The journey of our life depends on our perception through the guidance of our Inner Wisdom.
It's in the silent of the heart that we start to connect to our Inner Wisdom that will guide us to true path of life.
Unconditional love is the foundation of our true being.

Cosmic Balance/Divine Bridegroom

Cosmic Balance/Divine Bridegroom

Preconceived opinion come from beliefs and makes it nearly impossible to change to the slightest degree. It is this foolish investment which each of us is afraid to let go that bonds us to same. So rather than accept what is new, most people reject all even if it contains the truth. In the case of a belief that you hold, that you are conscious about, have the intention of subjecting yourself to strict examination. Access what you want to change, by including the possibility that it might be incomplete and benefit by the expansion of your new truth. Now as children, we all accept a great majority of indoctrinating truth which is accepted by the subconscious mind by our acceptance and trusting nature. This empowers the so call beliefs to run in the background of our minds like a pilot light in your oven in the kitchen. It is always on. So our lives are built on the wrong foundation and will continually run like a computer without the ability to change. Change will only come by focus attention on intent, which will be energized by the feelings generated by action. It is now wise to take action. Growth can only take place when you dissociated from closed and limiting beliefs through meditation. Meditation allows dissociation and analysis of new wisdom which will expand your consciousness and identity. With self inquiry, we knock at the door of a new perception which opens to a new consciousness. By being focused and opened mind to new perceptions, one is able to listen to the inner teacher which will guide everyone to the true identity of who you are and what you could become.

It is by stilling the mind in meditation, which will lead everybody to discover and utilize the origin of power, health, happiness, courage and zeal to build for yourself the life of your dreams. Your individualized self-consciousness is within the core of your being. The trick is how to harmonize the activity of the individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness. This is achieved by merging the heart and mind together and at the same time taken guidance from what you feel and start to communicate the potentialities of what could exist, will start to manifest. This leads to harmony of thoughts through feeling which will result in right action and deed. So you see, we actually perceive the world within by our intuition and imagination and we should be capable of listening to the voice of our own spirit self not one’s own fear based mind. It is the fear based thoughts which create a total false perception by the ego who does not want to listen to it own spirit self. It is the ego’s impatient of wants and lack of understanding that we are all one. Instead, it uses the intellect to give it life and survival. At the same time it creates a sense of lack and deficient ideas that human being are not enough and forgetting the pure soul within, which is the Christ Self of infinite consciousness and is eternal. So the world due to its lack of attention to meditation has failed to resurrect the consciousness that was to be shared among everyone within the mind of our heavenly parents. The natural order of creation has been reversed due to this failure. Instead of the Christ mind we have in its place the Antichrist. We create instead with our present limited helpless and ignorant understanding of our own give minds. It is like having a battered up car that is used while you let the BMW auto mobile sit because you are unaware of the beauty and power that you posses.

To expand your consciousness, blend your energy with that of the spiritual world and it would be wise to be desirous of this practice. Desire creates attraction and like attracts like. In the coming years, many will be anointed with the Baptism of Fire. To explain Baptism, Jesus uses the story of the Bride and the Groom at the marriage of Cana. I believe and have realized within myself as truth that this was the descending masculine and feminine dual force melting at the heart and creating a Diamond heart consciousness where all facets of the diamond are pure, immaculate and of the one energy which is LOVE. It is as the bride and groom unite in a mystical union and divine conception takes place, wherein the spiritual embryo is conceived and the infant Christ child is born around the pure self within the soul. I have experience this as the masculine force descending and the feminine force arising and expand the heart and the ability to LOVE. Love unconditional becomes a mind set.

Now what is the meaning of the Divine Bridegroom as was spoken by Jesus? It is my understanding “that all that is” caused a vibration of duality of its oneness or “One Being” into subjective and objective natures, at every level of its being. This created a polarity of positive or negative streams of vibration. Hence God is universal spirit, universal mind, and the totality of all embodiment in creation. There for not separate from creation but all inclusive. So if you accept this. It follows that God is both objective and subject on every level of its being. When God said let there be light, it was the projected idea that was accepted into its own feminine aspect that created the only begotten son” The Christ consciousness”. Child of Spirit which is eternal and is life. This was the First coming of Christ. It was in fact the perfect idea. Now when we take this down to the level of this manifest world we notice the two complementary ways to create have been lost in translation. The dual nature of our being has been denied and the false Christ of our own focus of fear and fear related issues have been projected into this world using God substance and this is fueled by our bonding by the universal law of attraction. We stay bonded to the limited lives we live. God is eternal and so are you. You are constantly creating form and manifesting your creations. This is either consciously or unconsciously. What has been thought into existence is. Since you are a belief your belief limits what you imagine. It is only when the two become one; this knowing becomes conscious of its nature and its purpose. It is only recently that humankind has started to look at the process of creation and now visionaries have started to come into their own. I know you all heard about” the Secret” This is but a beginning of new wisdom which will change the world we live in.You who have been searching for truth are on the threshold of the greatest discovery in this century. What will take place very soon will be a massive awakening as the Christ light and the diamond heart awareness expands to all life.

