Day: February 19, 2016

Divine Father Mother God Together Creates Unconditional Love


Divine Father Mother God together creates unconditional love. This is the love that everyone on this planet is striving for. Unconditional love is a process. It is the only process in life that is worth striving too. With the eventual achievement of obtaining the consciousness of unconditional love, peace within is achieved. Unconditional love does not identify with anything outside of your self. Your happiness does not depend on others or something outside of yourself, you are enough. Peace is always there, but if you create deficient thought, you turn your attention elsewhere and peace is disturbed. Usually our attention wanders to the past, what was or it rambles on to a desired future bringing with it also undesired fears. When you embrace Christ consciousness, life becomes about acceptance as it unfolds in its perfect way.

I have noticed with myself as soon as I desire something other than “What Is”, I create conflict and usual attract the lesson that come with that. There is a time to build and there is a time to act. So the question we all ask is what do I do with this life of mine? Within my experience, I have found that each moment unfolds with its own wisdom, truth and integrity. I also have found that when I am not in the moment I am not present, I am not at peace and I am creating deficient thought.

So, self mastery is about experiencing the NOW moment, moment by moment. When action takes place from a non-peaceful state, I am living in the past or a feared future. Hence, I try not to give attention to creating suffering for myself. Before I speak, act or do, I try to find a place within myself where I am at peace with the situation as it is.. When a situation become over bearing in my life and suffering is created, I now know its origin was my own mind. So this is the place where I choose to undo the attention to the suffering. In my younger days, I used to let my thoughts and feeling run wild without taming them. Hence, I lived my life through my beliefs, and so call truths that I accepted as truth. Also I miss read the feeling that were generated by all my thoughts, I created ideas about why my feelings were the way they were. I judged my words as I spoke them, and adopted the associate feelings that were produced..

The area that I first concentrated on was my mind, I started to realize that that the majority of the population had failed to utilize or develop their mind in all aspects. First I examined all of the old concepts and beliefs which occupied my mind and I accepted. I realized that I had accepted false truths about who I was. I then eliminated the negative errors with the help of my Christ Self and I accepted new ideas which were feed into my mind to test and used. Through this article, I am doing a service of self expression and by living it, I am making it ours. Let us talk about the assimilation of food in relation to the four concepts mentioned in part2 (acceptance, unification, use, realization). We all know that the correct intake of food and body activity creates a beautiful body form. Non judgments on the self and on others will digest life in a joyful way; and body digestion will correspond by being healthy as judging life and making any aspect deficient will create indigestion the body. Now we all know that the elimination of the food intake is necessary and we eliminate it regularly. Improper elimination will slow the process and also creates other problem with the body. Try not to go to the toilet for a week and see for yourself.

When we exhaled, we apply this technique to release the build up of carbon dioxide which the body produces as a by product of breathing and body metabolism build up. So what technique do we use to release old thoughts and associate feelings that are no longer working or useful in our life? We feed the human body regularly, with food of deficient thought. We breathe on instinct, and at night, we die for a short period of time each day. We regain consciousness and enter into the dream of perceptions that we have accepted as truth. But where does this truth come from .On analysis you will find it’s from previous perceptions that you accepted as your truth. Your focus is that you are powerless to change the dream of the perception you have created by your own minds. But during our day, the dream sometimes is too real and what is demonstrated in our lives is not desirable. But we still keep our focus on the problem, which create deficient thoughts which generate feelings. Where do these feelings come from but our own spirit self? I have found that my feelings are really a guidance system coming from within the core of my being. My own Christ self does not willing go along with the deficient thought that my fear based mind is suggesting. Over time, we are always creating our lives through the law of attraction. Do become aware of all your habitual self talk that is always going on within your fearful mind. This fear bonds us to creating less desirable outcomes. As we live in an unconditional response loving universe that manifests what we habitually focus on. It is recommended to create time in our lives for release and regeneration .The practice of good meditation, walks in nature, and prayer within Christ consciousness contact, is a good start to finding out if what I have told you is true for you. Our Christ Selves and the “I AM” presence are regenerating us all now with a new and developing consciousness so we can complete our spiritual journey.

