all false. The world is wakening up to this fact. The accepted truth is been questioned. Synthesis expands the center to include all those who are ready to receive the cosmic diamond heart awareness vibration within their heart. “The Christ lights “which is expanding from the center will make all things whole and create a New Earth. Where mankind will continue its journey of discovery.
Now we come to the question of the apparent evil that the world has gone through. This evil has been allowed for a period of time unconditionally to give all the right to choose and to give free will and choice to all. At some stage in our evolution, this apparent evil has been set up by a group consciousness of evil intent as they replicated a false center of” Holy of Holies”. You could say they set themselves up as A God. This group consciousness has their identity as, “I am more worthy than the rest of God’s creation”, which is the sin of pride. The “Law of Attraction” gathers like to like thereby expanding by belief the limitations within the said belief thereby masquerading as truth. They used supply of money and control of supply and demand thereby creating scarcity. Then, they build by constructing system to enslave the entire population to a life of slavery. Investigate what tax system are? Investigate what legal systems are and how they are enforced? Who enforces them and for the benefit for who? Investigate what news is allowed and who controls it?All the system in use today has been set up by this group consciousness which has evolved from the beginning of time, and handed down from one generation to another, keeping the mass population in the dark of their agenda. Remember, without the realization of love within your heart, you and I can fall to this level of separation. Many already have falling into this group consciousness because of the law of vibration. “like attract like”.
The unprecedented moment is fast approaching, which I can talk about from the perspective of what is resonating with me concerning 2012 and other prophecies within many spiritual and religious culture, which is all about focus, attitude and determination. It would be wise to focus on loving thoughts even to those who persecute you. It is by having the right attitude, seeking the truth of your being and be determined to seek truth, that a change in consciousness can start within you.“Ask and you will receive”. Extraordinary happening and experience are been reported all over the world. Great speculation and tribulation as well as great fear on what if, but, and so what scenario to be played out within the minds of everybody.
With discoveries and new perceptions been openly discussed in books, radio, TV and with the general group discussion, naming but a few, spacecraft, extraterrestrial, star beings angels and walk-ins. I would like to suggest that we create a visitors book so as all the new travelers give their identity name and address and indicate what their purpose is for their visit to this planet. For surely, there is a purpose for their visits. There are description of the greys and reptilian and many more. In fact, there are countless books and experiences recorded throughout this last century and before.
What is true is that everyday reality is expanding. Our awareness level is also expanding. Gravity is changing and frequencies of the earth are changing. There is an over 500% increase in earth quakes and this finite world we live on is changing fast. There are major changes in our “Solar Deity” every day, i.e. Sun. It must be obvious, that the human being is concluding its destination and preparing for the next step in the evolution of man. This theory was written about by the great Rudolf Steiner. I wish to quote a few lines from one of his lectures. These few sentences have been curate from “Christ and the Human Soul.” In the 3rd lecture given by him .What follows concerns the mystery of Golgotha. “Man must fill his soul with the substance of Christ Being; he must as it were, have taken something of the Christ into his soul, so that Christ is active in him and bears him a kingdom where man has indeed no power to make his karma ineffective, but where it comes to pass through Christ that our debts and sins are blotted out from our external world.”All are been introduced to the concept of Love. The Love that is unconditional, all expanding and is non-judgmental. So there is no need to focus on fear, instead, focus on Love. Focus on the delight and pleasures of the Love that you are.
As awareness expands, new experience and perceptions widen our universe to us. What we could not have imagined 20 years ago is now taken place at great speed and great urgency. In order to put things in perspective, I wish to take you (the reader) back in time . If you observe History, you will see that there has been a progressive development taken place every couple of centuries. It is my opinion that the human mind does not find it easy to conceive any other type of existence other than human beings. Yet, all our knowledge has been accumulated from ancient knowledge and wisdom from the early centuries. In order to solve the purpose of human life, we require wisdom and exact knowledge. So open your mind, be prepared to let go any human notions of what constitute reality.
In the perspective of our human history, we have been visited by Gods. The Bible is full of stories of Angels, Demons and God, but it was Moses that was privileged to have an encounter with the “God of Israel”. The term “God of Israel” suggests that there might be other Gods. Example comes to us from the Greeks who had many Gods and Goddesses. Then there is the question of dead or extra-terrestrial Aliens, whether it is the Greeks stories of Zeus and Athena or the Egyptian stories about Horus. One thing is certain; people focus of attention was firmly on the beliefs that these stories were indeed true.
Now, we have to look briefly at wars fought in the name of these Gods. The Bible is full of battles and wars fought in the name of “God of Israel”. The crusade went to war in the name of the Christian God and the Saracens who resisted then in the name of “Allah” were all real. Added to that of the ancient cultures of Egypt, China, Mexico and many more, all possessed elaborate hierarchies of Gods and Goddesses of some Deities or other. Let us move forward to the 16th century with the developing of the change in the minds of people living in that time.
Galileo and the new discoveries of the telescope gave mankind the ability to observe close-up of the heaven. This great invention had great implication on the concept that God created this world at the center of the universe. Now, one could observe other planets, stars and galaxies. Indeed, the universe was a vast expanding unknown universe to mankind. Can you imagine what this did to the imagination of the people? Can you imagine the types of question they were asking themselves and each other. Surely, they asked if people like us inhibited them or had similar physical, mental and emotional mentalities .It was not until mid century arrived that two Russian scientists invented the Kirling photography, which demonstrated energy fields surrounding plant life Then there was the aura pictures of the past 20 years. Then quantum physics and string theory and multiple universes started to be investigated. Now further technology such as H.A.R.P. and recently Squid technology which measures the conducting quantum interference of different energy fields. So science now is moving into find the God particle. So you can see with new discoveries and perceptions, focus changes. What also changes is what we imagine with our co-creative mind through fear, doubts and beliefs. In fact, belief and worship limits our consciousness.
There is outstanding evidence from the 1980 onward of people who have reported be abducted or taken off world. Then in 1995 in the book “From elsewhere: being E.T. in America, Dr. Scott Mandelker suggest to his readers to contemplate the idea that they might be the extra-terrestrial been having a human experience. He called them “Watchers” and to those not yet awake, “Sleepers”. Walk-in Extra-terrestrials also appeared to carry some validation, as there were people who reported that they had agreed with this. So, one can see how the imagination has developed with shades of fear and doubt, with stages of discovery of who we are, or who is coming to this planet.
So what are all these visitors doing on this planet? Question like; could they be abductors? Or could they be benevolent being here to support us in growth of our awareness? Could they be thieves here to imprison us and rob us of our Divine inheritance? Again, the imaginations run on. It is really all about what we focus on. This brings me on to these people who are channeling messages and teaching certain ideas. Some of these are ancient; others are new, such as never before could be imagined.But all seem to be leading up to something.
Based on my own experience, there are basic ideas been accepted by people in general?
1)Because so many different groups of people from all over the world are teaching, channeling and encouraging mass group of people to change the way they focus and project on to the world their ideas ,what is indeed happening is a widening of our awareness.
2) We are all becoming aware of our body wisdom which resonates with our truth.
3) Different people resonate at different frequencies according to these expressions, beliefs and the imagination.
4) Love is talked about; Love is discussed but is Love understood?
5) Our notion of what Love is is certainly changing.
Adapting the right attitude to life purpose, take a bit of effort. The universe is always speaking to each individual soul through their level of awareness. Awareness changes for each soul through their own desire. Prayers and meditation activates our spiritual centers and when the Chakras, the Lotuses are activated and begin to vibrate, they set in motion as a magical extraordinary transformation. In order to vibrate with the Supreme Being, one would be wise to embrace with Unconditional Love. When the individual has the concept of unconditional love, their focus is there is “no separation, we are all one”. Everyone is from the same Divine Source. All are decompressed individuality of their own God Self, which is Love. All the great Masters have been telling us since the beginning of time. All mankind is now in the process of shifting to wisdom (cosmic wisdom) My own experience has lead be to accept that we are all returning to the wisdom of the soul. This journey has many paths, but all return the lost soul back to full awareness of its source.
Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Perception are always speaking through each individual’s own experience. Being able to listen and communicate with infinite Christ Consciousness is your work on this planet. This is brought about by a change in consciousness which is a realization that you are not separate, isolated and alone. But you are infinite consciousness and have chosen to come to this planet and individualize within a personally which separates from “All That Is” to create that which is encoded in you as your truth.
Christ Consciousness was brought to the planet over 2000 years ago by Jesus. This Consciousness is the “Only Begotten Son of God” (Child of Spirit) so designated because it is the sole Perfect Reflection in creation of the transcendental absolute Spirit of God, the “Father Mother God” of “All That Is”. Jesus went up the mountain a lot and he took Peter, James, John with him. I believe these people were metaphors for Faith, Love and Wisdom. Jesus went on to build on the power of Faith in things invisible to establish Love (Unconditional Love for All) and wisdom to know how to trust the wisdom that the Christ-Self would bring forth as truth. When Jesus ascended back to “All That IS”, he said, that He would send a Comforter for all. Those people who had Faith and Trust and above all Love in their hearts, will receive the “Holy Spirit”. (Pentecost Story illustrates the joy of this realization) The Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit; hence people watching thought they were drunk
Man is endowed with the ability of conscious effort. The question I ask myself when I first started out my search was, “If my body was active and psychologically fit and my mind and intellect were active, why did I feel as if I was asleep? I must be asleep, so how could I wake up? I realized, I am inside a spiritual being and it would be wise to make use of this situation called “Life” in order to bring about the development of my spiritual self. So I started to neglect the physical and psychological personality levels through meditation.
Before, I was completely enslaved by the lower propensities of passion, anger, hate, greed and sensuality. People forget their mission in life was to cultivate their inner life and develop Christ Consciousness, the Consciousness of Spirit.This is the true marriage of spirit and matter. This is cosmic balance as described in the marriage of Cana in the New Testament.
The LOVE principle is dormant in most people. The Love I am talking about is Unconditional, all-encompassing and ever-expanding. If people knew that at the core of their being, is their Inner Divinity (Their Christ-Self). But instead people are bonded to beliefs, giving their own power away and accepting the False Anti-Christ of what they are not. People project outside towards this gross world their own creation from what is in their heart. Hence, we have corruption in every level of society.
What I believe now after my long search is, my work is to bring about the fullest truth and expression of that Divinity and become the “Son of God”, the Only Begotten Son (Christ Consciousness) Child of Spirit. Modern man thinks that he will reach the pinnacle of his powers and is fully evolved. Really, our work is the transformation of human consciousness in Divine Consciousness just as Jesus did when He show us the way by developing the Son of God Consciousness.
The whole world is in the progress of awakening to a new reality of our true being. There is a light emerging from within your own heart. This light is announcing an Inner Teacher or Presence which is in the progress of birthing a new consciousness while at the same time preparing each of us for a Paradigm Shift. Our focus of attention will begin to shift; we will start to support this new understanding which is emerging as truth.
Thoughts pattern that have become permanent do not allow for new perception and discoveries. By only depending on the Conscious Mind as the Superpower Mind, we limit ourselves from accessing the Super-conscious Mind of Christ-Conscious ,Mind of Infinite Consciousness. When we have a resistance to change, our beliefs keep false assumption as our truth, we limit our power. It used to be said that “Knowledge Was Power”, but what is now taken place is wisdom for what is “Knowledge without Wisdom”. One must know what to do with that knowledge. Wisdom is accessed by stilling the conscious fearful mind and developing a trust within your own heart, the gift of love you are. Then creating a partnership with Father Mother God and a bond of trust.
As children growing up, we accept truth from those people who we depend on such as parents, older brothers, sisters and relatives. Our truth is saturated by the level of awareness of our beliefs and habitual patterns of thought which we generally accept as our own. Since reality is a by-product of our beliefs, attitudes and habits, it is beholds us to refine out habitual patterns base on our own perceptions. At some point in our lives, we are faced with certain challenges which create a desire for new wisdom, so that we are able to overcome particular blockages. This is the beginning of the Dark Night of the Soul, which the whole world is going through now.
Modern Science is now looking at reality creating, as a product of our unconscious and subconscious beliefs manifesting as our truth. Mass mind reality is the collective level of where the whole world is at, as a whole. But there is an individual level of consciousness which can be developed called “Diamond Heart Awareness”. This type of consciousness is developed by Meditation and mastering your thought and associated feelings. The more people that start developing this consciousness within them, the more what manifests will change the old paradigm.Our focus of attention will not entertain thoughts, ideas, ideologies and beliefs less than love. Our focus of attention will change. We will stop creating different thoughts that focus on fear and lack and thoughts that create scarcity written about in the books, films, plays and entertainment. Instead, our entertainment will incorporate ideas, ideologies and beliefs that instil peace, joy and freedom. We will elect politicians that create a focus on joy, peace and freedom. Above all, we rid ourselves of all elite groups that have held this world in slavery.
At the moment, our TV depicts violence which acts within our subconscious mind and bonds us to attracting this into our very own lives. Simply because, we chose to focus on it, we thereby give our attention and energy to keeping the false idea of who we are not within our soul. Our newspapers indeed, our media, bonds us to the quality and focus of the collective consciousness. For example, our minds are bombarded with violence, death, pain, guilt, torture and in explicit behavior. These create fear within our system. This bonds us to the limitation and the contingency of more of the same, except, it is real and starts happening in our very own lives within friends and neighbors.
So for the future, let us put our focus on the higher forms of entertainment, higher ideas of love and peace. Money, greed and corruption are at the center of this false God. Jesus destroys the temple with the money lenders. This allows us a hint at what Jesus tried to tell us then. Remember also, He said “In three days he would knock the temple”. The temple which Jesus “Christ-Consciousness of Universal Love” will destroy is the Old Paradigm of greed and perpetration of evil. The new generation will be formed when the Final Judgment by “ALL THAT IS” will allocate by vibration intent, focus and desire the soul’s destination.