“FAITH is assurance of thing hoped for”. Intellectual faith admits doubt; Spiritual faith includes unfailing assurance and immediate response”. At the beginning of your work, these two attitudes of faith are often observed acting and reacting upon each other. Faith boosts the spoken word, so the word faith has an inner force. Words of faith set energy in action. When the centre of faith is activated, a idea in the mind of man (individual) connects him/her through faith with almighty energy. This faith centre within the pineal gland develops strong faith in “everything is possible”. By affirming the activity of this super power, it will merge you to All That Is (Christ Consciousness). This ability is near impossible without stilling the mind the never rests. So meditation is advisable to experience the now moment. FAITH is the assurance or confidence within the mind brought about by devotion to seeking the truth that a particular thing or ideal will happen. Metaphysically, I have understood that the vibration of light that mind is able to expresses at its awareness level, always takes into account what the mind accepts as truth. Since then, my awareness of the indwelling Son of God consciousness “Christ consciousness”, the only begotten Son or Child of Spirit is living in my heart as the Inner Teacher

This passion is the spirit within you, which endeavors to accomplish great things. Remember Jesus words, “Greater things should you do, that I have done”. To become intimate with spirit is the goal of everybody. But when our focus is on anything but on attention to spirit, we feel the absenteeism of spirit. This diverts the search to outside of us. It would have been wise had we searched for this intimacy with all our heart. Indeed with our entire mind and all our strength. Instead we settle for the intimacy with one another. We always attract to ourselves what lesson that the heart wants us to learn. “Intimum” in Latin means interior, which is explained as the inner core of our being. It is within the interior of our being that the spark of the Christ Self is waiting to develop, so it is like the “mustard seed “and will grow up to be magnificent and do great things.

Because of the fall from grace, or the loss of paradise from the Garden of Eden, yourself conscious being has the ability of free will and the ability to choose beliefs through feeling and action. It is the choice of putting your thoughts before the feelings which creates the apparent reality that we presently have. Instead I tried to put my feelings of love before any thought and allow through non resistance from my mind, by guiding the ideas to a place of acceptance and create better thoughts through love. This made me look at consciousness and the method of thinking that had been handed down from generation to generation. It is when the individualized energy of information is diluted down with fear that we as co-creators materialized our very thoughts. These thoughts are fueled by the emotion of fear or love. Remember, communication is always available in the silence within. This is where you will receive the wisdom and you can apply this new understanding of basic universal laws to your life. It is by stilling the mind in meditation, which will lead everybody to discover and utilize the origin of power, health, happiness, courage and zeal to build for yourself the life of your dreams. Your individualized self-consciousness is within the core of your being. The trick is how to harmonize the activity of the individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness. Whereby you access the diamond heart of God and start developing trust with the all powerful aspect of the power you posses. Where you know all are one and pure.

This is achieved by merging the heart and mind together and at the same time taken guidance from what you feel and start to communicate the potentialities of what could exist, will start to manifest. This leads to harmony of thoughts through feeling which will result in right action and deed. So you see, we actually perceive the world within by our intuition and imagination and we should be capable of listening to the voice of our own spirit self not one’s own fear based mind. It is the fear based thoughts which create a total false perception by the ego who does not want to listen to it own spirit self. It is the ego’s impatient of wants and lack of understanding that we are all one. Instead, it uses the intellect to give it life and survival. At the same time it creates a sense of lack and deficient ideas that human being are not enough and forgetting the pure soul within, which is the Christ Self of infinite consciousness and is eternal. So the world due to its lack of attention to meditation has failed to resurrect the consciousness that was to be shared among everyone within the mind of our heavenly parents. The natural order of creation has been reversed due to this failure. Instead of the Christ mind we have in its place the Antichrist. We create instead with our present limited helpless and ignorant understanding of our own give minds. It is like having a battered up car that is used while you let the BMW sit because you are unaware of the beauty and power that you posses.

It is by awaken the astral centers of the spine that truth of ascension in consciousness can be experienced through the intuition and perceive new wisdom that allow the Christ Consciousness be able to be received. In order to be able to receive the gift of the holy spirit it would be wise to empty out all your misconceived ideas that have be accepted by the fearful mind. When one is able to be filled with the creative vibration of Holy Spirit, one realizes that the choice of disregarding the parental divine consciousness and excepting the limiting fear and imperfection of this world is a monstrous error that have been handed down from generation to generation and accepted as truth, one always wants to return home.

Once you embraced the feelings and cultivated them, love becomes a reality in your life. But if you allow the logic to produce thought, Fearful thoughts will dilute down the feeling of love. What you focus on will manifest into your life. Hence, you associated love to be within the other person. That assumption related to the subconscious mind that you alone were not enough. So your search for love was always directed outside of yourself. While in fact, you are the immaculate soul which is perfect individual, unique and its nature is love. This love has no boundaries but to love unconditional.

At some point in the future, the Christ Self will be a reality for you. You will not know the hour and the time when this will happen. But know this, that once you start the spiritual path, this is your destination. This allows you to have an inner knowing of love, peace and joy. This will be felt within your heart and will expand out from you through your heart. The Christ Self will lead you to a greater wisdom of who you are. A shift in consciousness will bring you to a realization and a new awareness of the “I AM PRESENCE”. At this point, the thoughts you experience are backed with the ability to know truth for yourself. As the vibration of love increases, you will be left with no doubt about the reality of knowing the presence within you. Then gradually over time, with determination, practice and allowing, you will one day arrive to the understanding of universal consciousness. It is with the wisdom of this level of consciousness, that your God Self will identify itself with an individual vibration and the name. The name will be communicated to you within the silence within yourself, and the knowing will prompt you to say the name out loud. Once you repeat the name, the power of power within the throat chakra will express that name with extreme ecstasy and joy.