In my life, I have become aware of Christ feeding of love since 1988. At first, it was just a small amount, and every so often it would increase. It was a gradual loving way that the spirit increases the love that my heart could take. I found that when I required more love, the love that I was receiving would become more intense and increased within me. This feeding of love always supported me. Sometimes it became so intense, I would feel overjoyed with the experience and I had a compelling desire to give it out to all around me. So with planned meditation, I have learned we regenerate ourselves consciously by desire and knowing.

When I was younger, I was really aware of one body. Then as I got older, I became aware of another body. I started to see the “Aura”. It was a beautiful array of color and it existed. I became very aware of the existence of other people aura. They would fade in and out of my mind, but it was always there. When I went through the psychic barrier and made my first contact with my Christ Self, I felt up lifted and free from fear and a sense of peace filled me and I received a knowing beyond anything I had felt before. This took place regularly. At times when I was going through these experiences I thought that my body was changing. Each subsequent spiritual experience that I went through I changed my perception of what I accepted as truth. Over along period of time my perceive consciousness was replaced with a new level of awareness. I choose to change my eating habits and use my free time to familiarize myself with the new energy within meditation. I felt that I grew increasingly lighter and lighter. My conscious mind was able to relax very easily over time. I became aware of the thoughts that my mind was entertaining and became the watcher. I started to be the witness of my deficient thoughts which were playing out in my life.

Over time, I tried not to be judgmental and increasingly my body felt more refined and my mind became more disciplined. I tried only to allow thoughts that would support life and that were constructive and positive. I habitually denied error thought of deficient nature and positively affirmed the truth which was communicated to me by my Christ Self. Now this was no walk in the park. I had to face all my desires and fulfill them by knowing that this was right for me for now without judgments.. It was when I started to have no desire left in me other than doing the work of Self Healing that I started to move in ways that astounded me.

I found for me the best way to dissolve my fears was by “prayer”. Not a pity me prayer, but a prayer of unification with God and a desire to know the truth. Over time, I found the any kind of fear would lower my vibration, so I would lovingly release any fear that I had to my Christ Self. With daily meditation, at first for 5 minutes, increasing to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, later 20 minutes and later again 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. When I got stuck, I used “prayer treatment”, I used prayer treatment for specific situations. This was a prayer similar to the prayer that Jesus thought his Disciples. Again, I found over time at the beginning that I was attracting fear entities by the dozen. I even attracted fake entities who gave signal which I assumed were from the Christ Self but they were not. So unless I received a unification experience with God, I did not believe the channel that I received. The signal given to me by my Christ Self never changed. So I am assuming that every person that has a desire to establish contact, their signal will remain constant. I used this to build it into safe guarding the channel. By channel I mean an inner knowing. There were times when I could not get verification signal, somehow I knew by the doubts and fears that I was experiencing that I would be wise not to trust the information coming from the fear related vibration.. The only time that my signal changed was when I was introduced to new Christ teachers and Christ masters. Here I was lifted to a higher vibration and awareness. An inner knowing would occur. I was told that if there was any judgment or fear related material presented to me, to affirm the truth by allowing non judgment, and love to heal the deficient thought forms occupying my mind.

When signals changed, I used to get two other practicing Christ conscious people to verify what this change meant and what it would be wise for me to accept. I had learned early on in my development that other entity would copycat the signal. So I always use double safe guard to verify information. The double safe guard was a complete joy that use to take place with the vibration I received. For me, I received various different types of signals all through my life. The first type of signal that I got was a feeling signal. The palms of my hands use to warm up. This signal was from my Christ Self, it was given before I realized I could communicate with my Christ Self. The next signal was the psycho-kinetic energy of lifting, it was from my “I AM” presence and my body was lifted or apparently lifted. The next signal I received was for verification, sometimes I would think of some thought and my body would verify by feelings of love within my heart that this was indeed from the Christ consciousness.