Who are we. what are we capable of manifesting-What about the manifesting of love.


When we come to this earth through the process of birth, we are unaware of “who we are”. Our awareness is that of another world “We are lost to our true reality, which is one with “all that is” and we have been lost since the beginning of time. This experience of been lost is because we choose to take this position, in order to find our true nature. But as we experience separation a spiritual darkness enters into the consciousness. Our focus of attention is now directed to the physical world . So all action come now with a result and actions taken are intentional and will incur karma. It is our bonding to the result which creates attachment and this attachment will incur karma,especially when we believe that the self exist as a separate entity. If it is the case that the self the anti Christ exist then the small self (ego) will create separation from “all that is” and the results is now separation. This separation is experienced as a separate me against the world, hence a separate ego full of fear is born. This ego need to defend itself, also to stay in existance by keeping you from your true Christ Self. Thus the true identity and nature of the infinite Christ consciousness that we posses is lost. The belief that the ego self exist really creates separation. It is perpetuated by the belief of self as separate that causes the suffering. Then living as a separate individual being reinforces the now separate ego self. So as we go through life and ever increasing idea of identity becomes real. Jesus message and wisdom was “I and the Father are One” and He came so we could have more. He also said “Greater thing shall you do than I have done”. To follow Jesus, it is essential to dissolve and transmute and transcend karma. This is carried out by embracing the spiritual journey.
I found it very difficult to release the existence of the self as the sole doer of my life. I also found it difficult that all actions are the manifestation of the grace of God as God is not separate from His creation but interwoven into it at every level. I try now to live in the moment. This allows me to experience and accept things as they are while not attaching any outcome that creates fear of not been able to achieve a certain outcome. Jesus said “let the self die”. So in reality, one has to lose oneself to be free of a desired result, hence there is no attachment to the result in no karma been created and gives the ability to live in the now moment, moment by moment. It is only by developing the wisdom to abandon both the self that is doing the work or task and the self that desires certain results, for this alone nurtured freedom from the results. Another way to look at it is to abandon the self and become the activity or task experiencing the moment in its entirety . If you have not read the article on hallmarks of focus which I wrote a couple of months ago, please do” Please refer to it ,to help you understand how the law of receptivity works within your life.
When I look at the present reality now, my mind objectifies it. It uses the five senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell) which give me a certain perceptions which allow me to take action and gain a result. But when I do not have enough information, I tap into the sixth sense of intuition and the seventh sense of Diamond heart awareness. It is within these inner sensing abilities that the perception and wisdom becomes available to me. This allows me to trust and become the partner with the universe where all resistance falls away. Universal life “God” is the prime movement or activity in all life. God is constantly creating from itself and manifesting into “all that is” as form.
God created the world and saw it was good. So God creates through self contemplation. Remember in the beginning, God created an idea to create the perfect son, the Christ consciousness child of spirit. It was the perfect idea that was projected into it self. It self then became the medium or substrate through which all ideas were manifested. It is the projected idea that is objective by nature which we can call “the masculine nature”. This objective nature by its very existence has will and absolute choice with the power to act. “All that is” had the wisdom to create out of itself a vessel to project ideas unto itself. The aspect of “all that is” is the subjective or the feminine nature. Since the masculine or objective nature has the absolute choice, the feminine nature has no will of its own other than to accept all respondent ideas that are projected unto it and to support their growth. Also to develop these ideas through the “law of growth”. This subjective nature or feminine aspect is called “the spiritual law of receptivity” because it always acts without judgment to give the identical form to whatever is projected upon it from the masculine nature.
In the beginning God said, “ Let there be light”, this light is the Christ consciousness the only begotten son of God child of spirit. This was the first coming of the Christ. What is taken place now is the second coming of Christ. The second coming will take place within you and all who embrace the truth of existence. It was by speaking the word that the projected idea was implanted in the feminine aspect of God, hence creation was off and running. God at this plane of existence communicates to all by a particularization of “all that is” by means of two complimentary and symbiotic nature through our thoughts and feelings. I would like to remind you at this point, you the reader of a time when you became aware of your heart prompting you to one course of action and your head prompting you a different way. It is here that you realized that you have two masters (your head and your heart) and within this situation you become powerless through fear and lack of clarity.
The masculine nature has been diluted down to attract fear due to its separation from “all that is “and it is this fear that suggests , that the law of attraction bonds to. So the belief and focused attention keeps mankind from realizing their true self. The true self is a Christ being . But now the anti-Christ has taken over and hides from the conscious mind the truth. It is this fear and the focus you put your attention fearing a certain outcome that is implanted into the spiritual law which creates unconditionally the identical form into existence therefore, it is. One can now see it is the masculine nature or objective mind which includes the intellect and the capable reasoning faculties that has been diluted down as the results of the attracted fear. Add to this, certain limiting beliefs that are accepted as truth, will influence the manifestation and colour it , depending on our use of the law of receptivity as individual, separate beliefs fulfils the personal law of limiting belief.
While grown up as a young child, I was not aware that whatever I gave my attention to by a fact I feared that result, I was projecting ideas into the spiritual law of receptivity and I would attract what I fear most into my life. I now know after much discovery that every thought which I accept into my subconscious, registers in the book of life and will manifest. Every word that I project out will be fuelled by the emotion in my heart. So I try to let all ideas, concepts and judgment from my heart go allowing the feeling of unconditional love fill my heart. Remember Jesus words, “ Are ye also yet without understanding”” Do not ye yet understand that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into belly and is cast out into the draught. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile man”
As an individual while on my spiritual journey, I obtained a certain degree of peace and freedom. Now I can intuitively merge with the reality of another person and through the awareness of my heart obtain wisdom to facilitate their next step.
True wisdom can only be access by apply unconditional love to all aspects of what is. Then the resulting Christ consciousness will transcend both the subjective and objective view points and creating a higher consciousness of direct wisdom for a bi-lateral solution in thinking for the next step.
All egocentric desires where one believes that they are separate from “all that is “creates karma. If we examine the world religious, they fail to support the seeker to gain control over their created negative thoughts and actions. So, more and more people are tuning to meditation and various other methods to develop the mind. It is important to now develop and awaken other states of awareness.
It is by becoming conscious within meditation by been the witness and having developed the ability to disassociate oneself from what one observes that allow the letting go to attachment to begin. When all of the letting go to attachment is realized, the associated feeling will fall away and in there place a new awareness will announce itself as Love.
When one first begins to practice meditation, the desired outcome may not be realized as the participant will not be able to withstand the deluge of constant ideas and concepts which will distract them. The idea of meditation is to allow awareness of the content of ideas in the subconscious that does not serve you anymore to go pass through your mind as an observer and not to get involved in interacting with them. Just witness them. Then as the astral body becomes purified, a sense of peace is achieved as a result of gaining control over emotions and the imagination. Then your work really begins to transcend your karma. It is now time to surrender without knowing the outcome. The diamond river of light will awaken you to the diamond heart awareness which resides in the deepest core of your heart.
This magical awareness is unknowable; it can not be described or prepared for. When all the work of letting go to attachment becomes an awareness. It becomes time to live in the “Now Moment.” For me, this is the mysterious, magical and intriguing part of the trust with “All That Is“. The past couple of months challenged me to let go all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.
