Meditation-The First To True Awareness


True awareness for me began when I started to feel energy running through my body. I labelled this at the time, “Body Wisdom”, and later “Diamond Heart Awareness”.  I had recently started to meditate and take an interest in search for truth. I was learning the streams of energy which I was now aware of contained vital information from spirit. I had to be in a meditated state to receive these feelings.  It became obvious to me that the mind never stops creating deficient ideas and making me live through my mistakes which created guilt and feeling of depression would take me over and I would feel powerless. I started to realize that I needed tools to clear this avalanche of negative thoughts, so that I could experience peace in my waken day. So, while in meditation, I would ask for wisdom so I could discover truth.  From then onwards, the spirit within my heart gave me many experiences to awaken the soul nature.

If you examine your life over the past years, you would have started to realize that you have been given life lessons to help you develop and progress from lower to higher realization of who you are and what you could become. The practice of meditation possibly has become a big part of your life as you would have realized that you can only access spirit through the seven astral doors (Chakras). Cosmic force that flows through our body has definitely increased, and if the practice of meditation can create wisdom for all, why not include it within our education system.

By learning the art of meditation and successfully stilling the mind, I became less affected by the “Law of Duality”. This is not to say that life was easy or that I didn’t have problems. But, with regular meditation, I was able to follow the inner teacher from within my heart. I was able to access the sanctuary of my soul. To switch on the electricity of love, all I had to do was meditate. This realization, supported the idea that only a small portion of my brain was actually been used. In fact, my brain was full of facts, other people experience and what I observed everyday.

With regular practice of meditation, I broke out of what I call “self-imprisonment” which came into my life through my focus and attention on deficient thoughts, ideas and lack of self-belief. My focus on fear and deficient ideas created limitation and produce a feeling of despair.  With my discovery of meditation, it become obvious to me that discovery and awareness, changes perception.  New paradigm requires new understanding and acceptance. As we merge with the tide which is rising, it will move us faster and faster upwards to greater wisdom which will be felt in our hearts.

In order to come deeply in the present moment where real joy can only exist, acknowledgment of the past and integration of wisdom obtain, plays a vital part in our level of awareness.

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