In the beginning, I used to get low vibration signal which I believed were entities that wanted to move into the light. I would receive “clairvoyant” signals and inner knowing. As time went on, I would receive Holy Fire” and many beautiful sensations that would last for various time spells, during these contacts, I gain great realization about unconditional LOVE. Now some of the feeling I received caused me to weep with joy and sometimes, I could but only bear it. When this happened, I used to send it to whoever needed it. After several months of receiving feedings of Holy fire, my Christ self told me to give it out to others. I became a channel and could do this at will when ever my intention was to empower others.

From a very early age in life, we are thought to judge not to appreciate. We are indoctrinated in the concept of using judgment of “what is good” and “what is bad”. By the very act of judgment, we create separation between us and God. We empower one person and make less of another but in fact we are both in the one mind of God. Jesus knew this when he spoke about judgment. “Judge not least you be judged”. As how can one say that one is better of less than the other when all is one? There is only one God and all life is that consciousness of God. My first judgment was that of my brother, “he was my younger brother and I created a perception that he need more love, so there would be less love for me”. Therefore I had to fend for myself. This act alone created for me separation and I saw myself as less, and it became a reality for me as my brother appeared to be loved to a greater degree. This self judgment by me was wrong. It was a perception that I accepted as true. It would have been better for me to appreciate him and look at the uniqueness of who he really was and who I really was, not put my attention to the fact that I was less than my brother. This act of judgment empowers one and makes less of the other.

With this act of judgment, I saw myself as less, therefore I became less. At four years, I became deaf and this started a series of things that would manifest in my life to fulfill this idea of what less could be. The fact that I was hard up in hearing made me more resolve to become aware, then if I had two good ears and not be aware. My brother was a sickly child and had to be loved more. My mother’s judgment about my brother created for me a desire for independence it wasn’t until my brother joined the army that he finally overcame this dependence on our mother. I on the other hand was not influenced by my parent’s beliefs hence I became independent thinker. As an independent individual, I ventured into my own world gaining insights, wisdom and confidence to empower myself by loose all preconceived ideas of false truths. Then my unique specialness started to develop. My place in the family was always looking in hence I created separation from my family and their limited perceptions which they accepted . So one can see how this self act of separation created for me both inhibition as well as blessings. My life played second best to my brother, until I became aware of the concept of unconditional love. Knowing and feeling God’s love, allow me to know I was loved and over time I healed the error in my thinking.

My second act of judgment was “when I damaged my ear drum and became deaf. I started to analyses why this happened to me. This too, played out its role in my life. If I am less than there must be a reason for that .So I manifested a hearing problem. From the time I became deaf in one ear my personality underwent change .Every body use have to repeat every thing twice for me. I became inhibited in school, I was considered not very bright. I felt that I was less intelligent than others and I developed a coping mechanism by retreating in to my heart. My mind was telling me that other people found it hard to understand me .So people then must be thinking that I am less than them. So I must be less intelligent than others. My brother was 13 months younger than me, so when my brother was born, I had to be second to everything. Firstly to my mothers love, then to my brother ability and too what he could achieves. All of my younger life, I perceived that there was less love for me. This was an error in my thinking as love is unconditional .Love was all around me, what was wrong was my perception .We are all one, we have come to this earth to create something that is so unique and special. These were just too early judgment that I made which created separation from God. Then at 12 years of age, I tried to connect to God because I missed the love that I used to have earlier. But the love never went anywhere. It was always there. It was the perception I had which created the chains of event that took place. With this a different perception, I have grown up to be the consciousness which I now have.

You the reader will be able to see where you might have created separation from love, but remember, the love is always there. It is your perception which has created judgment and it’s the love of Christ which fulfils it. “Christ Consciousness” is universal power. The universal power is directed by thought through the mind. So by creating deficient thoughts, these thoughts will manifest sometime in the future I learned that, the mind or lower ego is the tool we use to create separation from love from the higher source which is “God”. You have an idea in your mind, but often you wonder how that idea got there in the first place. Fear based thoughts stop any thing from coming into existence. I know that the mind of every individual is the medium which spirit puts ideas to take form. So mind is the channel through which the spiritual power takes a certain direction. Mind gives direction to the “spiritual law”. So if our minds have created separation and judge anything less than perfection, then through that process, spiritual law takes direction, which is false and what is demonstrated in our lives has a direct bearing on the content of the mind. So it is a wise man or women who learn to observe the thoughts which are allowed to grow within their mind. Without love the heart is hardened and devoid of presence.