For every given day, I am possessed by various levels of fear and joy that I cannot control. It is enough for me to allow without resistance what is and release my fears on a daily basis and let the power of release create for me passion for existence and there by letting go in order to meet my future self. At the same time blessing every experience and feeling the love sweep through my body. Letting time take it proper place while letting it change all that exists. It is by listening to my receptive innocence from within my heart and that I become aware of the still small voice “my inner teacher”, The Christ Self.. This voice reminds me of a new vision. This new vision has been living on the inner core of my being and consciousness, and is now asking me to take responsibility for the work at hand. Divine Intention is working through all life. God is coming into the world in a new way. He will reveal himself in all of us as we are all in the DiamondHeart of God where all facets are of the one substance called Love. All are equal and all have equal potential to manifest heaven on earth. We have free will to not focus on deficient ideas and thoughts which were introduced into the world from the beginning of time. “I am All That I Am” lives within us and through our being. We are starting to conduct His power all around us. God is Love, Wisdom and Truth and you will know the manifestation of the Christ within your own consciousness by these virtues. There is nothing greater than love; wisdom and truth for these principles are the cornerstone of developing Christ consciousness awareness within you. God’s love brings forth life, His wisdom brings forth light and His truth brings forth freedom that destroys fear. It would be wise to merge with the love nature of God being, as without merging we create separation which leads to fear. The path we walk in life leads only to love and when we are filled with God’s love our bodies becomes shining, majestic and invincible. To support this paradigm shift, it would be wise to start your own spiritual journey so you are ready to receive within your own knowing and own consciousness the knowing that you are one with all life and “all that is” and that your very nature is LOVE.

Shift to Wisdom by Developing Diamond Heart Awareness within Your Consciousness – By Accepting the Christ Self within Your Human Soul


Shift to Wisdom by Developing Diamond Heart Awareness within Your Consciousness – By Accepting the Christ Self within Your Human Soul

Joshua David Stone, author of Soul Psychology said, “We are not here to balance hatred and love, we are not here to balance our inferiority complex with high self-esteem, we are not here to balance lack of self-worth with self-worth. God created us in His image and likeness so we are filled with worth. Our true identity is the MONAD, the eternal self, the mighty I Am presence. As the bible says, “Ye are God and know it not.” Does God experience hatred, revenge, and jealousy, lack of self-worth, false pride and depression? Of course NOT. If God created us in His image and likeness, then where do these qualities come from? They come from thinking that your separated, fear based mind instead of your infinite-oneness love based Christ mind.”
It is my opinion that the majority of people conception of what is life is, is incomplete. So I ask you this question, “What is life?” Let us discuss this, how did it all begin? God in and beyond all things, created potential, by projecting the perfect idea on to Himself. But in order to do this, He decided to split Himself into feminine and masculine aspect of His one self. He then projected the perfect idea from His masculine self on to His feminine aspect and created the “Only Begotten Son of God”, or the Christ Consciousness of Love, through this motion. The whole of creation is therefore the events which took place after this strong motion. This same consciousness is programmed to form, mature, maintain and disintegrate everything.
In my college years, I studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology where I learned that Science has investigated this motion and derived how to understand and manipulate this energy but fall short of perfection and true reality.
I have a direct question for you, the reader, “How can we comprehend this consciousness as we are product of this continued motion that forms matters which maintains and disintegrates everything. Let us discuss further the concept of the soul. God is both subjective and objective and His spirit is reflected in all creation. Everything is a direct manifestation of what has been thought into existence. We cannot comprehend that we are product of the all-pervading consciousness and we try to reason out theories and explain to the conscious mind what reality is. This is an error on our part which has been handed down from generation to generation. We have failed to develop the intuitive faculties of the brain, which would have allowed us to access the beauty of the immaculate soul, which is full of wisdom, power, love and truth.
It was while I was in the silence within meditation that I become aware of the limiting awareness of the flesh and the five senses. I had decided that my mental faculties were creating a block to greater awareness. I searched for a tool that I could detach my consciousness from the limiting focus of the external world like all great wisdom teachers. Through meditation I started to examine my accepted truth, then started to let go any inhibitor factors, such as beliefs, and what I conceived as truth and then the boundaries of limitation of the five senses. I then receive the cosmic sound of the all known soul faculties of intuitive love and truth. It is the cosmic mind that is the divine intelligence inherent in the all-pervasive cosmic vibration. After receiving the grace of listening and been able to revisit this feeling of oneness, I realized that we are all facets of the divine mind of Father Mother God.
I started to conceive spheres and realms of being beyond anything the mind had offered. I acquired an expanded consciousness and was able to feel a beautiful presence of the immanent Christ Consciousness which is there for all.
Throughout most of my life, I have identified myself as I am this, I am that, little did I realized this was my pseudo soul as I had no real experience of my true and real nature. My focus became to be self-realize and truly feel the presence of God within my being. I had heard of a great teacher called “Paramahasa Yogananda”, so I was prompted to read his great work, in the introduction, he talks about what St John said, “As many as received Him (Christ Consciousness) to them gave He, power to become the Son of God”. So I took on this challenge for myself.
I am still on a journey which I started a long time ago. But now, I am much more focus on achieving Christ consciousness Awareness within my being and soul. I called this new awareness “Diamond Heart Awareness”. Those that are wakening up are aware that there is a shift to wisdom taken place within the world. A perfect example of this was the peace that has been demonstrated within Northern Ireland. Here, we had various groups of people who had accepted that their truth was the only truth, so all of the others must not be right or didn’t deserved to be listened to. For real wisdom to be embraced, these groups of people had to agree that the truth was a paradox. So, in order to understand a process that they could use, it had to be approach from all sides. This gave them a process and agenda to agree, to listen, to all sides of the problem. The problem could not be solved until they took into account their individual perceptions.
When we look at any problem with only limited perception, it is really foolish not wise. So perceptions were broadened, new wisdom and simple truth resolved the issues that had created conflict for several generations. We all have concept of what truth is, but we all have different perception, and with that different perception we have paradoxical truths or half-truths. Everybody’s mind is full of paradoxical truth, what do we do about them? Do we push them away? Or, do we embrace them?
The conscious mind will make judgment, the awaken heart will except all as true, embrace and honor all the different split part of self by loving them unconditionally. This allows all side to be heard. This attitude will create peace in the mind and acceptance of what is, whenever it is endings, judgments, criticisms or fears. Honor all thoughts with love, because they are there. Accept what is there and then taking action with the best wisdom that fills your mind when a state of peace has been achieved. This state of peace is brought about partly because of desire and partly because of divine wisdom which has become aware of a greater part of self. But the peace will not be permanent as the concept of sin and guilt destroy the human spirit.
On my own experience, it was through the contact of my Christ Self that the truth of my being set me free. This is where my focus accepted the extremes of my mental and emotional experience that I was experiencing with loving attention and respect. The act of divine wisdom will nurture the separate parts of one self equally and create peace whenever we are tempted to make judgment of a situation without taken into account all sides. The separate mind cannot do this, it only happen when you and I have developed the faculty of love within the heart. It is only the heart that can teach us anything about love, truth and wisdom. One can see that one has to put oneself in the other person shoes as if it were. A person, who only perceives with a limited conscious mind, always obeys the ego.
Those who practice meditation and develop his or her sixth sense of intuition, seventh sense of the heart, will develop his or her eighth sense of Diamond Heart Awareness and access the wisdom of the soul. To conclude this second part of my article I wish to quote the work of Paramahansa Yogananda founder of the self –realization Fellowship founded 1920.
“Man is a threefold being; physical mental, and spiritual –a unique combination of forces and consciousness capable of fully cognizing Divinity in himself and in the universe conceived for his appreciation. He is the soul, the self-made in the image of God (an individualized reflection of God), which express itself in the manifested universe through the instrumentality of the body and the mind. The bodily instrument is a collective vibration of grossly stirring atoms, electromagnetic waves, and intelligent life force (subtle vital energy, finer than electrons). The mental faculty consists of both sensory instruments (of perception and action) and discriminating intelligence (which interprets sensory information and makes determination regarding knowledge and action). The soul, while dwelling within the body, becomes identified with its physical and mental experiences and forgets its divine nature, it masquerades instead as the body-circumscribed ego, the pseudo soul.”
The above lines are curated from “The second coming of Christ (The resurrection of the Christ within you) Volume 1 by Paramahansa Yogananda
It is by stopping judging our experiences, and stop judging other people experiences, as it is what we mostly do, love will enter the soul. Forgive all the judgements that pass through your mind with your love. ST Paul said love is the greatest of all human capacities and a spark of love is waiting to announce to you that you are enough and that you are loved. A Christ – infilled soul is the final destiny of the human soul. To at last feel the true recognition of God and understand the bliss of the soul is my message to you the reader. To realize the language of the soul is love, and to embrace love is all you need to do.

