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Availability and Awareness of the Presence of the Inner Christ

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As one embraces meditation and adopts the principle of love, one makes their availability to the presence of god a daily thing One is in communion with the Christ within.Here their focus is to grow more aware of God’s love for all of life.To be in communion with ” I Am All That i Am” one would be wise to still the separate mind. For the separate mind believes the idea of being separate from our good.The separate mind needs to protect itself from perceived  forces that would be against it’s good.

As you experience yourself in stillness, you will intuit a new way of using your mind. You will be taught – from within the stillness – how to receive moment-to-moment inner guidance during the day from the Infinite  Christ Mind, and you will be given individual inspiration spiritual teachings for you to act on. With inner guidance and spiritual insight, you can know with certainty the most appropriate thing to do at any given moment in your life. Inner guidance is the means of right action,right thought . It is how you can know what to do with confidence with out doubt. It is your deepest knowing made conscious and when acted upon made manifested.. And as you learn to trust and make use of this faculty, it can become your decision maker.The resonance of truth felt deep with your inner knowing confirms your next step.  Practice daily listening to the inner guidance that resonance with Divine bliss.  The more experience you have with it and the better you get at utilizing the information available to you, the more convinced you’ll be of just how wonderful an attribute of mind this actually is. Listening for guidance is the technique of spontaneous wisdom.As one learns to trust the inner guidance the inner teacher announces it’s self to the conscious mind.

The spiritual teachings you’ll receive from within your silent mind within the silence will be the source of new meaning  and understanding in your life,  awakening revealing to you lift’s inherent meaning. and hidden laws . Spiritual teachings are communications of truth about the way things are.Why they are that way and how to change them. They will answer your conscious and unconscious questions concerning the nature of who you are and how the world works. Inspiring and guiding you in your thought, word and  speech, and behavior, they will come in the form of clarifying insights and sudden inspirations, creative ideas, intuitive knowings, life circumstances, people and situations, hunches, premonitions, desires, attractions, and spontaneous impulses. The teachings, taught from within, will he important to you and your life. They will make sense to you.As you live your new spiritual wisdom you will awaken to the joy and bliss of your life experiences.

Shift to Wisdom and Experience Life Unconditionally

Shift to wisdom by actually giving thanks for all your life experiences.

Believing we are separate from our good, puts conditions on the need to be self- reliant in making our good happen. The conditions create walls of belief and limitations of creating our desired out- come. Our own deficient thoughts and our own focus on limitations is always projected back on to our life experiences. What we think into the world of form is co -created by us.. The word spiritual is used to describe that which relates the human spirit, which is not of this world. It goes beyond the material. Nothing is created in the world of form without first be created in the spiritual level , it then manifests in the perfect right time. The greatest and only true foundation for manifesting anything is joining your separate consciousness with the will of “ I Am All That I Am”

Spirituality is about appreciating all aspects of life fully. Most of us have learned to experience the world in a very superficial way. But there is so much more just below the surface. The more is reached by embracing the principles of love. The door is the” Christ self level of awareness” which is born as the inner teacher the Christ Self.

Spirituality embraces all religions because it recognizes that all of them are different paths to the same destination. All lead to the Divine Presence of “I am All That I Am”

If you’d like to further cultivate your spirituality, consider these ideas:

Practice openness and truthfulness. Our tendency is to judge things by our past experiences. But what about this now , new now moment. When faced with something new, try to keep an open and non-judgmental mind. New opportunities to learn and expand your perspective are all around you. Attaining a higher sense of spirituality requires being open to the possibilities. Meditation stills the separate conscious mind and supports your desire to expand you consciousness. Over time one will root themselves in an expanded consciousness. This in turn roots one to Divine wisdom and new perceptions. With discovery and new perceptions one can act on divine wisdom to improve their own life experiences.

Learn to listen. Few people really listen. Most of us are simply waiting for our turn to talk. But it’s not just about listening with your ears. It’s about listening with your heart to hear what the world is trying to communicate to you. As one develops the resonance of truth within the heart all false truth will be challenged. The inner Christ will cut away all that does not serve you. For it will lack the vibration of love.

See the beauty in people, things, and situations, for all are in the process of becoming more. Part of spirituality involves seeing the truth. There is beauty to be found in nearly everything and recognizing it is part of recognizing the truth. Your own body wisdom will be communicating to you through you ability to sense the love and inner knowing of what truth is.