Now, let us examine the thought which enter the mind. As fresh new beings coming into this world, we have clear and open minds. But by our judgments, we have created separation and in doing so; we have created negative thought forms that align with fear.. Also, we have being already influenced by the race mind negative thoughts from everyone who came before us. To add to that, we are reinforced with negative thought forms of (guilt, resentment, self rejection, fear, pride) this may be buried deep in our subconscious mind. One may ask, “How can a person clear this avalanche of negative thoughts, so one can better give direction to mind?”. The answer is, it will be done for you, through your desire to connect to your Christ self. It will be done through your work with the Father in meditation. Here you will experience pure love without thoughts, there is no deficient thought created. Because in God everything that happened in everyone life is accepted with no judgments as God’s love is unconditional. Remember you are hear to birth a new consciousness that will be supported by” all that is”

The first time when I went through the “psychic barrier” I felt negative thoughts, and old perceptions being cleared. Lightness and a knowing came from within. Thought entities that were stopping me making contact were cleared out of my mind. As I felt connected to the Christ self, a great clearing and cleaning of my subconscious mind took place. I had a major emotional reaction my whole body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet experienced warm electric charges which cascade all over me, It was as if a bolt of lightening passed through me. My perception changed. I became aware of what thoughts my mind was entertaining and I started to see where my focus was bonding to. Also I became aware of what my habitual thoughts were for the last few months. Over time, I let go of old beliefs and negative thought forms which were no longer useful to me. Being individual expressions of God, it is our innate desire to express freely; what you may call your gifts or talents, become possible. Up to that time I had ignored my interest in psychic development, I only delayed the desire, really, because it was always there. It kept raising its head. At regular intervals I was prompted from within very gently to pursue a spiritual journey. After searching outside of my self and allowing others to define what truth was for me, I started to develop spiritually? I was living with false perceptions which I was indoctrinated with since I was born. I repressed my true dynamic expression of life and was living a life which I did not desire. You will have learned that people either express life of repress it. You will be able to look back over your life and see what you actually express and what you repressed. But overtime it will surface; sometimes it will manifest itself as hostility or even rebellion. Also illness or misfortune can vent out the disunity. In my case, I am a diabetic because I created a disunity thought form which may have been chosen by me to learn sensitivity and is manifesting as diabetes. Any thoughts which block your progress of having a wonderful experience could be thought of as mental inhibitor.

Mental inhibitors are block to true life expression. You will not know all your mental inhibitor as one by one they are brought up in front of you by your Christ self within your own mind. When they do, just be honest with yourself and love yourself. Then dissolve them, after all they are just thoughts. Any false thoughts can be dissolved by knowing it’s corresponding true thoughts or ask the Christ Self to give you the corresponding thoughts to re-educate yourself into a greater consciousness of perfection. One way is to re-affirm the truth as the need arises. In the beginning, we lost our identities of “Christ consciousness” and have learned to survive against everything else, as we saw ourselves as individual and separate from God.

Have you the reader ever been held as a prisoner by anyone? Up to passing through the physic barrier I had created my life situation where I felt like a prisoner, but within the prison, I had a life, but a limited life. You the reader have a life. Do you want more? Do you want to realize your dreams? After I went through the physic barrier I did. Before went through that experience was in a prison within my own mind. I was living a limited life with limited situation. My life was been created by my mind which habitually focus on fear. Daily I had to face my fears. For until recently, I lived the life of a man with chains, who accepted the chains and in doing so, I accepted the conflict for my life. I accepted the idea that I was an individualized being and I had to fend for myself. I had to fight for survival; I had to beat others in order to win. I mistakenly felt that I had no value. The question I asked was how could (God) allow me, his son to suffer. Worse, how could a loving Father cause all his sons and daughters to suffer as we do? I felt that God would find a way if I asked to figure out the world which I found myself in. Others who came before me must have asked too. As God did, find a way through Jesus, by sending His Christ consciousness into the dream which I lived and allowed it to take root within my dream. I felt that God knew that the seed would grow and that one day the “Prodigal Son” would wake up and see the error of his thinking. In order to wake up, one must have light to shine into the illusion of the dream. For me, the light was my desire and my desire has been fulfilled. So how did I recognize that I had a problem? You may well know of your problems about money, work, brothers, sisters, food and any circumstances surrounding your dream life. But, do you know what the real problem is?