Personal Myth, Awake, Awake, Awake


The nature of the human being is LOVE. We spend an amazing amount of time trying to find it outside ourselves. I have most of my life been living my own personal myth. I now know this personal myth is an aspect coming and resulting from beliefs that I have accepted about me. Could personal myth that we all accept be the reason the gives fear monopoly rule over our lives? The feeling of love is absent in most of our lives. It is a journey of discovery to find internal harmony and balance. Are you willing to examine your personal myth?

We are starting to see ourselves as a global community; in fact we are all indigenous people of the earth. Ireland is now a cross culture society with various different nationalities and beliefs systems. Yet there is a gathered momentum of compassion for its entire people without prejudices from the overall population, due to the gradual change in perception which has come about with an overall change of attitude or adjustments, society and consciousness has evolved. But to increase the momentum of change, it would be wise to look at perception and how that might release us, as people of the world to reflect our new spiritual beliefs. But how do we restructure belief systems. Also, where do we start the process? As long as I have memory, I have been accepting certain belief system all my life.

Since the beginning of time, the human consciousness has been made imperfect due to the fabricated selfish egotistical drives that were instilled into part of us all. It is my knowledge now that the ego is divinely created in order to create separation from divine consciousness (ALL That IS) into individual sparks of potential. Within the core of the ego is a belief in self sufficiency. It is the clinging to this concept of self sufficiency, which keeps us attached to limiting belief systems and the foolish notion to trusting our limiting knowledge. Without wisdom you are not aware of the connection you have to Divine Consciousness within yourself. That knowledge and wisdom is far greater than the limiting ego (imperfections). To know one self, trust in the divine connection, for it knows your purpose and it will put everything in your path to help you ascend up the ladder to your Divine Consciousness to give your gift to the world.

Back in my twenty’s, just after I finished college, my earthly consciousness was starting to put together ides of thought of what I was going to become. A part of me was filled with drive, intention and purpose but other part of me which I have learned to call “my little ego” was always saying NO. It kept telling me to be practical. I needed to earn money so I could have anything I ever wanted. My belief systems were programmed into me by the time I reached the age of reasons. The definition I had of me came from other people. I was different from other people due to the divine intention which always raised its head to stop me from getting carried away with egotistical desires. It was as if my “boots got too big”, I was always taken down a peg or two as if I had two masters. My head used to say one thing and my heart another. So when I discovered meditation it became possible to hear my spiritual consciousness which Jesus came to manifest. This consciousness is starting to be recognized throughout the world. In fact CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS awareness is now forging head all over the world.

Within my meditation, I was seeking with the intention of gaining insight into my life. It was here that I found relief from the anguish of my life. I was supported by the removal of the limitations particularly limiting belief systems. I started to accept my natural worth as a divine being of the Diamond heart consciousness “where all are one”.

I have been lead to know that our minds and emotions are being given guidance within from many dimensions and will reflect the beauty of the soul. So now I am starting to realize by adjusting my inner belief, I will open the door for new wisdom that includes all the belief systems which were programmed into my life and the subconscious accepted as truth.

It would be necessary not to look at belief systems as beliefs, but the way I accept them and the way I believe them. Also what feeling was produced as result of my attention on them? I felt that this would bring up its own emotional dynamics of belief. The Feeling of belonging creates attachment to beliefs, as attachment itself makes us feel emotionally good or bad or even secure. The question I had for myself was “could I distinguish between my belief and my true identity as I now realizes it. The ego always needs a defense, so it will attack any idea that try to dismantle a belief system. In the past, I defended ideas of beliefs and acted out a behavior and attitude defense. What I have realized is, that my over identification with what I believe was changed, with an emotion of fear and this bonded me to defending whatever belief I had. I noticed also the associated feelings that were produced, did not agree. Sometimes I would have use aggressive defense which would further bond me to that belief that I need to defend it. This was due to my attention and focus on the belief in question.

At this present time, I am examining childhood beliefs which are at the core of my being and allowing divine guidance through new awareness to create new ideas which are followed by a feeling of allowing one the confidence to exchange these new ideas with the world. Hence the tendency to hold on to old beliefs is losing its hold in my life. For those on the path of a new consciousness, bear this in mind, “beliefs are erroneous convictions that will restrict love, light and truth”

Preconceived opinion come from beliefs and makes it nearly impossible to change to the slightest degree. It is this foolish investment which each of us is afraid to let go. So rather than accept what is new, most people reject all even if it contains truth. In the case of a belief that you hold, that you are conscious about, have the intention of subjecting yourself to strict examination. Access what you want to change, by including the possibility that it might be incomplete and benefit by the expansion of your new truth. Now as children, we all accept a great majority of indoctrinating truth which is accepted by the subconscious mind by our acceptance and trusting nature. This empowers the so call beliefs to run in the background of our minds like a pilot light in your oven in the kitchen. It is always on. So our lives are built on the wrong foundation and will continually run like a computer without the ability to change. Change will only come by focus attention on intent, which will be energized by the feelings generated by action.

Growth can only take place when you dissociated from closed and limiting beliefs through meditation. Meditation allows dissociation and analysis of new wisdom which will expand your consciousness and identity. With self inquiry, we knock at the door of a new perception which opens to a new consciousness. By being focused and opened mind to new perceptions, one is able to listen to the inner teacher which will guide everyone to the true identity of who you are and what you could become.

So it would be wise for you to intentionally want to advance your consciousness. This will add to humanity a new level of contribution to the unfolding of who we are, and what we are capable of. With this knowledge, the focus of attention will be in the NOW moment. This is the only place where JOY can be experience and true reality begins.

Spirit is the will of God and Goddess, and it is freely available for all. So it is my understanding that the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, welcomes all those who seek and absorb new wisdom. This act of free will to seek the spirit of God and make present Gods will, allows “The Law of Attraction” to work perfectly to bring in LOVE. This love is a real experience which will support you to develop your new consciousness of Christconsciousness. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added to you”.