When you see the truth, you come to realize there are very few things to worry about. New found confidence will become apparent. It will be confirmed by the vibration of love felt within your own body wisdom. The awakened soul ,the Christ attracts the body of Christ ,Christ being the perfect reflection “I Am All That I Am” The ruling Christ Consciousness the Divine son ordaughter daughter intelligence will be ables to receive the inner knowing of being one with “I am All That I Am”

Spend some time in nature. There are few things more spiritual than sitting in nature with the sun on your face and the breeze pressing against your back. Experience the trees, grass, flowers, and birds. Fully understand the five senses. Only then will the other senses be awakened. Give gratuities for what perceptions you have now and ask for more.

Look for the bigger picture. . Have it your intention to grow in truth and greater awareness Be amazed with life and your own life experiences. The act of wondering about the universe and what it all means is an exercise is spirituality and creating greater awareness.

Consider your own purpose and true meaning to the world. What is the greatest gift you have to give?

An awakening consciousness is ultimately about self-discovery. It can be considered the art and science of discovering who and what you really are. Knowing your are living in source ,all one has to do is trust , believe and know through what is confirmed through the resonance of truth felt with the body.

Stay focused on the present. Living in the past or the future isn’t living. Life can only be lived right now. Joy and bliss can only be received in this now new moment. Part of being spiritual is recognizing that living a positive life today leads to good things tomorrow.. Keep your own thoughts pure, free from judgments and self-discouragement.

Spend time each day focusing only on the moment you’re currently experiencing. Adapt a childlike approach to all of your experiences. Know you have received those experiences to wake you up.

By focusing on your thoughts, words, and actions today you have the ultimate amount of control over your life. By keeping your thoughts pure and non- judgmental and trusting you are one with “I Am All That I Am” you become a co-creator consciously.

Love yourself for all of you is in the process of becoming more. If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever feel comfortable enough to present your true self to the world? Live the truth of who you have become. We’ve all done things the wrong way and come up short numerous times, but it doesn’t define us. It merely describes us in a certain situation at a certain time. But with greater awareness and new perceptions all that will change for the better.

Allow yourself to be inspired. To fully learn about yourself, it’s important to experience new things. Meet new people and read new books. Only by being exposed to everything that interests you can you learn everything there is to know about yourself. Being non- judgmental at our selves encourages us to become more.

If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with your life and thought, “There must be something more” you’re absolutely right. There’s a whole lot more. Learning about yourself and your place in the world might even be the true meaning of life. But that’s for you to decide and discover.
Jesus and the mount of transfiguration were seen with Peter, James and John .Peter represents faith in the invisible forces being made visible. Through thought and intention and faith in the invisible forces working for our good we develop trust in Divine guidance which resonates within our whole being. which makes all things possible. With more and more people practicing meditation the Christ light is becoming an accepted truth for all.

Divine Marriage of Spirit and Matter


Divine Marriage of spirit and matter.Adapting the right attitude to life purpose, take a bit of effort. The universe is always speaking to each individual soul through their level of awareness. Awareness changes for each soul through their own desire. Prayers and meditation activates our spiritual centers and when the Chakras, the Lotuses are activated and begin to vibrate, they set in motion as a magical extraordinary transformation. In order to vibrate with the Supreme being, one would be wise to embrace with Unconditional Love. When the individual has the concept of unconditional love, their focus is there is “no separation, we are all one”. Everyone is from the same Divine Source. All are decompressed individuality of their own God Self, which is Love. All the great Masters have been telling us since the beginning of time. All mankind is now in the process of shifting to wisdom (cosmic wisdom). My own experience has lead be to accept that we are all returning to the wisdom of the soul. This journey has many paths, but all return the lost soul back to full awareness of its source.

Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Perception are always speaking through each individual’s own experience. Being able to listen and communicate with infinite Christ Consciousness is your work on this planet. This is brought about by a change in consciousness which is a realization that you are not separate, isolated and alone. But you are infinite consciousness and have chosen to come to this planet and individualize within a personally which separates from “All That Is” to create that which is encoded in you as your truth.

Diamond Heart AwareNess.