I throughout my life I have had many problems. One by one, I solved them. Then a new set of problem would raise their head and I equally, tried to solve these as well. There was always one more problem to solve. , At times I felt inadequate and hence, I fell back into the dream. I re-bonded to my fear and fear related issues. My mission was not a success, I failed once again. I had tried to wake up from the dream many times before but also I had failed. My problems were on many levels. They were of a variety of different forms with as much varied content that I was left helpless, so failure was the result. On examination, I realised the complexity of the problem. Then I got an idea to think outside the box to solve the problem, just like the inventor or the modern artist would.

I asked myself “why was the world so unfair” and so not true, what might be the answer to the problem, Many times in my life, I has tried to fix whatever problem presented it’s self to me. But I just created another lot of problems, even worse than before. Until, I came upon the idea after one of my intensive workshops. The idea was, there is just one problem. The problem was “within the perception and the mechanism” that I saw the world in which I was experiencing now. So, when I stopped perceiving the world with only my five senses. I started to meditate to perceive it another way, and from that perspective, I solve the one problem. The answers were always there, but I failed to see them. When I got nearer and nearer the answer, I got drawn back into the false reality, which was the dream again. It was only when I realised what the problem was that I was able to solve it. Then I realised, I had the means to solve the problem. It came about for me in realizing that I was not an individualized being who had to fight for survival, but that was indeed A Christ of “I AM ALL THAT I AM” (God). So too was everyone else. Equally all life is the conscious of the Christ consciousness. All that was necessary for me was to acknowledge the truth and that alone would set me free. When I recognized that the one problem was solved, I started to see that I had no problem. It was like the story about” the king who had no cloths.”It just needed to be said. A sense of peace filled my being and acute awareness grew within my being which set me free. Now I am ready to take my rightful place in God plan for my salvation and support others as well.

Embracing Christ Consciousness and Shifting to Wisdom and Guidance.


There is a delicate balance between preparing to receive the Christ-consciousness and allowing the ego to claim it as a possession. In preparing to receive this awareness, it is necessary to not allow the ego to dictate the terms as the ego has a mentality that it is separate isolate and alone. It would be wise to love the ego unconditionally and allow the ego the choice of merging with the truth, that love is the only power that is. It is by applying love daily to yourself with all your strength that you can endure all human commotion, betrayal and competition between the other ego’s while you become aware of the flame of the Holy Spirit within your heart. It is the flame of Christ-consciousness which will illuminate the mind. It will nourish the immaculate idea of the new born child with the wisdom of creative thought which gives God’s will freedom to express unconditionally.

I started to realize that I came into this life to express the good news that we are all “Christ Consciousness” and that it was time to wake up. Before, I brought the dream I lived the anti-Christ life and struggled with a false reality. I allowed my fears to run my life. It wasn’t until I woke up and realized the true path that would lead me to a new awareness of embracing the Christ conscious within all life. I was living with false perceptions which I was indoctrinated with since I was born. I repressed my true dynamic expression of life and was living a life which I did not desire.

