Day: February 6, 2016

Who are we. what are we capable of manifesting-What about the manifesting of love.


When we come to this earth through the process of birth, we are unaware of “who we are”. Our awareness is that of another world “We are lost to our true reality, which is one with “all that is” and we have been lost since the beginning of time. This experience of been lost is because we choose to take this position, in order to find our true nature. But as we experience separation a spiritual darkness enters into the consciousness. Our focus of attention is now directed to the physical world . So all action come now with a result and actions taken are intentional and will incur karma. It is our bonding to the result which creates attachment and this attachment will incur karma,especially when we believe that the self exist as a separate entity. If it is the case that the self the anti Christ exist then the small self (ego) will create separation from “all that is” and the results is now separation. This separation is experienced as a separate me against the world, hence a separate ego full of fear is born. This ego need to defend itself, also to stay in existance by keeping you from your true Christ Self. Thus the true identity and nature of the infinite Christ consciousness that we posses is lost. The belief that the ego self exist really creates separation. It is perpetuated by the belief of self as separate that causes the suffering. Then living as a separate individual being reinforces the now separate ego self. So as we go through life and ever increasing idea of identity becomes real. Jesus message and wisdom was “I and the Father are One” and He came so we could have more. He also said “Greater thing shall you do than I have done”. To follow Jesus, it is essential to dissolve and transmute and transcend karma. This is carried out by embracing the spiritual journey.
I found it very difficult to release the existence of the self as the sole doer of my life. I also found it difficult that all actions are the manifestation of the grace of God as God is not separate from His creation but interwoven into it at every level. I try now to live in the moment. This allows me to experience and accept things as they are while not attaching any outcome that creates fear of not been able to achieve a certain outcome. Jesus said “let the self die”. So in reality, one has to lose oneself to be free of a desired result, hence there is no attachment to the result in no karma been created and gives the ability to live in the now moment, moment by moment. It is only by developing the wisdom to abandon both the self that is doing the work or task and the self that desires certain results, for this alone nurtured freedom from the results. Another way to look at it is to abandon the self and become the activity or task experiencing the moment in its entirety . If you have not read the article on hallmarks of focus which I wrote a couple of months ago, please do” Please refer to it ,to help you understand how the law of receptivity works within your life.
When I look at the present reality now, my mind objectifies it. It uses the five senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell) which give me a certain perceptions which allow me to take action and gain a result. But when I do not have enough information, I tap into the sixth sense of intuition and the seventh sense of Diamond heart awareness. It is within these inner sensing abilities that the perception and wisdom becomes available to me. This allows me to trust and become the partner with the universe where all resistance falls away. Universal life “God” is the prime movement or activity in all life. God is constantly creating from itself and manifesting into “all that is” as form.
God created the world and saw it was good. So God creates through self contemplation. Remember in the beginning, God created an idea to create the perfect son, the Christ consciousness child of spirit. It was the perfect idea that was projected into it self. It self then became the medium or substrate through which all ideas were manifested. It is the projected idea that is objective by nature which we can call “the masculine nature”. This objective nature by its very existence has will and absolute choice with the power to act. “All that is” had the wisdom to create out of itself a vessel to project ideas unto itself. The aspect of “all that is” is the subjective or the feminine nature. Since the masculine or objective nature has the absolute choice, the feminine nature has no will of its own other than to accept all respondent ideas that are projected unto it and to support their growth. Also to develop these ideas through the “law of growth”. This subjective nature or feminine aspect is called “the spiritual law of receptivity” because it always acts without judgment to give the identical form to whatever is projected upon it from the masculine nature.
In the beginning God said, “ Let there be light”, this light is the Christ consciousness the only begotten son of God child of spirit. This was the first coming of the Christ. What is taken place now is the second coming of Christ. The second coming will take place within you and all who embrace the truth of existence. It was by speaking the word that the projected idea was implanted in the feminine aspect of God, hence creation was off and running. God at this plane of existence communicates to all by a particularization of “all that is” by means of two complimentary and symbiotic nature through our thoughts and feelings. I would like to remind you at this point, you the reader of a time when you became aware of your heart prompting you to one course of action and your head prompting you a different way. It is here that you realized that you have two masters (your head and your heart) and within this situation you become powerless through fear and lack of clarity.
