Month: December 2015

Emotional Intelligence?


For anyone dealing with fearful thoughts, you are probably aware how emotions can worsen or relieve the stressful situation you are in. Also as we give our attention and focus to our thoughts, we allow then to become our total focus which create disappointing solution to an already bad situation.  Better to still the fearful mind  and focus on the intelligence of the heart .The practice of meditation gives all the ability  disassociate  from fearful thoughts. For within everyone the Christ Divine intelligence is at work depending on the level of awareness one has become aware of.. According to research studies, people who have managed to boost their emotional intelligence skills are better able to reduce stress levels in their lives.They also have better clarity to solve life problems.

Stress and Negative Emotions and there effect on the body mins and contact with the inner teacher ” The Christ Self level of awareness

Upon the onset of stress, the body undergoes various physiological changes that are later on manifested in physical form of symptoms of stress. But what is the ultimate source of stress that you are experiencing? When the mind and heart are in opposition to one another one senses stress. Since we create our life experiences by projecting our thoughts on to the screen of life . Then the Divine intelligence within our hearts reacts to our lack of awareness which is noticed in us as stress, as the intention and belief are not for our good but a perceived good. This perceived good lacks true wisdom.   Basically, it comes as a result of the negative emotions that is developing inside you, to warn you of intention and possibility of creating suffering.

All of these emotions trigger biochemical events inside your body such that it is prompted to release cortisone or stress hormones, as well as adrenaline. The buildup of negative emotion can therefore either be a cause or effect of stress. When the separate mind focus on problems it causes one to go into the what , if and story. Which takes one away from this now moment.meaning one is not present in the here now moment.For one can only enjoy bliss in the present moment.

Enforcing Positive Emotions with pure thoughts that create joy, bliss and well being will allow one to dissociate from what is not real yet.

Now that you realize the potential harm brought about by the presence of negative emotions in your life, it is important to transform them into something positive. keep your thoughts, intention and awareness on good fro all.  This will serve to counteract the effects of negative emotion in your health and social relationships.  you can do this by promoting positive emotions promoting positive thought, intentions which   can boost the supply of DHEA or anti-aging hormone in your body.

While negative emotions can risk you of developing harmful health conditions, promoting positive can boost the supply of DHEA or anti-aging hormone in your body.  So, whether you are suffering from a positive or negative emotion, it will  by its own corresponding effect  your physiological and emotional situation.

When Curve-Balls and Apparent Challenges Come Into Our Awareness

shift to wisdom6Life is a journey of experiences, so when faced with curve balls and challenges ask your self several questions.Why are these situations and personal experiences coming into your awareness now? Why are these challenges being given to you to solve .If you solve these challenges could it be that you invited in these experiences to give you deeper awareness of your serves to others. As when you solve your particular set of challenges you can pass on your direct experiences on such matters and  create greater awareness of how you solved and address your own focus  and abilities to cultivate solutions based of direct perceptions of your own inner inventiveness and guidance received from your own inner teacher ” The Christ intelligence working in your thoughts and feeling and directing your God given abilities to solve their problems has now become your  service to others.For your own resilience, determinations and steed fast ideas has now fully manifested to create greater awareness and wisdom to solve such problems for every one who has the good sense to attract your .power of understanding and advice.

Baptism of Fire


Everybody is waking up. No longer will it be possible to stop the Christ light and the baptism of fire which is taken place at great speed. If you look around the world, there is evidence of many revolutions taken place both within countries and within individual at the core of their beliefs and accepted truth. Take what is happening in the Middle East in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and Kyrgyzstan as a paradigm shift taken place within the minds and heart of all concerned, this very paradigm shift is also taken place with your very own consciousness. Soon very soon more and more people will wake up. What will follow will be more and more changes. Notice the change in how our finances and financial system are all changing. What was hidden is now been revealed. Look at the wiki leaks All persons now have the capacity to become spiritually aware. So now all will start to become spiritually evolved. The dual forces of “Christ I am that I am” will begin their descent into matter and our golden age will start to manifest.

Before the descent of the baptism of fire, those that are ready will notice a warm sense at the top of their head. For me, it was as if I was wearing a hat on the top of my head. The descending masculine force meets the feminine force in the bridal chamber of the heart. The resultant is the mystical union on the physical plain of the “Father Mother God”. Here, the immaculate divine conception takes place wherein the spiritual embryo is conceived and the Christ Self is born around the pure self within your soul. You will begin to feel energy within your body. Now is the time to listen to your own body wisdom. As the divine dual forces start to awaken the soul, you will be able to access the wisdom of your soul. This process will allow you to receive new truth about who you are.

