Shift to Wisdom and Guidance by Embracing the Principles of Love.



Jesus once said, “Be ye perfect as my Father is in Heaven”. But what was Jesus talking about. The thoughts, the words, the intention, the focus and desired out all belong to the realm of this world. Although, one cannot see what thoughts are, they are vibrating according with “The Law of Attraction”. These effects are intention over and attract to them by the same frequency of intention, focus and manifestation. So it would be wise for you to keep your thought pure. Always focus on what you want and have the desired intention for the good of all. All thoughts manifest where they find homogeneity of frequency.

In trying to understand why so many interplanetary visitors were been attracted to this planet, I came up with the idea of the “Claiming of souls by the homogeneity of frequency” which lock the separation of evolution of where the soul vibrates at. In summary, we all choose our own destination in this universal planetary creation of our Father, Mother God.

With the manifestation of Jesus, His love and His inner teachings which are only manifested by stilling the mind, we have choice of that to focus on what thoughts to create and for what intention.
At Jesus death, there is a statement that is recorded. It is concerning the tearing in two of the elaborate and beautiful curtain 30 ft x 60 ft height. I wish to now at this time give the hidden meaning to the significance of this event.

An inner room called the Holy of Holies which represents the Holy Place of God’s presence. The secret room was separated from the rest of the temple by an elaborate and beautiful curtain length 30ft x 60ft high. It tearing in two from top to bottom out Jesus death birth that the Christ seed of Father, Mother God within the world of form. The curtain was torn to let all know that Christ conscious awareness would give access to all with perseverance, desire and focus of attention creates a New Earth. So access to the inner senses, we all will start to be self-realized.

Now we come to the question of the apparent evil that the world has gone through. This evil has been allowed us to give free will and choice to all. At some stage in our evolution, this apparent evil has been set up by a group conscious of evil intent as they replicated a false center of Holy of Holies, you could so then set themselves up as God..

The unprecedented moment is fast approaching, which I can talk about from the perspective of what is resonating with me concerning up and coming prophecies within many spiritual and religious culture is all about what we give focus ,attention attitude and determination to. The Extraordinary happening and experience are been reported all over the world. Discoveries and new perceptions are been openly discussed in books, radio, TV and with the general group discussion.

Even now with in the EEC lead by Germany compassion for the refugees and now the rest of Europe following suit. Love is being experienced within the decisions. Also Divine wisdom is now letting all know that the migration of the refuges is all our problem to solve .For it is only by creating a agreed agenda that is of sound judgement and Divine wisdom can we solve the ranges of problems that our world leader have to pay attention to.

What is true is that everyday reality is expanding. Their awareness level is also expanding. The human being is concluding its destination within the awakening. All are been introduced to the concept of Love. The Love that is unconditional, all expanding and is non-judgmental. So there is no need to focus on fear, instead, focus on Love. Focus on the delight and pleasures of the Love that you are.

As awareness expands, new experience and perceptions widen our universe to us. What we could not have imagined 30 years ago is now taken place at great speed and great urgency. In order to put things in perspective, I wish to take you (the reader) back to the beginning. If you observe History, you will see that there has been a progressive development taken place every couple of centuries. It is my opinion that the human mind does not find it easy to conceive any other type of existence other than human beings.They talk about spirit but can their limited conscious understand what spirit is. Yet all our knowledge has been accumulated from ancient knowledge and wisdom from the early century. In order to solve the purpose of human life, we require wisdom and exact knowledge. So open your mind, be prepared to let go any human notions of what constitute reality.
In the perspective of our human history, we have been visited by Gods. The Bible is full of stories of Angels, Demons and God, but it was Moses that was privileged to have an encounter with the “God of Isaac”. The term “God of Israel” suggests that there might be other Gods. Example comes to us from the Greeks who had many Gods and Goddesses. Then there is the question of dead or extra-terrestrial Aliens, whether it is the Greeks stories of Zeus and Athena or the Egyptian stories about Horus. One thing is certain; people focus of attention was firmly on the beliefs that these stories were indeed true.