Shift to Diamond Heart Awareness


The human mind has spiritual currents running through its thoughts streams. These streams contain vital information from spirit that is highly valuable to us. Spirit is the source of everything and conveys these ideas through the human mind that intersect with a person’s belief and helping the individual ascend into the higher information that uplifts and improves the quality of life.

In human life, spiritual growth is achieved by aligning with these spiritual currents that come from both the personality and mind of spirit by intellectual ascent and emotional devotion. Christ=consciousness is the growing human recognition and blending of the human evolutionary (ego) mind with divine mind and the divine personality, that is the source of human happiness and fulfilment. As this is the state of awareness of our true nature, our higher selves and our birthright as children of God. Christconsciousness is our living expression as a child of spirit as we unfold our own divine life plan into the earth, bringing heaven on earth.

The Christ Self is actually being fully alive and invested in who we truly are. In our Christ Self we live as inspiration for others to seek this for themselves so we can collectively move our planet forward into the divine plan for planetary transformation and glorification.

Based on what we believe or expect, we tend to acquire. But what about the path of the soul. “The Law of Attraction” is understood as a mechanism or principle by which one receives based on the quality of their output of thought and ability to stay focused until the desired outcome is achieved. It is important to become aware of unconscious self-talk, trauma, induced beliefs, values, and other types of dysfunctional deficient projections going on within the mind

Our lives are product of the consistency of our outgoing prayer/focus/attentions to details. Which are depended on the true path of the soul This makes it critically important to understand “The Law of Attraction” in its entirely, takes into account the soul desire. So “The Law of Attraction can be understood as “What we focus on expands” depending on the skill and ability to stay focused. But by becoming more aware the true focus changes direction, hence new desires become new reality.

Example: One thought, or idea purely held without any fear attached to it , attracts to it another thought like it but more powerfully established which will crystallizes pure concept of desire outcome. Now these two thoughts powerfully held attract a vibration of love which in turn attract a third thought for which the accumulation of the feeling vibration becomes increasingly powerful in the future. So this original thought gathers momentum after momentum allowing reality to manifests. So the original thought has become the initiator hence intension of desired result is off and running.

So now you understand there is an additional component to this growing vibration (resonance) and it is the feeling that are associated with the arising thoughts that are produced. This is where fear dilutes down by creating deficient thought. Feeling are the interchange with the source or the intelligence recognized within oneself It is in the resonance, feeling, and quality of connection with the source that we get insight or advise of the quality of the reality creating, we are each producing. Therefore, reality creating happens for everyone depending on the connection and flow to the source. through the Christ self. The Christ self is the door and it is only opening.

Once a person has acquired access to deep levels of consciousness, change is possible. Hence, the traditional paradigm of looking at reality will be set aside and a new paradigm will be born.

“The Law of Attraction” is The unconditional mindset which is only opening, and the way we use our mind can be improved upon which will lead to more understanding of the true concept of love. Then by allowing guidance to come through this door. To open this door fully, meditation is advised. Then we will understand that flow and non-resistance will release fear, guilt, shame, blame, and allow acceptance of what is which will move to create through the power of the imagination a new heaven.

The consciousness (Christ=consciousness) will allow us to interact with source, which has no dimensional limits, time, and space. SO THE NEXT STEP IS YOURS TO TAKE.
We create our reality by the resistance which take place with our individual minds. Look at the predominant thought at the moment (RECESSION). Now look at what it is producing – FEAR.

If your life is not working out the way you thought it would do not be miss lead as Love is redefining your life as a product of repeating patterns of thoughts and the result and feelings which accompany them. So the more you live your life as unconditional with no attachments to deficient thought ,the more joy you will feel. But generally, we can’t see or be aware of our unconscious thought, so we don’t change them. This is because our pattern are produced and products of what we have learned and know to be so. The book of life is the unconscious mind and whatever we put into it, or write is. So our life is a reactionary perceptive which we establish the unfolding of “what is”.

In these amazing moments in our world, extraordinary events are taking places. We are all once again awakening to unconditional love. This divine love is stirring in the very depths of our being and calling to us through our hearts. We are starting to listen to these subtle whispers and paying attention to our intuitive wisdom. We are starting to turn within and beginning to question our very notion of reality.

Multi-dimensional interaction with the world of source will become of great interest to all. But for the moment, we have a resistance partly because of new ideas, and a different way to look at the world, which is the old paradigm. The resistance comes from acceptance that what we know about reality is true, therefore, how could we change it.

Now paradigms are powerful because they create the ideas through which we see the world. To be able to make a conscious shift to examine new ways of looking at the world and ourselves and to put into practice quantum leaps in consciousness, meditation is advised. In fact, without meditation, it is impossible to still the mind which block all new ideas from entering it. The mind always creates a psychic block or barrier. But once this psychic barrier has been reached, it is then possible to explore the unconscious mind while the conscious mind is temporarily closed down. The hypnotist use this method to take control of you.

So resistance is there, and it is the source of all dysfunction in the world. Having experienced a lessen of resistance through meditation which still the mind, you create non-resistance and over time you will come to believe that everything is possible.

Meditation allows you to feel the love. This in turn allows us to love ourselves. We will catch ourselves looking at and recognizing our own patterns of judgment, criticism, and reactions. We will become the witness, or the knower of “what is” and start to ask question and come up with the right answer for ourselves. We begin to take out the swords in our hearts, which we carry for other people. We learn to forgive ourselves for carrying other people swords and decide to give them back with love. We then move into the NOW moment, the past is left in the past and emotional healing takes place. Old feelings are healed and new feeling are imagined.

By now most of us now know that we are the end result of more choices than simply our own, or that many of our thoughts and choices are unconscious and have a fear aspect to them. So taken into account your lineage and going back thousand of years, you are the end result of all these influences. So it would be wise to examine what you believe as truth for you. The whole process of being conscious creator is to understand the capacity we each have for transmitting the old patterns to something more useful through our ability to imagine a process which will work to achieve the objectives of change of consciousness. Hence, a new paradigm can be created. If enough people hold this vision, it surely will manifest.

As we move into trust and access the Christconsciousness, we will move from the old linear mind focus to the many and varied level distorted tensions. We will travel upward and outwards through judgment, all types fear, doubt, anger, resentment,. This will allow new courage, willingness, and acceptance, to be able to reason not with the mind but with the heart through S, love, joy, peace, and eventually unconditional love which strengthen our connection with source or “all that is”. Then it is possible to create “heaven on earth”. This potential for change will solve our problems as it allows us to express our possibilities and to fulfil our intention to do better.

Meditation is the true purifier of human being that makes his consciousness receptive to divine contact. Remember, it is the experience and the thoughts produced that one allowed to enter the mind of man. This foothold of thoughts and feelings saturate his consciousness with error thinking (evil) and come forth as evil desires and actions that destroy the spirit within. If any man has ears of understanding, let him hear and understand. Inner purity not outer observation are the gauge of one’s spirituality. Be watchful of the company you keep, or it will dilute down the spirit within you and your ability to connect to spirit. So be vigilant of your mind and heart. There are over 100 cosmic laws to be understood, and it is only by direct experience that we gain understanding which leads to wisdom. This wisdom is what Jesus referred to when He said “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear” Mark 7:14-16.

Remember Jesus words, “Are ye also yet without understanding”. “Do not ye yet understand that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly and is cast out into the draught. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile man.” So by merging heart and mind, one understands that we are all one. All from the one source, which is Love (unconditional love). Character is revealed by what proceeds from the feeling you nurture in your heart. The feelings you hold in your heart are diluted down by the thoughts you allow into the subconscious mind. So it is necessary to have internal methods of purifying the heart. Hence, meditation is advised. Living in duality, man subverts transcendent soul nature with egoist involvement of the feeling of his heart in likes and dislikes. Indiscriminate attractions and repulsion. About maternal things and experience and his focus of those distortions of consciousness becomes insidious entanglements that make him a part of, rather than a being apart, rather than a being from, delusion. Hence, the distorted lives that we as men and women experience.

Remember the words, “ Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. So freedom from emotion allows peace and with peace one attains connection to spirit. Hence, evil thoughts (any thought less than love) are like smoke screens of ignorance that hides from the conscious mind the purity and everlasting joy of the soul. Be in this world, but not attached to it. By regularly purifying your inner feeling with bright and cheerful thoughts and spiritual aspirations (through meditation) one will cleanse the consciousness to create wisdom, love (John), faith (Peter) which are the building blocks to the doorway of the soul. As our task was to rise above the duality of creation and perceive the unity of the Creator. But man has foolishly use the intellectual part of his mind to solve his problems and forgetting the subconscious or super consciousness of his God unity with the Source.

“All that is” is the creative power of everything. it’s unconditional unformed, and relative to your individual life. Through the Christ self there is constant awareness of the truth that God And Goddess is ever present within us. By listening within the silence through meditation and allowing the flow of love to create the perfect ideas and concepts heaven will be created here on earth for all. But because of deficient thought through fear our focus is kept limited .So the fearful mindset bonds us to a limited consciousness.