By utilizing meditation, the sacred dual forces will nourish and care for the Christ child that is born anew in you. This is the second birth that Jesus spoke about. Then overtime, growth of the inner dimensions of reality will speed up. Your body will undergo change at the core of your being; your cells will receive the program of immortality from “All That I AM”. I bring your attention to “Paramahansa Yogananda” who after is death showed no sign of decay for many months. Indeed, there are many saints prophets that also have defied the law of nature. To my knowledge they were sustained by divine intervention as they had achieved Christ-consciousness with their knowing. As an awaken soul you will be cared for and undergo particular care while the Christ child grow within your consciousness. It is only by letting the natural rebirth to take place within your mind that you will exhibit your own Christ mind where love, faith and wisdom will guide you to focus on love, peace and joy. Then your body will be filled with the sweetest joy filled with love, wisdom and truth.
Just as on earth the new child will need to be cared for and nourishment and so it is with the Christ child. It becomes necessary to be feed a virtuous life into the mind. This allows your attention and focus to co create your soul’s purpose. The law of attraction will attract to you your very own mastery. What becomes important is what you allow your conscious mind to be feed on. So your focus and what you accept as truth will be very important. Hence by diverting away from fear and fear related issues you will advance your spiritual growth. Fear will be defeated the newly born Christ child will attract the body of Christ within the inner dimension of its being. The new awaken soul will feel the presence of “All That I Am” within their body. It is hear from within the throne chamber the new awaken soul abiding with the Christ will know its very own nature is Love. No longer is the ego, the false Christ or Anti-Christ ruling but instead the “I Am All That I AM” the true Christ has gained dominion over the anti-Christ.

The ruling authority of the Christ-consciousness is able to receive the perfect truth. Consciousness is all pervasive (everything/everywhere) and is all there is. There is no force that could be against it. So there is no Devil or Satan but the imagined thought forms that we as God’s in training co create within our fearful separate mind. This all encompassing universal consciousness is individualized in you. There is no separation really but a perceived guilt that bonds us to our imagined thoughts. SIN is but a perceived separation, which we undergo due to the implant of fear within our consciousness on our descent to the physical plane. As a result our conscious mind accepts separation, illusion, negativity, and this creates the personality or ego through the universal law of attraction. As our focused attention is trapped in illusion.
It then keeps co creating the imagined thoughts that are deficient fearful and lack the feeling presence of love, because of the unconditional aspect of the principles of love we receive what we focus on So the love of power creates separation. This focuses on an elite group holding the power. But the power of love sets you free. None the less because of free will and the principal of love we choose to co create unwisely.

The EGO from the moment of it’s inception bonds to limitation and the perceived lack of wisdom of it’s soul. As a result the human being allows for a perceived separation and a limited perception of the world, and it’s own soul ability to manifest it’s greatness. With our limited consciousness, and lack of awareness we go through life needing to defend the separate Ego. Call it self (small) or false self or anti-Christ. This self consciousness has free will and the ability to choose thoughts, feelings and action based on beliefs and accepts truth. When these choices which are placed under your direct conscious control you create your reality. Since reality is always been created with deficient thoughts due to the absence of unconditional love, we have societies and countries that do not share their wisdom and there knowledge for the good of all. Instead there is a monopoly of power which is passing down through families and those connected to those who have power.

The whole universe is a make up of different frequencies focused by universal consciousness into patterns of vibration. Therefore, thought itself is a form of vibration your consciousness is within and is an indivisible part of all consciousness (God). The direct link from your individualized self (God) consciousness is within you. In order to gain entry, it would be wise to meditate. And within the silence you will become aware of the presence within all life.

To understand the creative power of your consciousness and of universal consciousness will lead you to understand the real cause of all that effects you in your life. Your choice of belief, thought and emotion create your reality. To have anything you decide to do and in order to do anything, you must be present in the now. “To be or not to be that is the question. How you are, depends upon what you think what you believe what you feel and how you allow feeling to guide you. And these are all within your ability to choose what is resonating with your feelings which is within you. But too often our focus is on worrying and using our imagination on creating the fears of the past and re-inventing new and more unwanted things into our lives. The constant eternal action of all life is creativity. Life is always creating new forms and experiences through the laws of metaphysical cause and effect. The law of attraction works from a point of attraction based on love, and the awareness of love that you feel within yourself. One perceives and relates to the outer world through the outer objective mind. This is the conscious mind, with this mind one uses logic and reasoning and thinks chooses and forms certain conclusion based on what their belief and past collection of data allow them to conclude. This becomes their truth, but may not be the truth for everybody.