From a long time back, I had heard that we were living in world of illusion. But living in that illusion did seemed so real to me. So I asked the question “How such various and infinite realities manifested for the population of the world?” I was posing the question about what power was behind this world. I realized that the greatest thing that I could do, was to get to know that power. This power had no name to my knowledge or there was no or little knowledge available about where this power originated. Little did I know that I set the concept of “Christ consciousness “being the power within my being in to motion? I wondered where it was and how to access it .This wonderment became my focus.. How do we create, where do ideas come from and why do paradigm shifts take places I noticed that when I gained new perceptions I made new discoveries’ I realized that my beliefs and what I habitually focused on were part of how things manifest in my world, so depending on what I believed or expected there was a corresponding coming together of energy which would lend itself to my ability to manifest. I realized that my thoughts had a direct effect on everything. I started a process of energizing and envisioning desired results Add to that, my desires and the feelings which accompanied my thoughts. But always there was a focus which would be deficient as there was judgment and fear the result would be watered down by the fact that I did believe in separation and I did live in that separation. So as long as I give my attention to thoughts or ideas that were deficient, I would experience them. I started to experience my very thoughts. Separation was real, so I would fall back into the dream. I started to realize that every thought I had brought with it love or the opposite fear. There was nothing in between love .Love was absolute. Fear was received with various levels of intensity.

At first, it was hard to dismiss fearful thoughts. Then I was able to separates out what was false from the feeling of what was felt true by my inner guidance. , because the truth was that all thoughts are equal and equally unreal if they created fear. This realization set me free. The dream had no power over me now. What manifests ,”is what is”. But from time to time, I did get brought back into the dream and my attention would go to a specific problem which would raise its head. In doing so, I lower my vibration and bonded to fear, feeling the fear as real. I know now that I give power to co- create what is not real or serves me. “I Am Christ consciousness” unconditionally creates what I give my attention to. So what I believe or expect is. I noticed that I attracted what ever I feared. My habitual thoughts were deficient and full of fear. We are all co creators in the one mind of god.

The world to me today, is the sum total of all thoughts that were ever created. It would be wise to realize that all these thoughts have happened in the dream and do not affect your true reality, and your perception of it. I found that every thought that I contemplated without judgment contributed to created for me self realization at some level. My thoughts brought me to a point within my consciousness of the infinite possibilities that could be. But once I realize this, I now could allow the future be attracted to me. I created the experience that I experience and I in the past failed to see that I was the creator of my own misfortune. But now, I am able to look at any situation and allow the wisdom to come forth for me. I forgive myself for thinking that the dream was real.

In the past, I believed that the world was full of individual separate beings. This fact made me believed that I was vulnerable to attack and as a result I was attacked. The only place that the attacked thoughts were was within my own mind. So before I could damage my enemy, I actually damage myself first. The damage was created with my own mind. So my thoughts created within me vulnerability and hence I was attacked. So actual I attacked myself out of the mind of God by my creation of false image of who I am. Since all life is God consciousness; it is fair to see that the attack can come from anywhere. But remember you created the attack first in your own mind. Jesus knew this when he said “judge not least you be judged”. Because when you attack, you create judgment which comes back to the individual who created the thought.

I realised that my life was a mirror of the thoughts which I have ever entertained. Any judgment that I made of a situation, created a separation and that separation in turn was adding to the imbalance which already existed. I had to ask myself, “What laws if any existed that the dream of life abides by?” During my college days, I studied physics and the laws of the universe. Two laws which remained in my mind were, “matter can neither be created nor destroyed”, and “the concept of the balance of forces”. Now these laws were always demonstrated all around me. When we started to understand the laws of the universe, we realize the universal law will be reveled in a timely manner, so as to gain new perceptions. Now I felt that the universal law will work in whatever location it is found. Jesus knew this as he said, “as above so below”. I remember in the physics practical demonstration taken place to prove these laws and discussion taken place to disapprove them, but modern physics is now moving towards the string theory and the concept of multiply universes and quantum physics. I remember a sea-saw effect where two objects are placed on two ends of the sea-saw and one would bring it up, and the other would bring it down. From experiencing this I realized and acknowledged that pressure always creates an equal and opposite pressure. So resistance from the mind and focus on those deficient thoughts creates resistances.

In the beginning, God saw His creation as good. He did not see good and bad. There was no judgment of any of creation. The judgment came in to existence through the mind, when fear entered the aura of individuals who excepted the dream, that they were separate from God. Hence the altered ego was created. Altered ego – is an ego put in place instead of what is. Therefore this altered ego is a perceived force against God and it has to play the game of survival. But in fact there is no power against God, for God is all that is.