So meditation is a step by step to self realization (Christ-consciousness) -cosmic consciousness and eventually attain God union. This is not possible with our rationalizing mental restlessness which is our constant companies (which is based on fear). Divine communion or rather deep meditation dismantles the delusion, and once sincere devotees of truth have experienced the divine joy of sanctuary in Christ-consciousness within their bodies and nothing will be able to lure sincere devotees away from the truth, wisdom, and love that they experience. It is through your perception of Christ-consciousness within yourself that you will know God contact. This is the keys to the kingdom of heaven. You are the consciousness which you have realized within yourself. Therefore, you are a belief expressed about who you think you are.

Self realization is within the energy and awareness of the diamond heart and the diamond river of light.

With the cultivation of only using the five senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing) the human brain has been under developed to what its original purpose was intended for by its Creator. By failing to develop the other part of the human mind, man has cut himself off from the ability to receive spirit. The part of the brain that has been neglected is of course the cerebellum, since man has only developed one part of his brain and the rest is practically asleep. It is but a sleeping giant which is in the first stages of waking up.

From now on the already awaken people will experience significant and profoundly meaningful intuitive knowing which will be from the Christ self within. This experience will further awaken many to take up their divine purpose and offer their service and expertise to the many. Most will be directly guided from within; it is by paying attention that most of you will see significant realization of the Heavenly kingdom. At first you will encounter bursts of energy of spirit clearing away your fear and fear related issues. This energy will start like a small water spring and as you pay attention to it you will become a river of diamond light. The river of Diamond light will awaken the” diamond heart awareness “within your knowing. By embracing this new awareness of the purity of your soul you will go through a process of remembering the love you are. Your own body wisdom will reinforce your convictions of the new awareness that you are experiencing. Some will enter the secret space of knowing and be transformed by the transformation power of the diamond heart awareness. The universe through your Christ self will intuit to you the next step for you. You will be asked to embrace the intuitive thoughts that enter your mind with compassion and love and non judgment and an inner knowing will become your new truth. The non physical world will start to become a reality for you. This realization will reinforce your spiritual journey towards God- Awareness .Thus you will take your part in building your unique gift to this world and accept the diamond heart awareness of Christ consciousness knowing of the purity of you immaculate soul. You are bless and loved and “all that is “will rejoice in your returning to your true consciousness.

To support the diamond heart consciousness and the diamond river of light it would be wise now to practice meditation and begin to focus on the heart sense which has intelligence far beyond that of a fear based mind. The diamond heart awareness symbolizes the soul’s journey home to its true awareness. Notice the amount of material been brought into arena of new wisdom. It is with this new awareness or heart sense that the people of the world will define what we give our attention too. Already many people of the world have started to wake up. The hallmarks of our attention will manifest our very thoughts and will utilize the emotion of love to co creates them.

Your truth will keep on changing and our assumption about the nature of existence is now undergoing the process of change. It will become obvious to you that discovery and awareness changes your perspective. This new paradigm requires new understanding, wisdom, and acceptance. As you merge with the tide of this new paradigm shift, it will pick you up and move you faster and faster into right relationships, right action, and right opportunities, then you will be in position to let go of the past and acknowledge what is true for you. Look at how the majority of the people of Ireland have accepted the Queen of England visit and have started to move on to a new beginning with England. You too can let go the past and choose not to focus on what was, but start to build a new future, while letting innate intelligence or heart sense expresses itself through you. In the process of merging your heart sense will increase its current, which you will noticed as a feeling of love and a new found peace and stillness will be the result. This will create the right resonance to attract the corresponding dream for you. Each life will unfold effortlessly, beautifully, and it is in our acceptance of what is that we can ask for more. It is really in our ideas of what truth is that prevents the freedom of individual thought. Then it will become apparent that there is a fundamental illusion about Jesus ‘message. Which translate into the error of “that a belief is enough to enter heaven?” Jesus message was not understood. This error was not made by Jesus, but by those who misunderstood his message. What is becoming apparent now is Jesus told us to follow him. To follow Jesus, it would be wise to develop Christ consciousness within your inner being. This is the true marriage of life. This will bring about a new consciousness which will allow us to access our higher power and let go our limiting beliefs allowing us to expand and change them to create perfection as a new “heaven on earth”.
Any thought that is diluted down with the remembrance of fear is not perfect. It was fear that prevented this island of Ireland from embracing the future which is enfolding. Hence we are the creator of what is. Have the wisdom to know that your very thoughts are creating this world. Your daily objective was to remove fear which has built up over time. It is your fear related thought which block the flow of light and create a resistance to the flow of love for you. Becoming one with the Christ Self is the first step in eradicating fear. When you call on the Christ self the power of power attracts the Christ self to you by your intention to be one with “all that is” where you let go the belief that you are separate isolated and less. Whereby you become God centred and let go the need to defend the Ego. You will be shown by direct guidance coming from your own spirit self, how to take the next step. Thus with the increase of focused attention on truth, you will increasingly become aware of the presence within. New wisdom will become available to every person who seeks it, and new guides and teachers will be forthcoming in their wisdom to help all through the complexities of life.

Accept full responsibility for your thoughts, words, deeds and associated feelings and beliefs which are making you a beggar man in God’s House. We then can take responsibility as co-creators and have the wisdom to stay focused on putting LOVE before every thought. This will bring about unconditional love. As a result, the people of the world will find a new and meaningful means of nurturing ourselves and allowing the emergence of truth, love and wisdom to allow the all new expansive transformation of life which is well and truly under way.

Jesus was a bringer of truth. It is only by recognizing the will of God in creation, that man can find the path to the luminous glorious resurrection of eternal life. But man has failed to cultivate that part of the brain which is specifically for the purpose of knowing spirit within his consciousness. Meditation was a gift from the Father Mother God to cultivate that part of the brain that now science is paying much respect to.

With the advent of the law of attraction there is now a shift of deep philosophical questions been investigated and new discoveries are making the headlines. The question of free will was discussed in the April addition of the New Scientist 2011 What caught my attention in the article was the author drawn my attention to the fact that Neuroscientists are increasing describing our behaviour as been a result of a chain of cause and effect in which the physical brain of patterns of neural activity inexorably lead to the next culmination in a particular action of decision. But the question should be asked, what the underlining reason could be for a particular action or decision. From my own experience people tend to take action, if they can see a benefit from the choice of action. But where does the information come from that allow one to choose a particular action and where does fear fit in. Modern science is now realizing that the sub-consciousness is the store house of all our experiences, bearing in mind that the sub-consciousness gathers and stores past experiences and associated feelings which bond us to attracting more of the same as the patterns of thought are etched into the core of our being. So our patterns of thought create our focus and the hallmarks of focus demonstrate our thoughts into the world. The article discusses challenging people’s beliefs. It suggests trying to change people beliefs by overlaying them with more reasonable knowledge obtained with new perceptions. Certainly the world is now experiencing new perceptions. Using new ideas and new concepts they try to dilute down strongly held beliefs. Visionaries are now looking at the limitations of beliefs, if you watched the Gerry Springer show you would have observed peoples beliefs been challenged and how they behave in response to a major challenge been presented. It is noted the when a person beliefs are challenged they tend to defend and become aggressive. The reason for this is usually the amount of invested energy put in over time is flawed. It is this awareness that the ego will not willingly admit it is wrong and has been for a long time. So it denies that its knowledge is wrong. Or that might be incomplete.

If you’re predominant thought is fear and fear related, your very focus and knowing creates an unconscious feeling of lack, loneness and separation from your good. This focus creates a holding vibration of undesired results. It also will influence choices and prompt certain actions. For the purpose of explaining, predominant thought or a holding vibration, let us say you are observing a lack of money in your life. I am using this example as we are presently in a recession. So every day you are observing lack. It is talked about in the news; it is written about in the newspapers and is spoken about everywhere. Hence, “The Law of Attraction” binds us to the very circumstance we do not desire

The Law of Attraction” matches your habitual dominant vibration. Therefore what you focus on will become real to you. Belief is only a practised vibration. “The Law of Attraction” accepts your beliefs as your point of attraction and brings you things that match that vibration. Anything you call your truth is your creation, because it will come to pass and anything that you give your attention to will become your truth. So take a look at the predominance of your thoughts as they will become your truth and reality. To deliberately decide to redirect your thoughts, you are now focusing on your new point of attraction and “The Law of Attraction” is working to give you this new thought and working to create it.

In the process of merging the heart sense will increase its current, which will be noticed as a feeling of love and a new found peace and stillness will be the result. This will create the right resonance to attract the corresponding dream for each individual. Each life will unfold effortlessly, beautifully, and it is in our acceptance of what is that we can ask for more. It is really in our ideas of what truth is that prevents the freedom of individual thought.