It is within meditation that we are subjective to our inner nature. I know this as I have become subjective to the Christ self within my heart, who in turn becomes subjective to my I Am presence and other Masters who feed and express wisdom and love to me. I listen. This internal marriage brings for me very real feelings of extreme ecstasy and joy. My mind connects to infinite wisdom and a wonderful knowing of peace leaves lingering presences within my being.

The Second coming of Christ will be in you when your consciousness is one with the omnipresence positive consciousness of spirit unite with the negative vibration of cosmic nature. So by becoming one with the Christ intelligence all will know love. At this point Self realization will embrace truth and the recipient will feel within their being an outpouring of measured love and grace that leave you in no doubt of the love and wisdom that the all loving Father Mother God will bestow upon you.

Embracing the Christ Mind develops when one learns to give and receive.

By embracing the Christ mind consciousness the two essential principles of masculine and feminine within your self become one. The heavenly Father and Divine mother who are the polarization of the principles of love are within your heart when realization of the true self occurs.The separate mind seeks to find a partner to love, but in reality what is being sought is unity with the Self. Love contains every thing and outside of love nothing exists.To become complete and perfect one searches out side them selves for the perfect partner, but in reality all are one , but the separate mind creates judgement which compound individuality of the separate ego which in turn creates likes and dislikes creating separation. Having a life partner is part of the process , where one receives love and gives love.In the process one may raise a family , but for what purpose you may question? The purpose of family is to learn love. But now the bigger picture of what is truly your family is emerging. A lot of people speak about love, for love is the purpose of life. So loving all of “the family of man “is our goal. As one embraces all life as them selves one is playing the separate game by believing we are all separate. When we are searching for our twin soul we are searching for our selves. You could call it the other pole of your separate self. When you do find your other pole or see the Divine principle within your own present partner you arrive home. Bliss and joy fill your whole being. When one knows one self one fuses the two principle , which become one. The love between these two principles is infinite. Finding the other pole in your self creates for you awareness that the other pole is not of this kingdom , but is the higher self watching over you guiding you to greater awareness of the truth of your being. to know God is to love your self and all life.For as love passes through your body you begin to love yourself. loving your self is a very hard road to follow, but this must happen before you all life. loving all of your self without judgement requires acceptance of who you are. Loving you self creates respect and harmony and invites into your being the Divine presence.Knowing and sensing the divine presence within your being allows you to know and embrace unconditional love.
The birthing of the Christ Child now is possible for both principle are consciously on the planet. The immaculate conception takes place when the descending masculine force meets the feminine force in the bridal chamber of the now opened heart. One intuitively will know when this happen as one focus of attention will have changed. about this time one starts to loose old friends and change their interests and habits. This will be noticed when you feel that other are asleep. but do not judge them , just send them love. For we all have our own journey to take to awaken.

What results when the Christ Child is awakened you may ask. The divine conception that has taken place is the immaculate conception born not of matter but of spirit. Like all children that child will be guided to learn who it is and in who’s Divine presence it has it’s life experiences in. All that have awaken are the result of their awareness of who they are , but we are still children. We may decide to play for a while and enjoy life experiences but there will come a time when our Divine purpose will call to us to work.

Daily you will receive feeding of love which will be confirmed by your own inner sensing. Bouts of joy and bliss will confirm for you right thought, and right action . You may call this the resonance of truth,. With new perceptions and new discoveries what was accepted as truth will change. It will take courage to live by your new truth. As you embrace the principles of love you will become aware of what love is. You will learn that it is a continued energy that emanates a psychic radiation that permeates your being and that to receive it consciously it would be wise to live by your now new principle of newly discovered truth. What does the feeding of love do you may ask? It creates within your consciousness a feeling of oneness. This allows the ego to bask in the love and drop all thoughts of fear or deficient thoughts in the separate mind. Then over time a merging of every thing you are will support your awakening. The love you receive contains light, warmth and conditions for growth. This includes what will be now attracted in your life. Love is the is the fulfilment of wisdom received and the knowing that there is no separation from” I Am All That I Am ”

Love gives life continually and intentionally to the beloved and makes a statement that every thing is contained in the all consuming consciousness of direct knowing.

The loving voice of Christconsciousness awakens in us the spiritual powers that strengthen, uplift and redeems. Love and wisdom always go hand in hand together. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the quickening of the spiritual nature which is reflected in the intellect and in the body. We can then weave new ideas into our soul consciousness and create out of them the ideas of the heart. LOVE is th…e attractive force that draws our good to us according to the depth and strength of our realization of love. Pure intelligence of divine ideas does cause the emanation of a soft golden light which dissolves the darkness of fear that surrounds us and in so doing, cleans out consciousness of fear.
Remember, it is the experience and the thoughts produced by the individual from their belief of what is truth for them and is allowed to enter the mind that creates and foothold. As long as people live in duality they will be subverting their transcendent soul nature which is love and replacing it with egoist involvement of the feeling in our heart of likes and dislikes which causes indiscriminate attraction and repulsion through the