On the other hand with meditation one relates to the inner world or subjective mind from a point of knowing through the feeling nature which acts spontaneously and reaches awareness through intuition and heart sense. This leads to self knowing. The inner pathway is a process where there are challenges including beliefs, belief systems that it would be wise to examine. Then when necessary through direct experience have the courage to make the required changes for the better. So truth is always changing. Now the greatest change in mankind is now taken place whether you are aware of it or not.
“I am That I Am” created you, sustains you and dwells within you as the pure self. It is this known from the conscious point of view that allows you to experience the second birth. “Unless a man be born again, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Jesus has been reported in saying.). Usually before the second birth the soul goes through the dark night of the soul. This happens as it forces the individual to consider what truth is for then. Usually the choice is a life of submission to alien goals and alien purpose’s or be born again not into ideology and false beliefs that need you to surrender, but into your true self, your unique God given reality of Christconsciousness. You might say that the dark night of the soul is your pain and your deliverance, it was that for me. It emphasizes self realization and individuality. The rules of passage mark the change in the way we sense ourselves and our reality. This will be the beginning of the new paradigm and for earth and it’s people.
While I went through the dark night of the soul, I could make no sense and there was no assurance of what was taken place. In fact, it made no sense at all. I lost my home, job, my money and my partner. What came out of it were a refinement of the soul and a deepening of intelligence to create wisdom. My heart received education which cultivated my life to consider and learn from my experiences. The heart is the seat of manifest love. So by developing an inner sensitivity, one allows their feeling of love to co-ensign with the perfect thoughts of our Father Mother God.

Before my realization of my Christ self, I would allow my deficient thoughts to be my focus. But when I called forth the Christ mind, I started to develop the powers of faith, love and wisdom which are the corner stones to develop Christ-conscious awareness within yourself. With patience, perseverance and dedication to meditation, my Christ self brought me up into my “I Am” presence situated at the crown of the head. From here I am presently receiving wisdom, Love and faith far beyond the separate mind. Add to this great wisdom and feedings of love that run through my body filled with new discoveries and perceptions, every day which has opened up the inner world of cosmic truth.

As now when you look around the world, you will become aware of paradigm shift. No longer will people accept unfairness, no longer will people not speak and act to change what is wrong and unfair. The vibration of love is anchoring within the 8th chakra and no man can shut out the Christ light which is becoming a true reality as we move towards 2012 and beyond. The beloved supreme presence within all life is immersing the vibration of unconditional love within the mind and heart of all. Everybody’s path is now leading to love. So by thinking, feeling and acting with love at the centre of our focus, we will all start remembering the love that we are.

The consciousness of Christ is now with full vibration working through every part of creation. It is radiating faith, love, peace and joy to all to whatever level the individual is capable of receiving. So enlarge your cup so the infinite Christ-consciousness may dwell within you. AS keeping old beliefs and fear related thoughts prevents the ability to receive new insights .Become like little children live in the now moment. Focus on developing the Christ consciousness within your knowing and claim your awareness of your Father Mother God’s unconditional love, which is you birth right. For you are the immaculate concepts of Father Mother God. Love your self with unconditional knowing of the purity of your soul, For you are love, at no time are you less than love but within your fearful mind, which you have accepted as truth.

By Malcolm Mc Auliffe

An Idea Takes Form.


Since we are drawn very close to Christmas, I wish to write a brief note to remind the reader of the inner celebration of Christmas. My message to you is the infinite Christ Consciousness has always been present everywhere, but few people realize this. It is necessary to still the mind and invite in the presence to purify your consciousness and allow yourself to receive the three corner stones of Faith, Love and Wisdom. This Christmas, focus your attention on guidance and the steps to take in the coming year to raise your consciousness. Is it not fear that prevents you from experiencing joy and bonds you to limitation. Create a desire to purify your distorted consciousness and embrace the true omnipresence of all around you.