When I was a child, I believed that God was someone who was outside of me, away up in the clouds, far, far away, which created for me a separate entity. Since I was brought up as a Catholic, I believed the Devil was a force or entity which opposes God. This was an error in my thinking as there is no energy apart of God consciousness. Of all the religions that I have studied and I have study a lot, they all talk about one God yet give power to other Gods who don’t exist. So all religions are man made because they were created with deficient thought and were used by men who wanted to control what people thought. As a child, I believed what I was thought and failed to see the oneness of God. Therefore God is not absolute, meaning, “Not all that is” and has a force which opposed it. Here is where I accepted the anti-Christ, because I denied the Christ consciousness of all that is, by thinking deficient thoughts which were fear based and created separation from truth. When I passed through the psychic barriers within meditation I realized by degrees that there was only one absolute and that is “I AM all that I AM”.

Now I know that this world is the creation of the mind of all the individuals who ever lived and have created deficient thought and fear. So what we have created in the dream can be also destroyed. We all lived in a heavenly state until we came to the earth for the first time. Then we accepted the opposite to eternal life. We once were innocent and loved, now through our own choice become less, and enter hell. This hell is of our own making.

The opposite of eternal life is a limited life, so we invented death. This death is the lie which keeps all other lies in place. Now a sense of powerlessness bears witness to the “I AM all that I am” which is an error. Now all power is outside of us. In order to create death, we created fear, because when you have fear, you are all the times looking over your shoulder, and you become ill at ease and hence created disease. I know this, because I have developed disease in my life. Now my altered ego denies the Christ consciousness of the “I AM all that I AM” and continue to fight for survival where life was abundant, now there is lack, where life was good, now there is good and bad. Where everything was equal, now we have scarcity for those who have not and the effect of that. We also have those who have everything and always did. We created separation for our self by our handed down beliefs and what followed is to have or to have not. Survival followed due to this. You become an expression of who you think you are. Thus judging anybody or situation keeps you boned to what is not real.

Because “All That Is”, is an absolute, what everyone has created comes back to the Creator. So all the fearful thoughts, or emotional painful thoughts do come back to the one Christ Consciousness of “I AM All That Is”. When bad things befall us, we have to blame someone, so who do we blame? I used to blame God, and that is exactly what the altered ego wanted me to do. This insures the altered ego survival. I realized only recently that I could not fix the dream as in order to fix the dream, I would have to become part of it. So I asked for help. The help came through the Christ consciousness contact, call it “the Holy Spirit” or God consciousness. So through this contact, I am in the progress of dismantling the judgment s of thought which I have kept as my truth. Now, I hope to build a bridge back to the reality of “I AM all that I AM” consciousness. This contact for me came because I desired it. So do not be afraid to follow your heart desire.

When I did become part of the dream, I realized that there were inhibiting thoughts in my mind which I allowed hence they manifested. The first of these was thoughts of survival and my need to control. I am still working on acceptance and allowing spirit to guide. The fact that part of me saw myself as separate and that I was vulnerable to attack. I did experience my very thought instantly But the truth was, there is only one power in the universe and that power is “Love” for .me and everybody else and there is no other power which could be against me. I prayed to the Christ consciousness in me to truly know this. Because I still had not fully accepted this fact, my mind gave energy to the one source of power and manifested my fears unconditionally.