While hear on this planet our task is to realize our true consciousness and to become aware of higher states of consciousness while we put on the mind of the intelligence of “The only begotten Son” of” I Am All That I Am”. The Christ intelligence. The ability to perceive God through direct experience is only one breath away.” be still and know” I Am All That I Am ” . For God is not separate form H…is creation. God created the many and the many knew Him not. Your higher consciousness is not something you have to get ,or obtain or even is available at all times. To connect to it all one would be wise to do is desire the truth of their being. Since our focus is on and in the world we attach all our focus and attention to the physical. This hides from us the truth of our being and in who presence we have our life experiences in. Our focus on individuality and being separate from our good created our fear. We all seek good. To communicated with God one requires stillness . In the stillness one will develop new perceptions and discover new awareness of one’s being. With practice of meditation one will still the separate mind that feels separated isolated and always focusing on negative unconstructive thought through fear. You could say the word( SIN ) There is not one person who does not seek good. But due to the apparent absence of good we created the idea of evil. When God created the world He saw it was good. Could you perceive changing the word of God to Good. Then the Good we all are seeking is God. If we accept this then the good I am seeking is life experiences that bring me joy. bliss and truth. The good I am seeking is the substance of God ” I Am All That I AM” I know the God love all His children so the good that is there for me I ought to have .

It is the belief and attention we put on the separate ego of our individuality that obscures the realization of reality of the self. It is our only focus on the ego ideal that keep fear alive. The ego only deals in form and what it can possess. This keep our identification hidden and bonds us to acting out of fear, forgetting the spirit within. The true Self as God created it. As one practices me…ditation and put on the mind of the true intelligence of the perfect reflection of God , one embraces the principles of unconditional love. Then by living with these principles one become a Christ aware being. The Christ Self is awareness itself, and is you guide and teacher to bring you home to your true one Divine consciousness . Behind your Christ consciousness is the supreme consciousness o”f I Am All That I Am” in who Divine presence you have your life experiences in.

The separate mind can only come in contact with the vibratory sound of Om and the Divine presence when it is still. As long as the separate mind is entering thought, it will not become aware of the every present , eternal and infinite Divine presence signified by the supreme being ” I Am All That I Am”. The turbulence of the separated mind is always focused on fear and the idea of separation from …it good. The subtle energies can not be picked up by the separate mind. The separate mind can not comprehend any thing that is more subtle than it self. The cosmic vibratory sound of Om has within it the Christ intelligence of pure love.So when you receive bouts of pure love within your body and consciousness know that you are blessed. As you experience Divine bliss in ever increasing new bliss you are making direct contact with” I Am All That I Am” through the perfect mind of the centre of God’s consciousness of absolute stillness and oneness which vibrates through all creation .

So meditation is a step by step to self realization (Christ-consciousness) -cosmic consciousness and eventually attain God union. This is not possible with our rationalizing mental restlessness which is our constant companion. (which is based on fear). Divine communion or rather deep meditation dismantles the delusion, and once sincere devotees of truth have experienced the divine joy of sanctuary in Christ-consciousness within their bodies and nothing will be able to lure sincere devotees away from the truth, wisdom, and love that they experience. It is through your perception of Christ-consciousness within yourself that you will know God contact. This is the keys to the kingdom of heaven. You are the consciousness which you have realized within yourself. Therefore, you are a belief expressed about who you think you are.

All meditations fall into two main classification. These are concentration meditation and mindfulness mediation. It depends where one focus their attention and energy. In concentration meditation, one will streamline their focus to one thing. The best concentration meditation I know of is when you concentrate in your breathing, for me this was the most simpler of the methods that I tried. Whereas mindfulness meditation is the total opposite. You do not streamline your focus but you enlarge it and take all the information from all the senses including the developing senses of the sixth, seventh and eight levels of awareness. You will start to become aware of your feelings with a new type of awareness and sensitivity,.Body wisdom will become your awareness and your inner knowing. in a new way as your inner sensing awareness becomes sharper and overtime you will have the ability to interchange the two processes of meditation. You will be just a witness or observer of what is.

Shift to wisdom by using your daily journal to be self contemplative

A journal has two different purposes.It can serve as a specific tool for not only recording your life, but also for helping to find solutions to life’s challenges and asking the rights questions.

A diary can be used to record external events in your life, but a journal can be used to record your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The difference can be profound if used for insights and awareness.

The benefits of keeping a journal of recording your thoughts and feeling create greater awareness of what you daily keep your focus on.What one focuses on and pays attention to, one attracts same into their life.Thoughts become things and what we believe gives power to the universal law of attraction the power to create our experience.

A journal creates an ability to examine what we daily focus our thoughts and feeling on. Few of us really take the time to examine our lives. Self reflection allows us to dis guard what does not work in our lives We commonly feel that we either don’t have the time, it won’t be beneficial, or it’s simply too uncomfortable. By regularly making an appointment to examine our thoughts and resulting feeling with yourself, greater awareness takes place. you can create the necessary focus to make positive changes in your life when you act on new perceptions from the inner teacher.

Writing a journal supports and allows us to see the actual truth which creates reflection on our thoughts ,actions and the resulting feeling which gives us choices on how to do better next time. .This will give rise to new awareness of any experience we have become aware of. We’re all amazing at fooling and distracting ourselves,we tend to deflect away from particular experiences instead of learning from them in a positive way. but when the truth is right before our eyes in black and white, there’s no place to hide.Deflection or comparison is not and option.