The inner celebration of Christmas is celebrated within your heart centre. The upper chamber, the eight chakras allows each individual to truly feel the infinite presence of the Christ Consciousness. It is good to remember that the Christ light will come into your consciousness when you focus on being happy, loving, giving and receiving.

My message to you is “the infinite Christ Consciousness is present everywhere, but to access it, it would be wise to meditate”. Remember Jesus went up the mountain with Peter, James and John. Peter, James and John are the building blocks of Christ Consciousness. Peter represents Faith, John represents Love and James represents Wisdom. Wisdom and Love go hand in hand for what is Wisdom without Love as these are the doorway of the soul. When we acquire these powers within our consciousness the souls opens up to its magnificence and beauty. When we look around the world we become aware of the diversity of life.

We noticed a constant eternal action taken place within the deepest part of our mind. Not everybody has the same ideas but life is always creating new forms and experiences through the laws of metaphysical cause and effect. Science now explains to us that everything is energy. And Science now is exploring the String theory and multiple universes relating this to vibrational frequencies. Could it be that we are all simply in the process of learning to convert energy into form and experience. But where does creations take place? Or where those ideas come from?

In the beginning, God made the world, so the Bible says. But the question kept turning up on my mind was, what process and by what rules did He used? What principles and laws did He apply? Also, when I looked around, I am aware that the world is ever changing and developing. This development comes from people like you and me. But still the question lingers, where does the ideas come from? One second you have a problem the next you have invented the solution. If one could master the creative process, one could create at will whatever one desired.

It is my knowing through direct contact with spirit that each person is an individual expression of God and creates their experience within life through the creative process which is universal. Within my own spiritual journey, I used to struggle with the concept of spirit and also that God created the world. When I was in contact with my Christ Self, I started to acquire wisdom far beyond which was written down by others. In fact I could access wisdom for all of my students almost at will.

As the Holy Spirit would fill my mind with truth, an uplifting vibrations would confirmed these thoughts and experiences. Now truth is conceptual and is always changing. I know that the human mind hold as much of truth as it can understand and accordingly to its understanding, it forms positive and negative beliefs about life and the self. Everyday spirit is feeding us the perfect idea which is acted on by our personal beliefs of limitation and the concept of imperfection and deficient thought. It is this false acceptance which bonds us to our limitations. When one is bonded to deficient beliefs and false concepts, ones life becomes limited. What emerges from individual mind is in effect the experience that the person thought into been through beliefs, their truth and understanding of life. All ideas are created by spirits and are subjected to alteration and are limited by individual beliefs. I would like at this point to introduce you the reader the concept of attraction and repulsion and how this fits in the universal law of “The Law of Attraction”. You attract in to your life what you give energy to and what keeps your attention within your life. On any given day, your focused is kept in fear through deficient thought. This creates emotion of fear that bonds you to your thought process of limitation.

When you experience the slow down of the creation of your thoughts through meditation, you start to realize that you are creating all your experiences but you are not aware consciously that this is what you are doing. It is only when you realize that your habitual thoughts of likes and dislikes bond you to the life you have. At this point, I would like to refer you to the previous article which you may not have read or missed it. Remember Jesus said to walk the middle way For me the middle way is about unconditional love and living in the now moment by moment. If you have not read “Embracing Peace” an article I wrote a few months ago, please read it now, the spirit within gives you your experience to awaken the soul nature. You are the Immaculate Divine Soul having a human experience.

Jesus said, “He came to give us more”, but to have more, one would be wise to learn to master ones thoughts. So real power is about self mastery, this will require discipline of meditation and focus attention to attract peace, joy and the feelings of love within every cell of your body. It will still the restless mind and change your focus to your divine nature. When you realize that energy is spirit and spirit is energy, spirit will unconditionally create through created intelligence and form energy just as mind can direct mass. You all have heard about “The Secret”, but the material in this book looks at the information through the ego. As long as you see yourself as separate isolated and alone, you will allow fear to be your habitual focus.

Not realizing that we are the prodigal children of God and Goddess and all we have to do is choose to contact home. Our work is to realize this fact. Our inheritance is our divine inner loving, all powerful nature. It is only when we remember our true nature and start acting with this knowing that we bring heaven to earth. This knowing of our unconditional loving nature allows us to have a relationship with God. As we are fully conscious of whom we are. By making meditation your work on a daily bases, you learn consciously to life the soul in bondage from body consciousness into the divine presence of God.