Shift to Wisdom by Developing Diamond heart Awareness within Your own Consciousness and Accept the Christ Self within your Human Soul Part 1

I read an article in the Huffington Post in the mindful living section written by Agapi Stassinopoulos Author of the book “Unbinding The Heart” I wish to quote a few lines for you as an introduction to my own article “Shift To Wisdom By Developing Diamond Heart Awareness Within Your Consciousness by Accepting the Christ Self Within your Human Soul.”
“At every moment we have the power invested in us to touch another human heart to heart and affect their lives by conveying the truth of all truths: we are one. We have the power to bridge the illusion and pain of separation”. Agapi Stassinopoulos.
I then clicked on to the web site www.unbindingtheheart.com to be greeted with “How would your life be if you lived with an open heart and free and knew your story mattered”. While I was trying to get myself around her name, I noticed the word “SIN” in the name, my knowing in me prompted me to include her quotes.
I spend years reading books, meditating and attending esoteric lectures in hope that I could know myself. The Great “Fritz Perls” said, “The very moment you get in touch with yourself, growth begins, integration begins”. Integration of what ingredient would allow us to fully awaken? The missing ingredient is what we all want, and that is “Love”. The love I speak about is unconditional.

In this article, I will attempt to give you “food for thought” about the Christ Self and the human soul. I believe what is now taken place is the integration of the Christ Self within the human soul. I now wish to go back to the beginning of “creation”. In my previous article, I introduced the reader to the concept of the “Perfect reflection of Christ Consciousness” I spoke about the birth of Creation. “God breathe a desire and the Holy Ghost or Mother Mary carried within its virgin whom the Christ consciousness, which was symbolized by the “Son of God”, the only begotten Son, child of spirit and “the perfect reflection of cosmic consciousness (God the Father). We are now coming to the end of the man earth evolution which is also the completion of the soul evolution. If one does any real investigation into the shift in consciousness which has been reported all around the world, one would come to a realization that the old paradigm system is dying. A new level of consciousness is announcing itself to the world. This new level of consciousness is not about separation, isolation, or negativity. Referred to by many as “SIN”.

The experiences of those of us that are waking up go far beyond knowledge and how to extricate ourselves from the catastrophe in which the world now finds itself. There is a shift to wisdom and a new realization of what we are meant to become in our soul. Heart and mind are merging together to give proper use of free will. The duality we live in, allow us the possibility of choosing between what is true and what is false. Each of us has a capacity to distinguish between what is true and what is false for ourselves for now. But truth keeps on changing, truth is conceptual.

There is a lot of talk about freedom, but many people do not really understand what freedom is. Our present day media is controlled by invested interests who want to control what you and I keep our attention on. No real news of importance is ever allowed to be heard. In fact news of any importance is suppressed. Our focus of attention has been kept on fear and the impending fear that is used to control us.

From an early age as children, we are indoctrinated by beliefs and are surrounded by duality of good and evil. We all know the story of the temptation and the fall. Now I have a question for you the reader, why are you here on earth? What was the fall? Could it be the inability of a person to feel the presence of its deepest being within itself? Could the fall be that person had lost the power to feel the presence of his true divine inheritance “His Christ Self”? So Christ is always within us even to the end of days. The people of the “Old Testament” could not experience this presence, hence they felt alone and isolated like the majority of people on the earth this days. Some people of today do not know the “presence” and how to connect to their own human soul. But now there is a great awakening taken place within the body and minds of all.

The spiritual journey is the regaining of the loss of the inherent power to find its true essence through itself. The meaning of our lives was lost and obscured to a place of darkness where we felt alone, separated and isolated of full of attention on negative data, “SIN” (separation, isolation and negativity.

We are all students of life and we all desire to know the truth of our being. What I have previously written and what I will feed the reader is my direct experience of contact with the higher realms. My continued interest and attention is to explore the truth of my being. The shift in consciousness that is taken place within the deepest level of our being is gathering momentum. Science and modern day thinkers are re-discovering the under layer of the subconscious realm of old feeling and the core level of beliefs that we all embody from early childhood, which keep us prisoners of our past experience. Hence, we lost our divine nature and acquire a false nature which we choose to bond to by the very fact that we keep our focus and attention firmly on limited perceptions and the absence of sensitivity of feeling love.

