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Find the Truth of Your Assumptions by shifting to wisdom and listening to the inner teacher.

Find the Truth of Your Assumptions by shifting to wisdom

Everyone makes assumptions. But are they good for us. We do it all day long. We use our own God given imagination to dream up the, what if, but story line that we summon into our own life experiences. Our focus and attention creates our point of attraction. We assume that the self-talk going on in our separate mind is right without testing its origins. Let say, we want a raise in our job. We assume that we won’t get a raise if we ask for it. If we’re really stuck, we assume that there’s nothing we can do to change our lives for the better. So we take the path of least resistance and do nothing, due to listening to our self-made belief and imagination that our self-worth does not need empowerment.One’s self worth is rediscovered by listening to the inner teacher ” The Christ Self “while in meditation.Our own inner knowing become more self realized.

But the truth is we all have faulty assumptions and accepted truths. We have lots of them in every area of our life.

Consider that if everything you believed were true, you’d have exactly the life you desire. But that is not the case. Your own direct experiences tells you that everything you believe must not be true If everything you believed about relationships were actually true, you’d have more good relationships that work for your good.. So if your life is lacking in some way, then your believe system is not true.

When we hold faulty beliefs, we make faulty assumptions. It’s a trap, because testing all of our assumptions is a great way to find the truth. Jesus said what truth is.

Rather than assuming a course of action is doomed to fail, put the universe to the test and make it say “no.” But do test the possibilities of the creative thought. For this is the only way to know for certain.

Try these steps to learn the truth:

Pick 5 areas of your life that could use improvement. Perhaps it’s your self-esteem, your finances. It might be your love life and your career. The areas in which you’re struggling are the areas with the most incorrect assumptions Seek out the truth of your actual experiences. The things that are right in front of you and come into your awareness daily are the things that require change.

Find someone that’s doing better in your areas of interest. We all have a co-worker or friend that seems to defy all logic and have a high-level of success. Have the awareness to examine your present beliefs systems. Have the courage to change them. Maybe you have a co-worker that always seems to get the best bonus or the promotion, in spite of appearing average or even low performing. Look at your set of beliefs about yourself. See where you adopted them and why.

Test could you be wrong? Is there a way to test your hypothesis and discover the truth? Keep in mind that a solid experiment requires more than a single test. Meditation supports one to disassociate from fearful thoughts and ideas.

Keep testing your beliefs and assumptions. There are numerous times each day we don’t try because we assume we’ll be told “no.” Find out if you’re actually right.

Certainly you can remember a time where you knew you would be told “no,” but you went ahead and asked anyway, and much to your surprise, everything worked out. How many other times might that happen if you simply tried?

For a month, give yourself the gift of testing out every possibility that comes to mind, without risking life and limb. There’s no reason to prove that you can’t flap your arms and fly. But ask the object of your desires out on a date. Apply for the job you’re sure you can’t get. Put your online business idea into action.

After a month, you’re sure to find you were wrong about many things. You’ll also discover that the times you were right weren’t nearly as painful as you anticipated!

Learning how to deal effectively with the world requires stretching yourself and gaining experience. As you discover new distinctions, your perception of the world will change and your approach to life will see positive benefits. With new discoveries and new perceptions you will increase your awareness of possibility that present to your mind.