Now, we have to look briefly at wars fought in the name of these Gods. The Bible is full of battles and wars fought in the name of “God of Isaac”. The crusade went to war in the name of the Christian God and the Saracens who resisted then in the name of “Allah” were all real. Added to that of the ancient cultures of Egypt, China, Mexico and many more, all possessed elaborate hierarchies of Gods and Goddesses of same Deities or other. Let us move forward to the 16th century with the developing of the change in the minds of people living in their time.

Galileo and the new discoveries of the telescope gave mankind the ability to observe close-up of the heaven. This great invention had great implication on the concept that God created this world at the centre of the universe. Now, one could observe other planets, stars and galaxies. Indeed, the universe was a vast expanding unknown universe to mankind. Can you imagine what this did to the imagination of the people? Can you imagine the types of question they were asking themselves and each other. Surely, they asked if people like us inhibited them or had similar physical, mental and emotional mentalities (xxx) C. Photography. So you can see with new discoveries and perceptions, focus changes. What also changes is what we imagine with our co-creative mind through fear, doubts and beliefs. In fact, belief and worship limits our consciousness. There is outstanding evidence from the 1980 onwards of people who have reported be abducted or taken off world. Then in 1995 in the book “From elsewhere: being E.T. in America, Dr. Scott Mandelker suggest to his readers to contemplate the idea that they might be the extra-terrestrial been hang a human experience. He called them Watchers and to those not yet awake, Sleepers. Walking Extra-terrestrials also appeared to carry some validation, as there were people who reported that they had agreed with this. So one can see how the imagination has developed with shades of fear and doubt, with stage of discovery of who we are, or who is coming to this planet.

So what are all these visitors doing on this planet? Question like; could they be abductors? Or could they be benevolent being here to support us in growth of our awareness? Could they be thieves here to imprison us and rob us of our Divine inheritance? Again, the imaginations run on. It is really all about what we focus on. This brings me on to these people who are channeling messages and teaching certain ideas. Some of these are accent, other such never, but all seem to be leading up to something.

Based on my own experience, there are basic ideas been accepted by people in general.
1)Because so many different races of people for all over the world are teaching, channeling and encouraging mass group of people to change the way they focus and project on the world, their ideas what is indeed happening is a widening of our awareness.
2) We are all becoming aware of our body wisdom which resonates with truth.
3) Different people resonate at different frequencies according to these expressions, beliefs and the imagination.
4) Love is talked about; Love is discussed but is Love understood?
5) Our notion of what Love is, is certainly changing.

Adapting the right attitude to life purpose, take a bit of effort. The universe is always speaking to each individual soul through their level of awareness. Awareness changes for each soul through their own desire. Prayers and meditation activates our spiritual centres and when the Chakras, the Lotuses are activated and begin to vibrate, they set in motion as a magical extraordinary transformation. In order to vibrate with the Supreme Being, one would be wise to embrace unconditional love. When the individual has the concept of unconditional love, their focus is no separation. Everyone is from the same Divine Source. All are decompressed individuality of their own God Self, which is Love. All the great Masters have been telling us since the beginning of time. All mankind is now in the process of shifting to wisdom (cosmic wisdom).

Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Perception are always speaking through each individual’s own experience. Being able to listen and communicate with infinite Christ Consciousness is your work on this planet. This is brought about by a change in consciousness which is a realization that you are not separate, isolated and alone. But you are infinite consciousness and have choice to come to this planet and individualized personally which separates from all that is to create that which is encoded in you as your truth.

Christ Consciousness was brought to the planet over 2000 years ago by Jesus. This Consciousness is the “Only Begotten Son of God” (Child of Spirit) so designated because it is the sole Perfect Reflection in creation of the transcendental absolute Spirit of God, the “Father Mother God” of “All That Is”. Jesus went up the mountain a lot and he took Peter, James, John or with hive. I believe these people were Metaphors for Faith, Love and Wisdom. Jesus went on to build on the power of Faith in things invisible to establish Love (Unconditional Love for All) and Wisdom to know how to trust the wisdom that the Christ-Self would bring forth as truth. When Jesus ascended back to “All That IS”, he said, that He would send a Comforter for all. Those people who had Faith and Trust and above all Love in their hearts, will receive the “Holy Spirit”. (Pentecost Story)

Man is endowed with the ability of conscious effort. The question I ask myself when I first started out my search was, “If my body was active and psychologically my mind and intellect were active, why did I feel as if I was asleep? I must be asleep, so how could I wake up? I realized, I am inside a spiritual being and it would be wise to make use of this situation called “Life” in order to bring about the development of my spiritual self. So I started to neglect the physical and psychological personality levels through meditation.