In fact the awaken is all about self-realization that all life is the presence of God made manifest in the physical world of form and that is energized with the vibration of love. But how do we change from a consciousness of low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness to realize our true God reality? For me it took an adjustment in awareness and the realization that the separation I felt from God was self –inflected by what I choose to focus on. In my early years I used to keep my focus on fear and fearful issues, hence I kept attracting reason to live by fear. I realized I was always only one breath away from my own Christ presence, so when I started to call on my Christ self a presence would fill me with love. I often ask myself how it could be this simple. But by asking that question creates resistance. So I learned that any thought less than love created resistance to the truth of my being. This is where I made meditation my daily task. By centring myself and going within to the silence, a still small voice made its presence felt. An inner knowing become my reality and joy. While absorbed within the presence I became aware of what limiting beliefs that I had. By expanding my wisdom and applying this wisdom to my life, I was able to let go of past hurts that kept my attention on fear. This become necessary to allow contact with the beautiful presence within my body.

Body wisdom does not come from the fearful mind. It comes from a deeper knowing than that of the intellect. Body wisdom comes from the ability to develop an inner sensitivity. This inner sensitivity can be developed by taking massive action to acquire the ability to allow spirit to impart the process of cleansing. As far as I know this can only happen within meditation and while you sleep. What do I mean by massive action? It is taken the necessary time and attention to achieve a desired result. Most people tend to mean to do something about their fearful minds. But few actually do anything about it. Those that do, acquire the ability to receive guidance from within through the silence. What actually takes place is a knowing originates inwardly within the mind. So it was with me.

Knowledge alone is not enough to be able to create happiness. It is but the foundation to build on. The Christ life is our goal which I know will bring about blessedness for all. The Christ life is an inner maturity which is attained by absolute knowing. So as you journey on your quest for happiness, you are bound by your own inner condition. We as individual come into this world with seeds of error (which is energy that needs re-qualification from previous life times) which is reinforced by what we accept or believe and accept as truth.

Understanding is gain by direct experience of what is and having the wisdom to develop through wisdom of the Christ nature which is unconditional love. The Christ seed is but a spark of potential to be developed. I now know that without meditation the Christ seed will not develop. Remember Jesus story about the seeds that fell on hard ground .The hard ground is a closed fearful mind .The fertile ground allows the seed to grow up over time .The harvest is upon us now. For as 2012 draws near, a new paradigm is coming into existence. So to cultivate your mind to develop the awareness of spirit, it would be wise to start to “be still and know I am all that I am”. Become Christ of the living God and Goddess and to acquire the Christ mind attuned of unconditional love. It is necessary to develop the Christ consciousness awareness and receive the blessedness of all, as divinity is within everything. All is love.

To beautify is to gain wisdom to experience supremely joyous truth with the resultant feeling of excitement and bliss. It is by awaken the astral centres of the spine that truth of ascension in consciousness can be experienced through the intuitionally perceive wisdom that allow the Christ Consciousness be able to be received. In order to be able to receive the gift of the holy spirit it would be wise to empty out all your misconceived ideas that have be accepted by the fearful mind. When one is able to be filled with the creative vibration of Holy Spirit, one realizes that the choice of disregarding the parental divine consciousness and excepting the limiting fear and imperfection of this world is a monstrous error that have been handed down from generation to generation and accepted as truth, one always wants to return home.

Everybody is waking up. No longer will it be possible to stop the Christ light and the baptism of fire which is taken place at great speed. If you look around the world, there is evidence of many revolutions taken place both within countries and within individual at the core of their beliefs and accepted truth. Take what is happening in the Middle East in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and Kyrgyzstan as a paradigm shift taken place within the minds and heart of all concerned, this very paradigm shift is also taken place with your very own consciousness. Soon very soon more and more people will wake up. What will follow will be more and more changes. Notice the change in how our finances and financial system are all changing. What was hidden is now been revealed. Look at the wiki leaks All persons now have the capacity to become spiritually aware. So now all will start to become spiritually evolved. The dual forces of “Christ I am that I am” will begin their descent into matter and our golden age will start to manifest.

Before the descent of the baptism of fire, those that are ready will notice a warm sense at the top of their head. For me, it was as if I was wearing a hat on the top of my head. The descending masculine force meets the feminine force in the bridal chamber of the heart. The resultant is the mystical union on the physical plain of the “Father Mother God”. Here, the immaculate divine conception takes place wherein the spiritual embryo is conceived and the Christ Self is born around the pure self within your soul. You will begin to feel energy within your body. Now is the time to listen to your own body wisdom. As the divine dual forces start to awaken the soul, you will be able to access the wisdom of your soul. This process will allow you to receive new truth about who you are. By utilizing meditation, the sacred dual forces will nourish and care for the Christ child that is born anew in you. This is the second birth that Jesus spoke about. Then overtime, growth of the inner dimensions of reality will speed up. Your body will undergo change at the core of your being; your cells will receive the program of immortality from “All That I AM”.