A journal when use to reflect and focus our attention on solving life problems and releases stress. There’s something about getting your thoughts on paper, that creates awareness and greater awareness of the power of reflection . Reducing your stress also creates a more effective state of mind for solving challenges. A journal provides a means of measuring progress and growth. One is able to see where one is in any situation .One can segment a particular problems and follow steps to solve them in a easy way.

Changes aren’t noticed when you’re exposed to them daily. A journal provides a way of looking back and seeing just how far you’ve come.It also gives us time to be grateful for our experiences. Record your thoughts about the challenges you’re facing, creates a sense of doing something about them. Thoughts like, how does it make you feel? How would your life improve if you were able to get this challenge fully under control?Will change your vibration and attract to you what you focus on.

Keep a list of possible solutions gives one options creating reason to focus on non fearful thoughts. Over the course of several days, your mind can provide dozens of possible solutions. Record them for future reference. Avoid being judgmental. Simply record the ideas that pop into your head gives you power and creativity to solve problems..

Develop an action plan In a timely manner allows one to take action. Eventually, one idea will stand above the rest. If you find yourself torn between multiple options, do whatever it takes to make a decision. Use a tarot reading with options if certain option are chosen..

Start your action plan with small steps that are simple and easy to accomplish. A little momentum can be invaluable.Record you progress.Record how you feel.Notice your own body wisdom. Become aware of the joy experienced.
Record your progress. Record the actions that you took each day to overcome the obstacle in your life. Also record your thoughts and feelings about your progress. If you can make yourself feel good about the process, success is much more likely.Acknowledge improvement, no matter how small.For any improvement is progress and will chance your vibration.

Look for old self talk and affirm new truth and focus.. Everyone is self-sabotaging to varying degrees. Record your thoughts and behaviors that are creating resistance to your progress. For example, Change habits that block or inhibit your progress.

Create a list of solutions for dealing with your counterproductive habits and do them to make them habits.Like meditation. self contemplation and exercise.
Make your journal a daily habit. It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks and create even bigger challenges if you don’t write in your journal each day. Take advantage of this easy way to keep your life moving forward in a way that pleases you.

A journal can be an effective way to create positive change in your life. Even if you’re never tried it before, give the journal method a try for a few months and measure the improvement in your life. With regular effort, you’re certain to reap many positive rewards.

Conscious mind v the Christ mind

With our conscious mind, we tend to analyze and judge data. We used the process of thinking, planning, making judgement and using references of past experiences from our memory to determine truth. Whether good or bad experiences, the mind holds them in our memory and accepts them as truth. When we, as individuals seem and act with fear, the feelings of fear distort truth . In fact these feelings come from the spirit self , as it does not agree with your focus or your self talk coming from the conscious mind. These feelings are guidance from within our being, that the thoughts that we are focussing on are deficient and that they will manifest in your life as we are co creators with” all that is” So our heart prompt us in one direction and the fearful mind prompt us in another direction out of fear. Hence we have two masters. Some point in the future the mind will furnish us with the stored thought which will be triggered with certain feelings of fear. Our bonding to this old feelings will keep attracting the same outcome through the law of attraction. Thought patterns that become permanent do not allow for new perceptions and discoveries. By only depending on the conscious mind which stores data that is obsolete we ignore our superior mind (Christ mind). This limits us from accessing the super conscious mind which is available to all. This super conscious mind gives access to all who attain the awareness within themselves of their oneness to all that is. So it is little wonder when we have a resistance to change our beliefs, ideologies and our accepted truths that any new wisdom emerges. Resistance to change keeps false assumption as our truth and limits our power. It used to be said that knowledge was power, but what is now taking place is wisdom. For what is knowledge without wisdom? One must know what to do with the knowledge that one has acquired and one must utilized this knowledge for all.

So how can we let these feelings and deficient thoughts deprived us from the love that we truly are. The process to successfully released old thoughts and associated feelings is called meditation. Meditation will create greater mental clarity. It will also give you the ability to dissociate from what is no longer working in your life or damaging your life experiences. After meditating for a while you will developed a proficiency and be able to have the advantage point from where you will become aware to your own thoughts and associated feelings as they arise in your daily activities. You will see and be aware of what sets off the trigger that creates fear or how you react to a given situation or to certain ideas or individual concepts. This gives you the upper hand and allows you to use wisdom to think things through.

Psychics, metaphysicians and mystics seem to understand what consciousness is, but to the broader community, it remains very limited. It is to this group of people who I am addressing this “pearl of wisdom” to.
Since I am a mystic and have been all my life, I would like to address the short fall of information that is available for those who now seek truth. The word consciousness has been clearly misunderstood by the vast population of the world. Conscious as been defined by the dictionary “ as awareness by the mind of itself and awareness of the world around itself”. This awareness is based on the five senses of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste but it does not take into account other perception which have been developed by psychics, metaphysicians and mystics.

When I first started studying metaphysics and mysticism, I was always looking at the other side of the equation of life. My daily background was in Science, mostly Biology, Chemistry and Fine Sciences. So I came from a practical logical background. But I was always drawn to people who were like teachers for me who encouraged my deep analytical mind to develop greater means of understanding and analysing what consciousness was. I came across another definition of what consciousness was from a paper I read by a British psycho physiologist Cecil Maxwell Cade (1918-1984). He had actually developed a new way to measure consciousness. This new method is called “Electroencephalogram or EEG readings.