I was a prodigal soul wandering in consciousness of only mater but now I am doing the work of meditation and self discipline and have been graciously been given a small glance of the infinite presence that I am. Now I am blessed as I truly feel the presence all around me. With this support and guidance I am in the process of practicing non attachment and unconditional love. Hopefully I will gain more wisdom and knowing of Gods Love.

Eckhart Tolle really says it all. I am referencing something which I read from his great wisdom.
“You can never make it on the level of form. You can never quite arrange and accumulate all forms that you think you need, so that you can be yourself fully. Sometimes you can do it for a brief time span……It is the nature of the world of form that nothing stays fixed for very long-and so it starts to fall apart again. Watch the clouds, they teach you about the world of form.”

Know that Jesus consciousness is waiting to be born in every wise man women and child on this planet. Be ready this Christmas to expand your soul to behold within yourself the birth of Omnipresent Christ. Meditate and prepare in the upper room (within meditation) your mind for the holy occasion of Christmas, that you may experience within your own experience and within yourself the birth of a new consciousness of universal love for everything. A time will come when you will feel within yourself the ecstasy of unbroken joy and wisdom to eternity.
“As many as receive him, to them he gave power to become the Sons of God.” St John.

Introductions To Up and Coming Membership To The “shifttowisdomguidance” and Insights


Introductions are by far the hardest part of any real and meaningful social encounter. There is always an air of uncertainty and a hesitation as how to create impressions and what to reveal within the encounter. Within my own life, I have found that the getting to know you phase of any relationship, honesty is the best policy. Although in trying to protect and defend, sometimes not all the cards are put on the table and the resultant relationship is false. We will try to cater for all perceptions, ideologies and religious beliefs. The theme of the membership site is, “unconditional love, non-judgmental and all embracing of truth”. Everybody is a revealer of truth and divine intention is now being guided by each and every one that has started their spiritual path. I am just like you; I am on the spiritual journey. Where is going? I have no idea, or what is going to happen on the way? For me, truth is contextual, as new discoveries changes perceptions. The highest and biggest breakthroughs always come through as insights. The very word insight “see into oneself” is all about getting to know yourself warts and all.

So self-discovery is an essential ingredient to get to the core of your being. Without which, one does not know oneself and one lives a life of false perceptions.

Great men and women in our past history have achieved powerful insights and changes in their perceptions that have shaped the world that we live in today. Traditions and past perceptions are to me like quality control which acts as a means to develop with certainty information that is receivable. Unfortunately, we all have different levels of perceptions and not all of us use our God given faculties. It is only recently, that modern science has opened up the door to how the mind actually works. Everyday reality has always provided the basis for the way we perceived the universe. Our very existence is bound by space and time and the unknown. But the unknown is slowly revealing itself with the many different people who are now discovering that they have abstract questions which traditions cannot or afraid to investigate the possibility of incomplete information. As that will reveal the false investment of what has been practiced as truth.

As we approach the future, there is an interesting possibility presenting itself to the world. It is my opinion that the whole new reality will be discovered. Only recently, there has been a lot of talk about the “Law of Attraction”. While it is a beginning, it is not the entire truth. There are over 100 universal laws to be experienced and these will be revealed in the very short future. As science now is looking at the core electro-magnetic field just as Galileo recognizes the great potential of the invention of the telescope for the observations of the heavens, now there exist new perceptions which are making their way into the consciousness of all to one degree or another. It is with new perception and the ability to communicate, new wisdom and knowledge that mankind can utilize and become aware of who we truly are. This created in me the concept or idea of a free membership social site, where all can share their experiences and all benefit from them.

In the past, insight was given meaning by looking beneath the surface and inventing all types of ideologies, myths, rituals and symbols, etc. Religions, magic, science and imagination all form part of the progress of man’s wisdom, knowledge and awareness. Until recently, the majority of people only developed the five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch). By now, the emphasis is on developing the sixth sense of intuition and the seventh sense or feeling from the soul level of vibration. Since the beginning of new perception, science has look down on anything that could not be proven. But now, more than ever before, science is coming closer and closer to the truth. Science is now going beyond the obvious rational material world. Science is now postulating and studying the idea of multiple universes and the electro-magnetic and vibrations rate of various states of matter and how matter disappears and appears.