I bring your attention to “Paramahansa Yogananda” who after his death showed no sign of decay for many months. Indeed, there are many saints prophets that also have defied the law of nature. To my knowledge they were sustained by divine intervention as they had achieved Christ-consciousness with their knowing. As an awaken soul you will be cared for and undergo particular care while the Christ child grow within your consciousness. It is only by letting the natural rebirth to take place within your mind that you will exhibit your own Christ mind where love, faith and wisdom will guide you to focus on love, peace and joy. Then your body will be filled with the sweetest joy filled with love, wisdom and truth.

Just as on earth the new child will need to be cared for and nourishment and so it is with the Christ child. It becomes necessary to be feed a virtuous life into the mind. This allows your attention and focus to co create your soul’s purpose. The law of attraction will attract to you your very own mastery. What becomes important is what you allow your conscious mind to be feed on. So your focus and what you accept as truth will be very important. Hence by diverting away from fear and fear related issues you will advance your spiritual growth. Fear will be defeated the newly born Christ child will attract the body of Christ within the inner dimension of its being. The new awaken soul will feel the presence of “All That I Am” within their body. It is hear from within the throne chamber the new awaken soul abiding with the Christ will know its very own nature is Love. No longer is the ego, the false Christ or Anti-Christ ruling but instead the “I Am All That I AM” the true Christ has gained dominion over the anti-Christ.

The ruling authority of the Christ-consciousness is able to receive the perfect truth. Consciousness is all pervasive (everything/everywhere) and is all there is. There is no force that could be against it. So there is no Devil or Satan but the imagined thought forms that we as God’s in training co create within our fearful separate mind. This all-encompassing universal consciousness is individualized in you. There is no separation really but a perceived guilt that bonds us to our imagined thoughts. SIN is but a perceived separation, which we undergo due to the implant of fear within our consciousness on our descent to the physical plane. As a result our conscious mind accepts separation, illusion, negativity, and this creates the personality or ego through the universal law of attraction. As our focused attention is then trapped in illusion.

It then keeps co creating the imagined thoughts that are deficient fearful and lack the feeling presence of love, because of the unconditional aspect of the principles of love we receive what we focus on so the love of power creates separation. This focuses on an elite group holding the power. But the power of love sets you free. None the less because of free will and the principal of love we choose to co create unwisely.

The EGO from the moment of its inception bonds to limitation and the perceived lack of wisdom of its soul. As a result the human being allows for a perceived separation and a limited perception of the world, and its own soul ability to manifest its greatness. With our limited consciousness, and lack of awareness we go through life needing to defend the separate Ego. Call it self (small) or false self or anti-Christ. This self-consciousness has free will and the ability to choose thoughts, feelings and action based on beliefs and accepts truth. When these unwise choices are placed under your direct conscious control, you create your reality. Since reality is always been created with deficient thoughts due to the absence of unconditional love, we have societies and countries that do not share their wisdom and their knowledge for the good of all. Instead there is a monopoly of power which is passing down through families and those connected to those who have power.
The whole universe is a makeup of different frequencies merged by universal consciousness into patterns of vibration. Therefore, thought itself is a form of vibration your consciousness is within and is an indivisible part of all consciousness (God). The direct link from your individualized self (God) consciousness is within you. In order to gain entry, it would be wise to meditate. And within the silence you will become aware of the presence within all life.

To understand the creative power of your consciousness and of universal consciousness will lead you to understand the real cause of all that affects you in your life. Your choice of belief, thought and emotion create your reality. To have anything you decide to do and in order to do anything, you must be present in the now. “To be or not to be that is the question. How you are, depends upon what you think what you believe what you feel and how you allow feeling to guide you. And these are all within your ability to choose what is resonating with your feelings which is within you. But too often our focus is on worrying and using our imagination on creating the fears of the past and re-inventing new and more unwanted things into our lives. The constant eternal action of all life iscreativity. Life is always creating new forms and experiences through the laws of metaphysical cause and effect.