The paper goes on to say that “there are five observable levels of consciousness” for which I can vouch for through my own experienced. But that study is now obsolete. But for the purpose of this discussion we will briefly review it. For this study, it was decided to observed experienced mediators, for they have achieved various other levels of awareness. These five levels of consciousness were recorded as going from the awaken state to deep meditation state and beyond. They are described as what follows.

1) Dream State or dream sleep state – This awareness does not take into account any awareness from the external world. This awareness is associated as coming from the internal imagination of the recipient. So “who or what” is the observer. .
2) The next state is called Hypnotic – This state of awareness happen between the awaken state and the half a sleep state. Within this awareness you are aware of the external world, but also the semi-consciousness of the dream sleep state.
3) The Fully Awaken State – your full awareness is on the world and your focus is the world around you.
4) The Meditative State – where one has withdrawn their awareness from the external environment and are perceiving perceptions from within the core of their being.
5) The fifth state is the Awaken Mind – This state of awareness is experienced only by experienced mediators. This is where one is able to maintain awareness of both the self and the internal awareness of the awareness of the all environments.

On inspection, the results shows vast differences between the different states of awareness particularly between the awaken state of everyday awareness to that of the awakened mind. Cade’s overall research was an eye opener to those people particularly Scientist and Physicist who were looking for evidence of data and proof of the benefit of meditation. Cade’s results also showed that beta wave content was balanced over the two brains hemisphere. This suggested that there was a balanced between the left brain and right brain. So it was obvious that the best most productive and highest level of consciousness and brain functionality cannot be achieved in the awaken state. Just look what Albert Einstein did and said I can remember the exact quote but if goes something like this – the intelligence that created the problem, can not solve the problems, and the only way is to shed new light on the subject. New light is every day been shed on what consciousness is, from metaphysicians and other innovative Scientist and healers.

As a metaphysician, mystic and a healer I believed and know that there is no separation from existence but that which the mind accept as true. Also, I now introduce to these five levels of consciousness a sixth state. This state of consciousness is called “Self-Mastery in Christ Consciousness“. This is the state of consciousness that Jesus sheared to the world over 2000 years ago. Within this state of consciousness, the recipient interacts at the diamond heart awareness level of awareness with the materialisation of invisible beings .through thoughts, feelings and the actual momentarily materialization into form, which can be seen by the material eye both internally and externally. Para-psychological studies had been recorded as well as telepathic experiences also clairvoyance and clairaudience by many prominent scientists. There are many prominent Doctors and Scientist forging a path with new an innovative discoveries. Also many such studies on pre-cognition, psychometrics, astral projection, dream analysis and communication with animals and other life forms are easily found on the internet.

I have spoken to many people who have had these experiences and have shared them with me. All of them had revealed to me a vast amount of wisdom. More and more people in this present age are experiencing higher levels of consciousness which vary from individual to individual. Just as there are only five levels of consciousness which can be proven by the Scientific measurement there are many more levels of consciousness to be discovered. Jesus said, “In my Fathers there are many mansions”. In order to gain perception into these levels of consciousness, one would be wise to prepare to give up self (ego), as self does not exist as separate entity outside of the mind of infinite consciousness. One has to choose to loose oneself to find one’s true self. This true self is a Christ Being of infinite love and power and is there to be realized by all. When one receives conscious contact with their own Christ Self or I Am Presence, one is attuned to the higher spiritual vibration of love. Up to now most of us have been broken and taken apart and have experienced deep separation from love. But now as the awakening is taken place, people are starting to realized that to be broken and lost is the only way to find our true self. Our work or task was to integrate our egos with our true self the Christ Being.

All can be forgiven if there is no concept of sin or guilt. Jesus knew this when He said “ Your sins are forgiven”. The awakening has been taken place as the perfect love which is the perfect idea is now birthing and manifesting. This will facilitate a new consciousness of love for all who focused and search for truth. Love dissolves all fears. When this realization takes place, which is the perfect idea that you are the Immaculate Concept of Father Mother God, also unique, truth set you free. When this takes place within your conscious mind, you put on the mind of the Christ and this is accompanied by a massive spiritual experience of ecstasy of ever new bliss. You will feel this within your heart. This will be a conscious communion taken place with spirit. After which further awakening will take place and greater wisdom will be followed by new knowledge of one’s true self. All will start to receive love feedings as the diamond river of light brings to recipient Diamond Heart awareness. This begins the recipient’s task to move into the sixth state which I call The Self Mastery in Christ Consciousness. In Cade time this state was not measurable , but now major break through are well on their way. All will start to receive stronger feedings of love, peace and joy. These love feedings will grow in magnitude and length. At first gradually then as the conscious mind accepts the truth, the feelings will gather great momentum. As the mind starts to receive wisdom, confirmation will be recognized by feedings of ecstasy and joy and the recipient will be left in no doubt of the unconditional love of our Father Mother God. These feelings of love will come with inter heart awareness, this is a transformative process which I call “DiamondHeart Awareness”. After persistent and deliberate focus, the person or people who attuned to the level of spirit will developed self authority in all levels of their lives.