So it would be wise to examine your belief system that has been accepted by your subconscious mind. These are your hidden agendas and handed down from generation to generation. Also, by doing this you are able to detach yourself from the aspect of your focus which binds you to your place of limitations. The Holy Spirit washes out your consciousness with fire and burns away all fear and thought forms of non-truth. Please recall what Matthew 3:16-17 wrote, “This is my beloved Son in whom I Am well pleased”. This Christ Consciousness is the only begotten Son of God and Goddess. It is by developing this consciousness and raising the Son of man up within you, that Ascension takes place. The Son of Man body, ordinary man women of limited consciousness contains spiritual centres, and by awakening these centres and by immersion of one’s consciousness in the diamond river of life the light of spirit will make your focus and intentions very clear. Then you will choose to enter the wilderness of the silence and absorb the cosmic sound of the silent intuitive wisdom where all can be conceived and revealed

We have lost through fear our free will and have dissociated from the heavenly essences by choosing to identify solely with the physical world. But it is only by merging your spiritual self with your physical self that you can bring to your conscious mind, the truth. Then one can transcend the physical consciousness which hold us to our own limited perception which is limited to what is. Then one starts to realize that those of religious titles by virtue of intellectual knowledge have no real wisdom. They alone cannot advise the masses to believe in false notions of what is good and what is evil, without any real wisdom because they themselves are blinded to their temporal power. People are starting to see that this power was handed down to control people by fear. One feels very incomplete and helpless. So one searches a deeper truth not limited by intellectual understanding. So develop your intuition your 6TH sense and your 7th heart sense, this will open the door to the 8th chakra, where the diamond heart awareness knowing of infinite consciousness will transform your consciousness to the truth of your infinite power. I learned a long time ago, that meditation reverses the life force and consciousness from matter to God and Goddess. So by realizing your Christ Self and learning to communicate and perceive wisdom through body wisdom, you will not choose to be condemned to live and think as a struggling mortal. It is the sensory boundaries and the cutting off of the spiritual aspect of your being that condemns you to self temptation of a lesser existence Body wisdom does not come from the fearful mind. It comes from a deeper knowing than that of the intellect. Body wisdom comes from the ability to develop an inner sensitivity. This inner sensitivity can be developed by taken massive action to acquire the ability to allow spirit to impart the process of cleansing. Dictate time and attention to be focused on been in the moment.

Daily be resurrected with Christ light as you take your individual conscious and merge with the illuminating light of Christ consciousness within your meditation in the diamond river of eternal life. Allow the diamond river of light to saturate your consciousness. Be inspired and sustained in the wisdom of the transparent purity which will build for you the ability to manifest your spiritual powers to lift the soul beyond fear and fear based ideas and associated feelings that come with such thoughts. Remember we have lost through fear our free will and have dissociated from the heavenly essences by choosing to identify solely with the physical world. But it is only by merging your spiritual self with your physical self” The perfect marriage” that you can bring to your conscious mind, the truth. Then one can transcend the physical consciousness which hold us to our own limited perception which is limited to what is. Then one starts to realize that those of religious titles by virtue of intellectual knowledge have no real wisdom. They alone cannot advise the masses to believe in false notions of what is good and what is evil, without any real wisdom because they themselves are blinded to their temporal power. Thereby they were not able to access real power. The power that they managed was the accumulation of invested energy in a belief and was kept in check with fear. People are starting to see that this power was handed down to control people by fear. One feels very incomplete and helpless. So one searches a deeper truth not limited by intellectual understanding

The descending masculine force meets the feminine force in the bridal chamber of the heart. The resultant is the mystical union on the physical plain of the “Father Mother God”. Here, the immaculate divine conception takes place wherein the spiritual embryo is conceived and the Christ Self is born around the pure self within your soul. You will begin to feel energy within your body. Now is the time to listen to your own body wisdom. As the divine dual forces start to awaken the soul, you will be able to access the wisdom of your soul. This process will allow you to receive new truth about who you are.

What becomes important is what you allow your conscious mind to be feed on. So your focus and what you accept as truth will be diverted away from fear and fear related issues. Fear will be defeated the newly born Christ child will attract the body of Christ within the inner dimension of its being. The new awaken soul will feel the presence of that “I Am All That I Am” within their body. It is heard from within the throne chamber the new awaken soul abiding with the Christ will know it very own nature is Love. No longer is the ego, the false Christ or Anti-Christ ruling but instead the “I Am All That I AM” the true Christ has gained dominion over the anti-Christ.

It is by stilling the mind in meditation, that the new earth will support and lead everybody to discover and utilize the origin of power, health, happiness, courage and zeal to build for yourself the life of your dreams. Your individualized self-consciousness is within the core of your being. The trick is how to harmonize the activity of the individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness. This is achieved by merging the heart and mind together and at the same time taken guidance from what you feel and start to communicate the potentialities of what could exist, will start to manifest. This leads to harmony of thoughts through feeling which will result in right action and deed. So you see, we actually perceive the world within by our intuition and imagination and we should be capable of listening to the voice of our own spirit self not one’s own fear based mind. It is the fear based thoughts which create a total false perception by the ego who does not want to listen to it own spirit self. It is the ego’s impatient of wants and lack of understanding that we are all one. Instead, it uses the intellect to give it life and survival. At the same time it creates a sense of lack and deficient ideas that human being are not enough and forgetting the pure soul within, which is the Christ Self of infinite consciousness and The Diamond heart Awareness that we are one.

When you experience the slowdown of the creation of your thoughts through meditation, you start to realize that you are creating all your experiences but you are not aware consciously that this is what you are doing. It is only when you realize that your habitual thoughts of likes and dislikes bond you to the life you have.

By utilizing meditation, the sacred dual forces will nourish and care for the Christ child that is born anew in you. Then overtime, growth of the inner divinations will speed up. Your body will undergo change at the core of your being; your cells will receive the program of immortality from “All That I AM”. By feeling love within one’s own consciousness, a light will begin to break which allows the individual to experience a profound peace and joy more than the ordinary human heart has ever known before. From this point on wards the diamond river of life feeds your new awareness of your diamond heart awareness and the perfection of your soul. You will be asked to embrace yourself with compassion, non judgements and unconditional love. As your inner knowing becomes your new truth, you will be let in no doubt how love and blessed you are. Then as time goes on your courtship with Spirit alter your perceptions. Hence new perceptions will be experienced and acknowledge. You will start to perceive the world in a new way. Greater clarity and perspective will lead you towards wholesome thinking and feelings of the love that exists. This will support you about your spiritual convictions and your inner knowing. All that remains is you trust the guidance of this new partnership and marriage “to all that is “

The Christ self is the door and once opened no man can shut it. Love is the divine energy of Father Mother God and you are child of spirit. Bear this in mind the love feeling is the denominator which is now announcing itself to the world.

We are becoming aware of energy and as it expands beyond the physical, some of us sense it others see it and yet still others can communicate with it. Notice how the mind set of unconditional love practised regularly will change the reality that you are experiencing. All the resistance of the drama of life dissipates. Limitation will start to fall away. New belief systems will be evidence of the new seeds that you are planting within your consciousness. This will become your new truth for now and your experiences will reinforce the “Law of Attraction” with vibration of love and this energetic environment will affect your physical world. In fact you will be working with thought and intention before it will come into manifestation. Now with deliberate conscious creating of your part in creation as a co-creator, the universe will create that which you desire. This freedom creates peace within and more remembrance of your purpose.

So my recommendation to you who have the inner eyes to see and the inner ears to hear my words “Be Still and Know I AM, All That I AM”. I am the Diamond Heart consciousness where all are one. Be emerged in the diamond river of life daily within your meditation. Know that all facets of our diamond are pure, immaculate and of the same and only one substance called LOVE. To give expression of trust to the highest potential, it would be wise to evolve in wisdom, intelligence and higher consciousness in order to return to the awareness of the full consciousness of your being. Which is the source (God and Goddess) the nature of your true reality and being

What is the resonance of truth

The awakening happening now is being experienced by the heart and whole body. The spirit of God within you is being quickened, regenerated, born again as the inner teacher “the inner Christ” Actual experience of knowing God through the divine Christ impulse intimately give rise to divine wisdom.Desiring to being quickened by His spirit is a womderous thing.It does require work For ask and you shall receive.“When He, the spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13)..

Most of the time, God will speak in an inspiration that comes from deep within us and we will not always understand it with the separate conscious mind, but as we continue to take time in His presence, He makes us clear as to what He is saying. If God spoke to us it is natural that it would be a universal voice as we all speak different languages. Love and the vibration of love is universal languages Many people say they have never heard God speak to them, because they do not know how He speaks to each one of us.But through the intelligence of the heart thoughts and feeling come together to raise our vibration and raise our consciousness.

As one’s consciousness expands it embraces unconditional love. The resonance of truth felt by the confirmation of thought and feeling sends up through the body divine bliss which lifts our vibration.The resonance of truth felt is Divine bliss and comes with an expansion of consciousn. Potential creative ideas enter the separate conscious mind and become possibility.For now confirmation is acknowledge and the potental of what could manifeast is now possible.

“Consider the Lilies of the Field” as you Embrace Christ consciousness Awareness


In our spiritual path, we all receive the power of faith to a greater or lesser degree. There is now at this time a resurgence of faith among many people on their spiritual path. This has been granted largely in part to the great work that is daily carried out by everyone on the planet and due to the desire level of more and more people to realize in the faith of a loving universe. Remember, our ideas of what truth is will always be changing. The power of faith is the assurance of things hoped for. Faith in a new reality is already building an abiding substance in our mind and body. This brings me back to what I have read about what Jesus said to Peter, “Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shall loose (deny) on earth shall be loose in heaven”.