The power outside me created a world of “Us and them” and put in place a lack of acceptance of the true Christ consciousness “I AM all that I AM”. So it become necessary to criticize and to condemn what I felt could be a threat to me. This created for me, confusions and disorder. I use to always create thoughts which lowered my vibration, as I was afraid that I would be wrong, instead of appreciation that I was doing the best that I was capable of for now. True self expression is “I AM all that I AM” and any other expression is brought about by guilt. Guilt lowered my vibration. I saw guilt as an inhibitor of true self expression and a degrade of the “I AM all that I AM”. Guilt used to place me on a lower vibration. I would feel not loved and I would feel self deficient and judge myself harshly. Instead of being guided by how I felt and trusted that my own spirit self was not agreeing with the thoughts I was creating. So by choosing to bond to deficient thought while focusing on my fears, I was lending my energy to attracting and creating my fears. Here I was influence by possessions of some type or other of deficient thought, who themselves were lost. I am talking about thought forms as enties. I chose not to accept guilt and I asked the “I AM all that I AM” in my heart to replace the false belief with the idea of truth. When I look at the world, I could see that everyone was on a path of unfolding their true being. What was stopping me was the resistance being created within my own mind There is no need for anyone to live with guilt, “I AM all that I AM” replaced the false beliefs with the truth when you search within your spiritual journey “we are all perfect beings” each trying to wake up from the dream of the altered ego. God loves and forgives us and we love and forgive ourselves, when we pass through the physic barrier because we are all in the Diamond Heart, which is the one mind of God. Which is all loving and wise?

The corresponding truth is self forgiveness and acceptance of the self as “I am perfect for me for now”. I knew the universe held nothing against me and I hold nothing against the universe. I am on my perfect path of “unfolding my true being” and I am “perfect for me for now”. When I experienced a negative response from the world, I realized that it came from my bonding to what ever I give my attention to. So there was no use blaming others for my problem, or been jealous of them. Because I give no power to anything or anyone outside of myself that could create any negative experience for me. I realized that I created all my experiences. I try now to allow life to unfold. We all are God consciousness, some are aware, but the vast majority does not know yet. For a long time, I have accept that the kingdom of heaven is within, so it follows that “I AM all that I AM” is within me, as it is also is within you, and that makes you and I master of our own destiny.

Unification with God is inclusive not exclusive. So, all of my desires are known to the source of “I AM All That I AM”. So I accept everything that has happened in my life with love. My spiritual journey has given me the ability to experience different realities. Everything that has come about has happened out of God’s love for me. All my desires are been fulfilled by the “I AM all that I AM” presence. I now believe that the true intentions of my life were created on the levels of spirit but because of the vast subconscious mind that has excepted fear and deficient thoughts, I have blocked and distorted my true intention and lost sight of my true identify, hence, what is manifesting within my life now seems to be less than a perfect experience. But I know now that all experiences that I have experienced have brought me to the awareness and point of consciousness which now is a reality. Therefore, my true desires have been meet, and I have been set free. It was my perception which judged what was manifested in my life was not right, but if I had any other life, I would never have arrived at this place in consciousness. I am grateful for all the guidance and lessons which I have been given by all the people who crossed my path.

Since fear is a state of mind and it is now loosing its grip on mankind within a larger number of people due to the grace of God. The validity of the old paradigm of the need to attack and defend, what is not real, does not cover the new truths emerging. It is now irrational and obsolete to hold on to old concepts that form the guide lines that we are in survival mode and separate from God. Truth is changeless. It has been a long time emerging. It took the coming of Jesus and many great souls to bring about the subtlety of the soul and the supremacy of Spirit to conqueror the psychic forces which were created by the lie of the false ego. The ego self esteem is dependent on how much it has, equally it tends to create division and it finds ways to prove that its arbitrary divisions are valid.

As I discovered new perceptions I became a teacher and as a teacher my wish was to empower all to travel their own path. By choosing to dissolve your fears of the unknown and embracing your truth, the truth will set you free. What you have read within this article may have challenged your truth. There is a tendency to recoil from it. Some may display anger; some may rubbish it, and offer a defense. This is a reaction to defend what is not real, but truth needs no defense. At the intellectual level you can read my words and not understand them. As to understand my words you would be wise to develop your own intuition functions at a higher state of consciousness. To find your own truth it is necessary to practice your meditation regularly. This will develop your higher intuition and manifest your higher wisdom which will come from within from you heart. Each person has a potential to discover their truth. Your truth is within your heart and when you are ready you will embrace the truth about yourself. Truth allows us to be our self.

On entering into the higher plains of consciousness you will find peace .You will realize that the birth of your Christ self is the door to the realization of your origination is from Father Mother God as a unique idea to be sent forth upon the beam of light into this plane of limited Self awareness, that you and I and all life might gain that inner identify and eternal flame which is love.