The law of attraction works from a point of attraction based on love, and the awareness of love that you feel within yourself. One perceives and relates to the outer world through the outer objective mind. This is the conscious mind, with this mind one uses logic and reasoning and thinks chooses and forms certain conclusion based on what their belief and past collection of data allow them to conclude. This becomes their truth, but may not be the truth for everybody. On the other hand with meditation one relates to the inner world or subjective mind from a point of knowing through the feeling nature which acts spontaneously and reaches awareness through intuition and heart sense. This leads to self-knowing. The inner pathway is a process where there are challenges including beliefs, belief systems that it would be wise to examine. Then when necessary through direct experience have the courage to make the required changes for the better. So truth is always changing. Now the greatest change in mankind is now taken place whether you are aware of it or not.

“I am That I Am” created you, sustains you and dwells within you as the pure self. It is this known from the conscious point of view that allows you to experience the second birth. “Unless a man is born again, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Jesus has been reported in saying.). Usually before the second birth the soul goes through the dark night of the soul. This happens as it forces the individual to consider what truth is for then. Usually the choice is a life of submission to alien goals and alien purpose’s , to be born again not into ideology and false beliefs that need you to surrender, but into your true self, your unique God given reality of Christ-consciousness. You might say that the dark night of the soul is your pain and your deliverance, it was that for me. It emphasizes self-realization and individuality. Now as 2012 and the prophecy of the old from the various cultures and traditions time line is upon us and fear is our focus, it is reasonable to tell you the world is now coming out of the dark night of the soul. This passage of time will mark the change in the way we sense ourselves and our reality. This will be the beginning of the new paradigm and for earth and its people. The true marriage of spirit and matter will become a true reality. It is my understanding “that all that is” caused a vibration of duality of its oneness or “One Being” into subjective and objective natures, at every level of its being. This created a polarity of positive or negative streams of vibration. Hence God is universal spirit, universal mind, and the totality of all embodiments in creation. There for not separate from creation but all inclusive. So if you accept this. It follows that God is both objective and subject on every level of its being.

When God said let there be light, it was the projected idea that was accepted into its own feminine aspect that created the only begotten son” The Christ consciousness”. Child of Spirit which is eternal and is life. This was the First coming of Christ. It was in fact the perfect idea. Now when we take this down to the level of this manifest world we notice the two complementary ways to create have been lost in translation. The dual nature of our being has been denied and the false Christ of our own focus of fear and fear related issues have been projected into this world using God substance and this is fuelled by our bonding by the universal law of attraction. We stay bonded to the limited lives we live.

God is eternal and so are you. You are constantly creating form and manifesting your creations. This is either consciously or unconsciously. What has been thought into existence is. Since you are a belief your belief limits what you imagine. It is only when the two become one; this knowing becomes conscious of its nature and its purpose. It is only recently that humankind has started to look at the process of creation and now visionaries have started to come into their own. I know you all heard about” the Secret” This is but a beginning of new wisdom which will change the world we live in. You who have been searching for truth are on the threshold of the greatest discovery in this century. What will take place very soon is there will be a massive awakening as the Christ light and the diamond river of light starts to gather momentum affording us all to reach into the realms of illuminate truth and access wisdom of our soul. The miss qualified energy that we have created during our earth and planetary sojourn where we felt separate from love will be unlocked, and transmuted within the silence of our meditation. Then through listening grace an inner knowing will develop a confidence to change limiting beliefs and attitudes of attention will give way to releasing old patterns of fear and judgments that keeps us separate from” all that is.”

You do not have to be a genus to realise what is missing within the world today. We will all soon recognise that love dwells in the realm of feeling and without love the human soul falls short of perfection. Love is not something you can take from another or that you can own until you realise that love is your divine nature. The veil of forgetfulness was lifted by the mystery of Golgotha. A cosmic being called Jesus united his self with earth and told us to follow him. So by developing Christ consciousness awareness one unites with their soul. Where by the “ Second coming of Christ” will be in you when your consciousness is one with the omnipresence positive consciousness of spirit unite with the negative vibration of cosmic nature. So by becoming one with the Christ intelligence all will know love. At this point Self-realization will embrace truth and the recipient will feel within their being an outpouring of measured love and grace that leave you in no doubt of the love and wisdom that the all loving Father Mother God will bestow upon you .Daily ecstatic meditation will become firmly rooted in the consciousness and sub consciousness of your being with dedication practice and discipline

.Thomas Malcolm Mc Auliffe