Before, I was completely enslaved by the lower propensities of passion, anger, hate, greed and sensuality. People forget their mission in life was to cultivate their inner life and develop Christ Consciousness, the Consciousness of Spirit.

The LOVE principle is dormant in most people. The Love I am talking about is Unconditional, all-encompassing and ever-expanding. If people knew that at the core of their being is their Inner Divinity (Their Christ-Self). But also, people project outside towards this gross world of name, shops, journeys and money.

What I believe now after my long search is, my work is to bring about the fullest enfoldment and expression of that Divinity and become the “Son of God”, the Only Begotten Son (Christ Consciousness) Child of Spirit. Modern man thinks that he will reach the pinnacle of his powers and is fully evolved. Really, our work is the transformation of human consciousness in Divine Consciousness just as Jesus did when He show us the way by developing the Son of God Consciousness.

The whole world is in the progress of awakening to a new reality of our true being. There is a light emerging from within your own heart. This light is announcing an Inner Teacher or Presence which is in the progress of birthing a new consciousness while at the same time preparing each of us for a Paradigm Shift. Our focus of attention will begin to shift; we will start to support this new understanding which is emerging as truth.

Thoughts pattern that become permanent do not allow for new perception and discoveries. By only depending on the Conscious Mind as the Superpower Mind, we limit ourselves from accessing the Super-conscious Mind of Christ-Conscious Mind of Infinite Consciousness. When we have a resistance to change our beliefs and keep false assumption as our truth we limit our power. It used to be said that “knowledge was power”, but what is now taken place is wisdom for what is “knowledge without wisdom”. One must know what to do with that knowledge.

As children growing up, we accept truth from those people who we depend on such as parents, older brothers, sisters and relatives. Our truth is cloned by their beliefs and habitual patterns of thought which we generally accept as our own. Since reality is a by-product of our beliefs, attitudes and habits, it is loves us to refine out habitual patterns base on our own perceptions. At some point in our lives, we are faced with certain challenges which create a desire for new wisdom, so that we are able to overcome particular blockages.

Modern Science is now looking at reality creating as a product of our unconscious and subconscious beliefs manifesting as our truth. Mass mind reality is the collective level of where the whole world is at as a whole. But these are an individual level of consciousness which can be developed call “Diamond Heart Awareness”. This type of consciousness is developed by Meditation and mastering your thought and associated feelings. The more people that start developing this consciousness within them, our focus of attention will not entertain thoughts, ideas, ideologies and beliefs. Our focus of attention will that, we stop creating different thoughts about the books, files, plays and entertainment. Instead, our entertainment will incorporate ideas, ideologies and beliefs that instill peace, joy and freedom. We will elect politicians that create a focus on joy, peace and freedom.

At the moment, our TV defects violence which act within our subconscious mind and bonds us to attracting this into our very own lives. Our newspapers indeed our media bonds us to the quality and focus of the collective consciousness. For example, our minds are bombarded with violence, death, pain, guilt, torture and in-explicit behaviour. These create fear within our system. This bonds us to the limitation and the continence of more of the same, except, it is real and starts happening in our very own lives.

So for the future, let us put our focus on the higher forms of entertainment, higher ideas of love and peace. Money, greed and corruption are at the centre of this false God. Jesus destroys the temple with the money lenders. This allows us a hint at what Jesus tried to tell us then. Remember also, He said “In three days he would knock the temple”. The temple which Jesus “Christ-Consciousness of Universal Love” will destroy is the old paradigm of greed and perpetration of evil. The new generation will be formed when the Final Judgment by “ALL THAT IS” will allocate by vibration intent, focus and desire the soul’s destination.

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