This level of self authority will allow all who practice self mastery in Christ consciousness to heal influences and entities of the lower levels of vibration. I realized that I was an individual expression of my parents “ Father Mother God of all that is“ As an individual express .there was an impulse to be co -creative and to express all that I am. I started to realise that certain desires were planted within my soul by Father Mother God of all that is. The desire which spirit plants in our souls are our talents. All that is , is dynamic therefore we are dynamic beings who wish to express our unique talents for the good of all. But fear and bonding to fear represses our through expression of life. Bonding takes place by what we habitually focus on and keep us limited. So it is little wonder that we stay bonded to a limited life. What is it in us that keeps us believing that we are limited beings.? The Christ in you see you as perfect , but you do not agree. So you judge your talents and gifts as less and fail to deliver them to the world. Our souls are pure and beyond beauty, but with our attachment to fear, and our focus kept on fear, we are not enough. So deficient thoughts and associated feelings keeps us bonded to the life we have.

“All That Is” (Source) call it God or any name you like but do get to know it. The means in which you will be supported and guided is called meditation. Meditation increases the activity of the pituitary gland and also opens more of your brain to a new level of consciousness. It allows you to accept within your truth the invisible power that you posses and allows you access your true nature which in turn creates a knowing of “Who you really are”. You are the consciousness of all that is which is all expanding, all knowing, all loving source. Your empowerment will come from the awareness of loving all things without judgment and accepting what is. Remember, you are constantly changing and perceiving new discoveries and levels of awareness also “ALL That Is” is expanding and ever evolving by your partnership. Each of us represent a unique perception of divine reality. So truth does not exist, truth is always expanding and changing.
Not realizing that we are the prodigal children of God and Goddess and all we have to do is choose to contact home. Our work is to realize this fact. Our inheritance is our divine inner loving, all powerful nature. It is only when we remember our true nature and start acting with this knowing that we bring heaven to earth. This knowing of our unconditional loving nature allows us to have a relationship with God. As we are fully conscious of whom we are. By making meditation your work on a daily bases, you learn consciously to lift the soul in bondage from body consciousness into the divine presence of God.

I was a prodigal soul wandering in consciousness of only mater but now I am doing the work of meditation and self discipline and have been graciously been given a small glimpse of the infinite presence that I am. Now I am blessed as I truly feel the presence all around me. With this support and guidance I am in the process of practicing non attachment and unconditional love. Hopefully I will gain more wisdom and knowing of Gods Love.

By: Malcolm McAuliffe

Thoughts and feeling.fear and love

The human mind has spiritual currents running through its thoughts streams.”FEAR CREATES DILUTION OF ANY AND ALL CREATIVE THOUGHT”. These streams contain vital information from spirit that is highly valuable to us. Spirit is the source of everything and conveys these ideas through the human mind that intersect with a person’s belief and helping the individual ascend into the higher information that uplifts and improves the quality of life.

In human life, spiritual growth is achieved by aligning with these spiritual currents that come from both the personality and mind of spirit by intellectual ascent and emotional devotion. Christ consciousness is the growing human recognition and blending of the human evolutionary (ego) mind with divine mind and the divine personality, that is the source of human happiness and fulfillment. As this is the state of awareness of our true nature, our higher selves and our birthright as children of God. Christ-consciousness is our living expression as a child of spirit as we unfold our own divine life plan into the earth, bringing heaven on earth.

The Christ Self is actually being fully alive and invested in who we truly are. In our Christed Self we live as inspiration for others to seek this for themselves so we can collectively move our planet forward into the divine plan for planetary transformation and glorification.

Based on what we believe or expect, we tend to acquire. But what about the path of the soul. “The Law of Attraction” is understood as a mechanism or principle by which one receives based on the quality of their output of thought and ability to stay focused until the desired outcome is achieved. It is important to become aware of unconscious self-talk, trauma, induced beliefs, values, and other types of dysfunctional deficient projections going on within the mind

So let us now rephrase. Our lives are product of the consistency of our outgoing prayer/focus/attentions to details. Which are depended on the true path of the soul This makes it critically important to understand “The Law of Attraction” in its entirely, takes into account the soul desire. So “The Law of Attraction can be understood as “What we focus on expands” depending on the skill and ability to stay focused. But by becoming more aware the true focus changes direction, hence new desires become new reality.

Example: One thought, or idea purely held without any fear attached to it , attracts to it another thought like it but more powerfully established which will crystallizes pure concept of desire outcome. Now these two thoughts powerfully held attract a vibration of love which in turn attract a third thought for which the accumulation of the feeling vibration becomes increasingly powerful in the future. So this original thought gathers momentum after momentum allowing reality to manifests. So the original thought has become the initiator hence intention of desired result is off and running.

So now you understand there is an additional component to this growing vibration (resonance) and it is the feeling that are associated with the arising thoughts that are produced. This is where fear dilutes down by creating deficient thought. Feeling are the interchange with the source or the intelligence recognized within oneself It is in the resonance, feeling, and quality of connection with the source that we get insight or advise of the quality of the reality creating, we are each producing. Therefore, reality creating happens for everyone depending on the connection and flow to the source. through the Christ self. The Christ self is the door and it is only opening.

Once a person has acquired access to deep levels of consciousness, change is possible. Hence, the traditional paradigm of looking at reality will be set aside and a new paradigm will be born.
“The Law of Attraction” WORKS WITH the unconditional mindset which is only opening, and the way we use our mind can be improved upon which will lead to more understanding of the true concept of love.The Christ Self level of awareness is the door to our true consciousness Then by allowing guidance to come through this door. To open this door fully, meditation is advised. Then we will understand that flow and non-resistance will release fear, guilt, shame, blame, and allow acceptance of what is which will move to create through the power of the imagination a new heaven.

Emotional turbulence creates unrest and lack of true peace.

