Shift to Wisdom and Guidance “Know thy self”


All our life experiences are equally supported and challenged  to create in us greater awareness of  what could be or what is possible.Limitation creates safety and risk free actions, but with limitations life becomes dull and less interesting.But as one awakens one perceives them selves as not alone and separate from their good. Instead one become aware that they are in the process of becoming more.As one awakens ,one become less fearful and their attention and focus on reaching there objectives is their main aim.Daily growth happens when we are equally supported and challenged.The spiritual journey is equally supported and challenged .Since I  have started to see that my challenges are God’s good to help me grow and the feeding of love are god’s love encouraging me to believe every thing is possible.A new deeper sense of gratitude and understanding enters my mind and is experienced by my heart.This sensitivity allows me to become aware of the ever growing support and challenges keep me on the up ward path to true awareness.So as one embraces the true path to greater awareness one sees the good in all circumstances and accepts all life experiences.

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