From my own experience, no system of beliefs, whether in religion, science and metaphysics is capable of explaining everything. IS it not our mind that needs an explanation, and what if there is greater intelligence than the mind in operation? The mind appears to accept false concepts until truth reveals newer concepts. So knowledge in itself is incomplete or it would appear that there are gaps and incompleteness in the awareness with the present knowledge that we have.

Ideologies and beliefs systems are but stepping stones to greater and greater awareness. I would like to take you back at this point to the development of Kirlian photography, which was developed way back 1939 by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian. They proved that there was a luminescent glow around the area that they photographed. This phantom leaf effect was the way shower of bringing what the mystic have known for years to the skeptics of the material world. This started many people to investigate what is now commonly called the “Aura”. It is now becoming scientific fact and there is a major amount of data that can verify their findings. It now even has a name “bio-feedback photography”. As it picks-up the energy frequencies of the aura of whatever is been photographed and examined. This ability to detect and measure these energies frequencies has enable science to realize that all matter emits electro-magnetic pulse and these can be measured. Science has since proven that the electro-magnetic pulse of the heart is by far greater than that of the brain.

From my own experience, the heart has its own intelligence and wisdom far beyond that of conceptual truth that has been collected as knowledge and accepted by the scientific membership.

Jesus knew the Father because He developed the Christ-consciousness within himself. He said, “Follow me”. In order to follow Jesus, it would be wise for us to be about our Fathers work. The Father within is the source of all things and beings. It is felt as the presence and when you are one with this presence, you are one with your Father Mother God. Jesus called this presence “Our Father” even John 14:10 “The Father that dwelth in me:”He doeth the work”. I realized that long time ago that everything I do and choose not to do is previously determined by my attitude of mind. So by making it my work to strive towards developing the Christ-consciousness, I am inviting in the Christ mind into my being. And this reveals truth to me and sets me free. But within my heart, there is already a perception of truth. This truth has variant degrees of absolute truth.

Truth is conceptual and keeps on changing. Remember Matthew 10:34 “I come not to send peace but with a sword”. We all know that the sword severs and cuts clean. I believed that we are dealing with the sword of divisions, which separates out the false concepts from the true one. It is necessary to wake up from the bonds of fear, limitations and helplessness and use our knowing of the presence within. You may remember these three words, “Awake, Awake, Awake” Jesus utter these words many times. The doorway to this presence is the “Christ-Self”, “I am the door, and no one can shut”. It is my experience now and understand Jesus statement “ I am the resurrection” meaning, I am the Christ consciousness in which souls rise from the lower state of consciousness to the higher state of inner conscious development. By the realization, the full confirmation through the cosmic vibration that the recipient feels within his/her body the atonement of cosmic life and with that expansion of consciousness.

With this expansion, you will break away from old beliefs and habits that instill fear into your mind. It would be wise to reject all predictions of doom and gloom. Focus on the highest and the best for all. Be bonded to the vibration of love. Let go old thoughts, opinions and religious beliefs. In fact, let go all limitations that you have held and be lead to green pasture and beside the still water of peace. Dedicate a portion of your day to meditation, introspection and feeling the presence. Within this presence you will know inner peace that passes all understanding.

By: Malcolm Mc Auliffe

What Is Love?

  1. shift to wisdom
  2. WHAT IS LOVE?   A continued energy that emanates a psychic radiation that permeates our being. It is received by an opened heart.
  3. WHAT DOES IT DO? It creates within our consciousness, a feeling of oneness with the beloved which become the centre of our attention.
  4. WHAT DOES LOVE CONTAIN? It contains light warmth and the condition for growth. Within this feeling is vital information from your Higher-Self or the Christ Within.
  5. WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO RECEIVE LOVE, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? Love is the fulfilment of wisdom that there is no separation from our Source (God).
  6. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF RECEIVING LOVE? Love gives life continually and intentionally to the beloved and makes a statement that everything is contained in the all-consuming consciousness of direct knowing.
  7. HOW DOES ONE RECEIVE LOVE IN THE PRESENT? By living in the present and desiring it. “Ask and You Shall Receive”. Let the past go.
  8. HOW DOES ONE RECEIVE? By keeping your attention in the NOW moment. The mind tends to live in stories of the past and the mind creates story of the future. What type of script writer are you? Do you write yourself out for all your good by your habitual focus on the past and fearing the future?

When the descending masculine force meets the feminine force in the bridal chamber of the heart, the Christ Child is awakened.