The masculine nature has been diluted down to attract fear due to its separation from “all that is “and it is this fear that suggests , that the law of attraction bonds to. So the belief and focused attention keeps mankind from realizing their true self. The true self is a Christ being . But now the anti-Christ has taken over and hides from the conscious mind the truth. It is this fear and the focus you put your attention fearing a certain outcome that is implanted into the spiritual law which creates unconditionally the identical form into existence therefore, it is. One can now see it is the masculine nature or objective mind which includes the intellect and the capable reasoning faculties that has been diluted down as the results of the attracted fear. Add to this, certain limiting beliefs that are accepted as truth, will influence the manifestation and colour it , depending on our use of the law of receptivity as individual, separate beliefs fulfils the personal law of limiting belief.
While grown up as a young child, I was not aware that whatever I gave my attention to by a fact I feared that result, I was projecting ideas into the spiritual law of receptivity and I would attract what I fear most into my life. I now know after much discovery that every thought which I accept into my subconscious, registers in the book of life and will manifest. Every word that I project out will be fuelled by the emotion in my heart. So I try to let all ideas, concepts and judgment from my heart go allowing the feeling of unconditional love fill my heart. Remember Jesus words, “ Are ye also yet without understanding”” Do not ye yet understand that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into belly and is cast out into the draught. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart and they defile man”
As an individual while on my spiritual journey, I obtained a certain degree of peace and freedom. Now I can intuitively merge with the reality of another person and through the awareness of my heart obtain wisdom to facilitate their next step.
True wisdom can only be access by apply unconditional love to all aspects of what is. Then the resulting Christ consciousness will transcend both the subjective and objective view points and creating a higher consciousness of direct wisdom for a bi-lateral solution in thinking for the next step.
All egocentric desires where one believes that they are separate from “all that is “creates karma. If we examine the world religious, they fail to support the seeker to gain control over their created negative thoughts and actions. So, more and more people are tuning to meditation and various other methods to develop the mind. It is important to now develop and awaken other states of awareness.
It is by becoming conscious within meditation by been the witness and having developed the ability to disassociate oneself from what one observes that allow the letting go to attachment to begin. When all of the letting go to attachment is realized, the associated feeling will fall away and in there place a new awareness will announce itself as Love.
When one first begins to practice meditation, the desired outcome may not be realized as the participant will not be able to withstand the deluge of constant ideas and concepts which will distract them. The idea of meditation is to allow awareness of the content of ideas in the subconscious that does not serve you anymore to go pass through your mind as an observer and not to get involved in interacting with them. Just witness them. Then as the astral body becomes purified, a sense of peace is achieved as a result of gaining control over emotions and the imagination. Then your work really begins to transcend your karma. It is now time to surrender without knowing the outcome. The diamond river of light will awaken you to the diamond heart awareness which resides in the deepest core of your heart.
This magical awareness is unknowable; it can not be described or prepared for. When all the work of letting go to attachment becomes an awareness. It becomes time to live in the “Now Moment.” For me, this is the mysterious, magical and intriguing part of the trust with “All That Is“. The past couple of months challenged me to let go all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.