Every person on this planet is love and at no time are they less than love. The only place that this truth is not a truth is within the individual belief of the person and what they accept as truth. So at a very young age, I asked God to strengthen my power of faith. This was the first power that I received when I was seven years of age. There are 12 powers within each individual. These will only be accessed through deep meditation. Later I started to recognize this power of faith as a vibration within myself which I felt. It had a particular type of vibration which always was accompanied by knowing thoughts. This vibration created in me a quickening of spiritual understanding. I used to express both silently and audibly. When I spoke the words, I started to realize that I could energize my words. This allows me to feel grateful and feel the universe encouraging me with feelings of love passing through my body. So when I was in my early teens, I started to coach basketball and I could see the impact of my faith in the words which were energized by spirit to raise the faith of my team. The Old Testament is full of stories of the faith that certain individual had and what they achieved to name but a few (Moses, David, Samuel and Prophets) do read them. Faith is a gift from Father Mother God. It is a spiritual gift. When the faith centre is activated (located at the top of the head) it creates a quality of the mind that moves and molds ideas and brings them to concrete expression.

FAITH is the assurance or confidence within the mind brought about by devotion to seeking the truth that a particular thing or ideal will happen. Metaphysically, I have understood that the vibration of light that mind is able to expresses at its awareness level, always takes into account what the mind accepts as truth. Since then, my awareness of the indwelling Son of God consciousness “Christconsciousness”, the only begotten Son or Child of Spirit is living in my heart as the Inner Teacher.

By calling on the Christ Self to come to your assistance you will realize that you are setting in motion the consciousness and the idea of infinite knowing. At first, you will feel peace, then radiation will penetrate you and then you will become conscious of emanation of spirit descending within you. Overtime, you will feel it working in every cell and fiber of your body. This begins your experience, your unity with the divine mind, there is no separation.

I ask you the question now, “Could you give up false ideas that impede your development to Christ Consciousness? We have all heard of the ego or the anti-Christ which believes in separation, and we all have heard of the prodigal son (we are returning home). Certain ideas and ways of thinking we now know, contribute to what is manifesting in our life. We all are becoming aware of the vibration we send out by what we are receiving. So it is wise now to change what you think and focus on, so that you can create a new point of attraction. Now man (individual) believes that he/she is less than perfect, hence, that is his/her point of attraction. By expanding ideas, things change. One must give up personal attachment to limitations before one can receive the universal truth. Limitations are seeds sown in the mind of the individual and accepted as truth. All beliefs are limiting and create resistance to what could be.

So when I started to work on the resistance and opposition of personality to completely express what was truth, I sacrificed the ego, so I lost my old life mainly old ideas, relations, mode of work, money. This allowed me to also choice to let go any feelings that was blocking my good. But the one thing I did not loose was the Christ Consciousness contact. JESUS word, “You have to loose yourself to find yourself (I now understand this, hence, I am in the progress of working to merge the ego with infinite consciousness). So, that was the only thing that was real. The Holy Spirit comes upon those who pray in the “upper room” “Jehovah” “Divine Mind”. When there has been an aspiration and a reaching out for a spiritual life, the faith faculty becomes active in consciousness.

“FAITH is assurance of thing hoped for”. Intellectual faith admits doubt, Spiritual faith includes unfailing assurance and immediate response”. At the beginning of your work, these two attitudes of faith are often observed acting and reacting upon each other. Faith boosts the spoken word, so the word faith has an inner force. Words of faith set energy in action. When the centre of faith is activated, a idea in the mind of man (individual) connects him/her through faith with almighty energy. This faith centre within the pineal gland develops strong faith in “everything is possible”. By affirming the activity of this super power, it will merge you to All That Is (Christ Consciousness). This ability is near impossible without stilling the mind the never rests. So meditation is advisable to experience the now moment.

EVOLUTION is the result of the ideas that certain individuals develop and use for the good of all. So, who are we, but the result of the evolution of our own consciousness, and that consciousness is the result of seed ideas sown in our mind. If you have faith in things invisible those seed of faith will increase. Every word or idea in Divine Mind is sown by man (individual) in his mind and is then brought fort according to man (individual) receptivity. “Whatsoever a man sowth, that shall he also reap”

In my heart I have pledged my life to support all who want to mingled and integrate with Divine consciousness. Jesus said to Peter,”Upon this Rock, I will Build my Church” Jesus is talking about the Rock of Faith. So now, I am in the process of building the Son of God Consciousness for all who desire to become more and more fearless and free. You will find that all true ideas that are planted in the heart with knowing assurance of faith will manifest.

The spirit centre in the crown of the head is the throne of Christ and the “I AM Presence”. You will know it as a quickening taken place by the feeling of your cap at the top of your head, or a soft light prism just above at the top of your head. As you are reading this article, something is already quickening your faith centre. When one gets advice from the intellect, it is impossible to develop faith. Faith is developed by calling on the presence of God consciousness, as the only begotten son. the Christ-consciousness ,child of spirit Faith is about tuning the human will to the Divine Will. And in so doing, it obliterates mortal limitation of the mind. This is achieved by conscious communion with the all powerful God which gives the realization of “there is no separation between soul and spirit from the oneness of its being which is infinite consciousness. When one has much communion with the infinite Christconsciousness, doubts rarely enter into the mind of a true believer in the faith of Father Mother God. So as Jesus went up the mountain a lot, we can take it that this is where you and I should have the wisdom to know that without meditation, the mind of limitation which we are accustom to will always rule. I have one resounding message to all, “set up time in your day to communion with the infinite Christ-consciousness which is your Birthright”.

Find the Truth of Your Assumptions by shifting to wisdom and listening to the inner teacher.

Find the Truth of Your Assumptions by shifting to wisdom

Everyone makes assumptions. But are they good for us. We do it all day long. We use our own God given imagination to dream up the, what if, but story line that we summon into our own life experiences. Our focus and attention creates our point of attraction. We assume that the self-talk going on in our separate mind is right without testing its origins. Let say, we want a raise in our job. We assume that we won’t get a raise if we ask for it. If we’re really stuck, we assume that there’s nothing we can do to change our lives for the better. So we take the path of least resistance and do nothing, due to listening to our self-made belief and imagination that our self-worth does not need empowerment.One’s self worth is rediscovered by listening to the inner teacher ” The Christ Self “while in meditation.Our own inner knowing become more self realized.

But the truth is we all have faulty assumptions and accepted truths. We have lots of them in every area of our life.

Consider that if everything you believed were true, you’d have exactly the life you desire. But that is not the case. Your own direct experiences tells you that everything you believe must not be true If everything you believed about relationships were actually true, you’d have more good relationships that work for your good.. So if your life is lacking in some way, then your believe system is not true.

When we hold faulty beliefs, we make faulty assumptions. It’s a trap, because testing all of our assumptions is a great way to find the truth. Jesus said what truth is.

Rather than assuming a course of action is doomed to fail, put the universe to the test and make it say “no.” But do test the possibilities of the creative thought. For this is the only way to know for certain.

Try these steps to learn the truth:

Pick 5 areas of your life that could use improvement. Perhaps it’s your self-esteem, your finances. It might be your love life and your career. The areas in which you’re struggling are the areas with the most incorrect assumptions Seek out the truth of your actual experiences. The things that are right in front of you and come into your awareness daily are the things that require change.

Find someone that’s doing better in your areas of interest. We all have a co-worker or friend that seems to defy all logic and have a high-level of success. Have the awareness to examine your present beliefs systems. Have the courage to change them. Maybe you have a co-worker that always seems to get the best bonus or the promotion, in spite of appearing average or even low performing. Look at your set of beliefs about yourself. See where you adopted them and why.

Test could you be wrong? Is there a way to test your hypothesis and discover the truth? Keep in mind that a solid experiment requires more than a single test. Meditation supports one to disassociate from fearful thoughts and ideas.

Keep testing your beliefs and assumptions. There are numerous times each day we don’t try because we assume we’ll be told “no.” Find out if you’re actually right.

Certainly you can remember a time where you knew you would be told “no,” but you went ahead and asked anyway, and much to your surprise, everything worked out. How many other times might that happen if you simply tried?

For a month, give yourself the gift of testing out every possibility that comes to mind, without risking life and limb. There’s no reason to prove that you can’t flap your arms and fly. But ask the object of your desires out on a date. Apply for the job you’re sure you can’t get. Put your online business idea into action.

After a month, you’re sure to find you were wrong about many things. You’ll also discover that the times you were right weren’t nearly as painful as you anticipated!

Learning how to deal effectively with the world requires stretching yourself and gaining experience. As you discover new distinctions, your perception of the world will change and your approach to life will see positive benefits. With new discoveries and new perceptions you will increase your awareness of possibility that present to your mind.