WHAT RESULTS WHEN THE CHRIST CHILD IS AWAKENED? The resultant is the mystical union on the physical plane of the Father/Mother God. Here in the Immaculate Divine Conception takes place, wherein the Spiritual Embryo is conceived and the Christ-Self is born around the pure-self with your soul.

WHAT DOES THIS DO? It creates awareness of Who YOU Are and you Divine Purpose in Life.


Our Father Who Art in Heaven

Hallowed Be, Thy Name, I AM

I AM Thy Kingdom Come

I AM Thy Being Done

I AM On Earth Even As I AM in Heaven

I AM Giving This Day Daily Bread to All

I AM Forgiving All Life this Day Even As

I AM also All Life Forgiving Me

I AM Leading All Men and Women Away from Temptation

I AM Delivering All from Every Evil Condition, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual



Path To Ascension


Through the quickening and awaken astral centre of the spine, the subtle Kundaline often call the Serpent Force rises up through the body bringing the individual to a state of conscious of Knowing. This Knowing is achieved by communication with the soul. It is by achieving and understanding the soul qualities that all will ascend. The Ascension process takes time. It is the spiritual morality and love for Father Mother God and one another that is the corner stone for Ascension. Remember Jesus words, Thou shall Love thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and Love thy neighbour as thy self (Luke 10:25-28) As long as the soul is bound to a lesser consciousness, it is not ascended. Instead, it chooses to suffer and it chooses freely to disregard Spirit. Liberated souls and there are many, are attracted to those aspiring people who have started to ascend in consciousness and are becoming aware of their spiritual origin


When I was studying to be a Brother in a Christian Order many years ago, I came across this sentence I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. I did not understand this at that time. But after reading the story of St. Francis of Asisi and St. Theresa, I realize that it was possible to communicate with Jesus. These Saints that I have mentioned above were able to see the immortalized body and spirit of Jesus as they were within sight of their ascension. Throughout our history, many people have also see Jesus. He will come to all those who ask Him. In my case, I have not seen Jesus, but I have received communication through His Spirit. This experience has guided me on my spiritual path all my life.


All who desire contact with Jesus, make your desire persistent, and have it your intention within your meditation to make contact with the infinite Christ Consciousness. This is achieved by opening the third eye. Be warned, It is not what you see but what you feel that is important. Years ago, when I was still trying to figure out a lot of things, I strained my eyes trying to see into the Spiritual World. One cannot see into the Spiritual World with physical eyes, so many have made that same mistake as me. If you want to see into the Spiritual World, it is necessary to develop your consciousness and learn to open the third eye. The Third Eye is the Spiritual Eye. This will only be opened by devotion to unconditional love and the development of your consciousness through Meditation.


Deception comes in many ways, as I realize on my path. This brings me back to what Jesus said, if thy eye offends, then pluck it out. Better not to see as deception can take on many forms, but feelings of love cannot be produced by mimic tactics. On your path, you will be deceived just as I was. Your truth as accepted by your subconscious mind will be projected to see all sorts of things, some may appear good, and others may be described as evil or not good. A good way to know if what you see is real is, if you see it with both inner and outer eyes. We all want the ultimate vision, but wanting it and having it as true are two different things. For now, settle for the wondrous elevating experience of joy and bliss. Here, one becomes a vessel or cup to hold the infinite Christ Consciousness. Then one day, full Ascension will happen. You will gain wisdom of the formless substance of the Only Begotten Son of God and Goddess (The Christ Consciousness). The Christ is already present in you and all life. Seek to experience the spirit behind the body of Jesus and realize within yourself the beginning of the ascension of the soul.


Remember John the Baptist declaration to the priests and leaders, indeed baptize you with water onto repentance, but he that cometh after me shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire. The Baptism of Fire is in place for everybody now. It will continue up to and beyond 2012. A cleansing will be apparent for all to see. Those of you, who have opened the third eye, will be able to witness this. Let us recall John 1:32, I saw The Spirit descending from heaven like a dove and abide upon Him. So those who are in-tune with the Spirit will certainly see great wonders. The omniscient spiritual eye is symbolized by the Dove. Meditation is the process in which one ascends and keeps on ascending with regular practice. First, one educates the body of the present of spirit. This is carried out by the Holy Spirit, The Comforter. While within the presence of the spirit, one examines belief system that has been accepted .These are your hidden agendas and handed down from generation to generation. Also, you are able to detach yourself from the aspect of your focus which binds you to your place of limitations. The Holy Spirit washes out your consciousness with fire and burns away all fear and thought forms of non-truth. Please recall what Matthew 3:16-17 wrote, this is my beloved Son in whom I Am well pleased. This Christ Consciousness is the only begotten Son of God and Goddess. It is by developing this consciousness and raising the Son of man up within you, that Ascension takes place. The Son of Man body, ordinary man women of limited consciousness contains spiritual centres, and by awakening these centres of divine consciousness and by immersion of the light of spirit in meditation, your focus and intentions are clear. Then you will choose to enter the wilderness of the silence and absorb the cosmic sound of the silent intuitive wisdom where all can be conceived and revealed.