For every given day, I am possessed by various levels of fear and joy that I cannot control. It is enough for me to allow without resistance what is and release my fears on a daily basis and let the power of release create for me passion for existence and there by letting go in order to meet my future self. At the same time blessing every experience and feeling the love sweep through my body. Letting time take it proper place while letting it change all that exists. It is by listening to my receptive innocence from within my heart and that I become aware of the still small voice “my inner teacher”, The Christ Self.. This voice reminds me of a new vision. This new vision has been living on the inner core of my being and consciousness, and is now asking me to take responsibility for the work at hand. Divine Intention is working through all life. God is coming into the world in a new way. He will reveal himself in all of us as we are all in the DiamondHeart of God where all facets are of the one substance called Love. All are equal and all have equal potential to manifest heaven on earth. We have free will to not focus on deficient ideas and thoughts which were introduced into the world from the beginning of time. “I am All That I Am” lives within us and through our being. We are starting to conduct His power all around us. God is Love, Wisdom and Truth and you will know the manifestation of the Christ within your own consciousness by these virtues. There is nothing greater than love; wisdom and truth for these principles are the cornerstone of developing Christ consciousness awareness within you. God’s love brings forth life, His wisdom brings forth light and His truth brings forth freedom that destroys fear. It would be wise to merge with the love nature of God being, as without merging we create separation which leads to fear. The path we walk in life leads only to love and when we are filled with God’s love our bodies becomes shining, majestic and invincible. To support this paradigm shift, it would be wise to start your own spiritual journey so you are ready to receive within your own knowing and own consciousness the knowing that you are one with all life and “all that is” and that your very nature is LOVE.

Shift to Wisdom by Developing Diamond Heart Awareness within Your Consciousness – By Accepting the Christ Self within Your Human Soul


Shift to Wisdom by Developing Diamond Heart Awareness within Your Consciousness – By Accepting the Christ Self within Your Human Soul

Joshua David Stone, author of Soul Psychology said, “We are not here to balance hatred and love, we are not here to balance our inferiority complex with high self-esteem, we are not here to balance lack of self-worth with self-worth. God created us in His image and likeness so we are filled with worth. Our true identity is the MONAD, the eternal self, the mighty I Am presence. As the bible says, “Ye are God and know it not.” Does God experience hatred, revenge, and jealousy, lack of self-worth, false pride and depression? Of course NOT. If God created us in His image and likeness, then where do these qualities come from? They come from thinking that your separated, fear based mind instead of your infinite-oneness love based Christ mind.”
It is my opinion that the majority of people conception of what is life is, is incomplete. So I ask you this question, “What is life?” Let us discuss this, how did it all begin? God in and beyond all things, created potential, by projecting the perfect idea on to Himself. But in order to do this, He decided to split Himself into feminine and masculine aspect of His one self. He then projected the perfect idea from His masculine self on to His feminine aspect and created the “Only Begotten Son of God”, or the Christ Consciousness of Love, through this motion. The whole of creation is therefore the events which took place after this strong motion. This same consciousness is programmed to form, mature, maintain and disintegrate everything.
In my college years, I studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology where I learned that Science has investigated this motion and derived how to understand and manipulate this energy but fall short of perfection and true reality.
I have a direct question for you, the reader, “How can we comprehend this consciousness as we are product of this continued motion that forms matters which maintains and disintegrates everything. Let us discuss further the concept of the soul. God is both subjective and objective and His spirit is reflected in all creation. Everything is a direct manifestation of what has been thought into existence. We cannot comprehend that we are product of the all-pervading consciousness and we try to reason out theories and explain to the conscious mind what reality is. This is an error on our part which has been handed down from generation to generation. We have failed to develop the intuitive faculties of the brain, which would have allowed us to access the beauty of the immaculate soul, which is full of wisdom, power, love and truth.
It was while I was in the silence within meditation that I become aware of the limiting awareness of the flesh and the five senses. I had decided that my mental faculties were creating a block to greater awareness. I searched for a tool that I could detach my consciousness from the limiting focus of the external world like all great wisdom teachers. Through meditation I started to examine my accepted truth, then started to let go any inhibitor factors, such as beliefs, and what I conceived as truth and then the boundaries of limitation of the five senses. I then receive the cosmic sound of the all known soul faculties of intuitive love and truth. It is the cosmic mind that is the divine intelligence inherent in the all-pervasive cosmic vibration. After receiving the grace of listening and been able to revisit this feeling of oneness, I realized that we are all facets of the divine mind of Father Mother God.
I started to conceive spheres and realms of being beyond anything the mind had offered. I acquired an expanded consciousness and was able to feel a beautiful presence of the immanent Christ Consciousness which is there for all.