Remember when Jesus was talking to Nathaniel, He said that He would see heaven open and Angels ascending and descending on The Son of Man. Surely this was proof of man divine inheritance to claim his spiritual perception, knowing that this wonder can and will be realized from now on.


We have lost through fear our free will and have dissociated from the heavenly essences by choosing to identify solely with the physical world. But it is only by merging your spiritual self with your physical self that you can bring to your conscious mind, the truth. Then one can transcend the physical consciousness which hold us to our own limited perception which is limited to what is. Then one starts to realize that those of religious titles by virtue of intellectual knowledge have no real wisdom. They alone cannot advise the masses to believe in false notions of what is good and what is evil, without any real wisdom because they themselves are blinded to their temporal power. People are starting to see that this power was handed down to control people by fear. One feels very incomplete and helpless. So one searches a deeper truth not limited by intellectual understanding, I realized this on my own path. I noticed my attention on the five senses which really is just the start of the journey. Here, the mind interprets in error as it fails to use the intuitive part of itself, and hence cannot open the door of the heart. It is my knowing now that it was Jesus intuitive revelations, indeed, any great masters that have grace  us with their presence that allow the full manifestation of the true nature of their origin, which is the  Christ Being of infinite consciousness. I know that each and everyone one of us have descended from the heavenly causal and astral spheres down here to the earth plane. Now, it is, but a matter of time for all those who practice the development of Christ Consciousness to be lifted up. To practice this awareness it is necessary to meditate and invite in your Christ Self. It is by knowing this within your consciousness and consciously experiencing presence within yourself that it will manifest throughout your being. When I say lifted up, I mean that, the small minded or error of body only identify which we started out, will undergo change. The change is eternal life in the realization of Christ Consciousness.


And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that come down from heaven, even the Son of Man which is in heaven, and as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up; that whoever believe in Him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:13-15).This can be explained as the lifting up of the seed of the potential of the Child of Spirit, the Christ Self,  which is throughout all of creation. All that is required is, to become aware of its infinite consciousness everywhere.


In order to descend down to manifest as physical body, the primal life force rooted itself in the First Chakra or better known as the Base Centre at the lower end of the backbone. Here, it sleeps until it is awaken. While it is asleep, it is continuously en-living the physical region of the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) and it focuses the consciousness to totally identify with the senses. The sensory body consciousness is limited; hence, fear generates attachment to the lower plane. It is this limited attention to the physical, which binds us to our suffering.  The error is making the earth our permanent home, by focus attention on limitations, imperfections and the separation by choice and making spirit subservient to the ego.


I realized what Jesus was talking about was, to lift up the Christ Seed or Christ Self so as we could attempt to accomplish what He did. This would depend on our ability to master through meditation, our thoughts of fear, separation and hopelessness. Over time, we would be ready for the final ascension. Remember Jesus told us to follow Him. The process is to develop the conscious awareness of the Christ-Self. For without this awareness, it is impossible to ascend when one is totally conscious of the physical world only, and with no awareness of the spiritual worlds that were created, to expand the consciousness of our infinite possibilities This keep us bonded to our insistent moods and habits which are stored within subconscious mind, and are running in the background within our consciousness. Hence, we keep the chains of reincarnation  around our selves, and these are weaved into our perception as fear, limitations and seeded within the next reincarnation to be qualified or adjusted.

I learned a long time ago, that meditation reverses the life force and consciousness from matter to God and Goddess. So by realizing your Christ Self and learning to communicate and perceive wisdom, you will not choose to be condemned to live and think as a struggling mortal. It is the sensory boundaries and the cutting off of the spiritual aspect of your being that condemns you to self-temptation of a lesser existence.