Throughout most of my life, I have identified myself as I am this, I am that, little did I realized this was my pseudo soul as I had no real experience of my true and real nature. My focus became to be self-realize and truly feel the presence of God within my being. I had heard of a great teacher called “Paramahasa Yogananda”, so I was prompted to read his great work, in the introduction, he talks about what St John said, “As many as received Him (Christ Consciousness) to them gave He, power to become the Son of God”. So I took on this challenge for myself.
I am still on a journey which I started a long time ago. But now, I am much more focus on achieving Christ consciousness Awareness within my being and soul. I called this new awareness “Diamond Heart Awareness”. Those that are wakening up are aware that there is a shift to wisdom taken place within the world. A perfect example of this was the peace that has been demonstrated within Northern Ireland. Here, we had various groups of people who had accepted that their truth was the only truth, so all of the others must not be right or didn’t deserved to be listened to. For real wisdom to be embraced, these groups of people had to agree that the truth was a paradox. So, in order to understand a process that they could use, it had to be approach from all sides. This gave them a process and agenda to agree, to listen, to all sides of the problem. The problem could not be solved until they took into account their individual perceptions.
When we look at any problem with only limited perception, it is really foolish not wise. So perceptions were broadened, new wisdom and simple truth resolved the issues that had created conflict for several generations. We all have concept of what truth is, but we all have different perception, and with that different perception we have paradoxical truths or half-truths. Everybody’s mind is full of paradoxical truth, what do we do about them? Do we push them away? Or, do we embrace them?
The conscious mind will make judgment, the awaken heart will except all as true, embrace and honor all the different split part of self by loving them unconditionally. This allows all side to be heard. This attitude will create peace in the mind and acceptance of what is, whenever it is endings, judgments, criticisms or fears. Honor all thoughts with love, because they are there. Accept what is there and then taking action with the best wisdom that fills your mind when a state of peace has been achieved. This state of peace is brought about partly because of desire and partly because of divine wisdom which has become aware of a greater part of self. But the peace will not be permanent as the concept of sin and guilt destroy the human spirit.
On my own experience, it was through the contact of my Christ Self that the truth of my being set me free. This is where my focus accepted the extremes of my mental and emotional experience that I was experiencing with loving attention and respect. The act of divine wisdom will nurture the separate parts of one self equally and create peace whenever we are tempted to make judgment of a situation without taken into account all sides. The separate mind cannot do this, it only happen when you and I have developed the faculty of love within the heart. It is only the heart that can teach us anything about love, truth and wisdom. One can see that one has to put oneself in the other person shoes as if it were. A person, who only perceives with a limited conscious mind, always obeys the ego.
Those who practice meditation and develop his or her sixth sense of intuition, seventh sense of the heart, will develop his or her eighth sense of Diamond Heart Awareness and access the wisdom of the soul. To conclude this second part of my article I wish to quote the work of Paramahansa Yogananda founder of the self –realization Fellowship founded 1920.
“Man is a threefold being; physical mental, and spiritual –a unique combination of forces and consciousness capable of fully cognizing Divinity in himself and in the universe conceived for his appreciation. He is the soul, the self-made in the image of God (an individualized reflection of God), which express itself in the manifested universe through the instrumentality of the body and the mind. The bodily instrument is a collective vibration of grossly stirring atoms, electromagnetic waves, and intelligent life force (subtle vital energy, finer than electrons). The mental faculty consists of both sensory instruments (of perception and action) and discriminating intelligence (which interprets sensory information and makes determination regarding knowledge and action). The soul, while dwelling within the body, becomes identified with its physical and mental experiences and forgets its divine nature, it masquerades instead as the body-circumscribed ego, the pseudo soul.”
The above lines are curated from “The second coming of Christ (The resurrection of the Christ within you) Volume 1 by Paramahansa Yogananda
It is by stopping judging our experiences, and stop judging other people experiences, as it is what we mostly do, love will enter the soul. Forgive all the judgements that pass through your mind with your love. ST Paul said love is the greatest of all human capacities and a spark of love is waiting to announce to you that you are enough and that you are loved. A Christ – infilled soul is the final destiny of the human soul. To at last feel the true recognition of God and understand the bliss of the soul is my message to you the reader. To realize the language of the soul is love, and to embrace love is all you need to do.