Meditation leads one to the inner search for peace and what is truth for the one that practices it.It strips the untruth from what is real and truth, setting one free.Within the human condition we all think,feel and act and we all exist.All these allow us to begin self discovery of the truth of our being.But without love to catalyze these process their can be no self realization.What is their to be self realized in the human condition? Before one develops the the ability to still the separate mind. the mind is full of non coherent thoughts that co exist with fluctuation of feeling of joy to fear. So the separate mind has no down time or rest except when we sleep.I call meditation the great purifier. I have found that for me the purpose of meditation allows pure light of truth during meditation to create a peaceful mind so as I can listen to the inner teacher “the Christ Self “through the intuition. This create direct knowing for this inner knowing resonances with the bliss of love received. The path of meditation is based on spiritual awareness.When one state of mind is motivated by the ego and selfish desires one has no awareness of others.As one thinks , feels and acts as if one is the cause of what is without full awareness of the ultimate reality of “I Am All That I Am”one feeds the separate ego.This lack of awareness turns the soul away from God.But when one is aware and motivated by the principles of love, one’s heart become pure and energized to be all loving. This all loving, over time will eventually become desire less love and this leads all back to God and our true nature.

What is self mastery?

What is it all about? Why am I here? Who am I? To solve any mystery, one requires right knowledge and wisdom. So what is knowledge? And what can one do with it. Our minds we know help us to determine, choose and discard ideas, but also our mind tells us what to feel, what to think, and what kind of life to have. But what do we mean by mind. Is it just our thoughts or would it better to mean the totality of our psyche. The question always arises in us, “What is good for us” Now based on whatever knowledge we have, we always act with the knowledge that it is good for us. The moment we realize that we always do what we believe to be good, this will allow us to appreciate the value of knowledge. Based on what one believes they know about a subject, they usually use knowledge for good. But what if this belief isn’t true. Some think money will give or create peace, but it does not. So what some rich people believe is not always true. So it is necessary to investigate what one believes as their truth and to take into account that truth changes with time due to discovery and new perceptions.

“How we act according to what we know or what we think we know is important” So the ability of our minds to be able to accept a paradigm shift will determine your lives, what you want to be, what you want to do and how you want to live. FEAR is dependent on what we think we are. I believe lack of knowledge creates all fears. With fear based ideas wisdom has no home. So we now know that we do not have full knowledge or wisdom about everything. We tend to be afraid of what we lack in knowledge about things. To name but a few – anger, sadness, love, compassion, dependence, emptiness, being alone.

Let us briefly examine ourselves. Believing in death makes us scared of dying. Knowledge also extends to feeling, and knowledge also extends beyond thought and feelings. The more we gain knowledge of who we are, the more our desires, for what we think is good for us will change and reflects within reality.” When examining facts and experiences that you have or that another person is describing. Focus on the following “what am I assuming I know and believe and accept as my truth happen not to fit with my new perceptions from other people that I have just experienced ”The more you gain knowledge and wisdom of who you are . the more your desires for what you think is good for you will change and reflect a new reality. When you experience knowing that you are beyond your body, mind, emotions and sensations, you will realize that there is more to you than that of physical being. It would be wise to be still and tap into your infinite consciousness. This is achieved. by meditation Then you will find out who you really are. You nature is love so you do not need to look for love outside of yourself.

We do what we believe to be good for us, based on the knowledge we have. Everything we do, every little thing depends on what we think we know. What we believe to be the best way to do things is not really the best way, at the time of taken action if the knowledge changes or expands to include new knowledge. Try applying the old law of physics to land a rocket on the moon. It can not be achieved. Take another example pain in the body always creates fear for everybody, but if it is explained as trapped air the fear will go. But if it is explained as medical condition fear over power the person.

So reaction depends on knowledge (less creates fear). So it is important to gain the necessary knowledge to live our lives to the full. Knowledge gained through our lives becomes our beliefs. We tend to believe our own beliefs too much without questioning them, then go about our lives based on them. But what about old perceptions. “Knowledge becomes part of our minds” But is this wise. So now would it not be better to test all accepted knowledge and see if it fits with your new perceptions.

So how do we find out the truth? Remember: “Ask and you shall receive” So ask the question: Is this thing I want really good for me? Did the person I learned it from know it was good? It was good for that person but is it good for me? Could it be obsolete and requires new ideas to fit it in to your new perceptions.

What we know is not ultimate knowledge but only inconclusive knowledge or part of the truth . So what about the situation where knowledge is evolving due to new perceptions that some people are realizing.

Ask the question: What information am I assuming about what I know about what to do, that I do not know that is accepted by others? Could there perceptions be valid. You will realize that there is much more to you than this, and how much more”. Because of the capacity to learn and with our minds we can investigate, study and arrive at new knowledge to see and understand new concepts. We actually find out who we are. Our nature is Love, so we do not have to look for love outside ourselves, but we can share our Love with those who desire more Love. Having loving thoughts and only projecting thoughts that are not deficient makes way for unconditional love. Any thought less than love is deficient. Put love before every thought. Then the wisdom in the feeling will reflect the truth.

By questioning and investigating, you will be able shift though of what you think you know and with an open mind allow other kinds of perceptions and values and even actions to emerge in you.

Now from experience, I know as your ability to question all things to find truth strengthens your perspective widens and what was spoken as another truth can become your new truth. Your now focus is bigger and your ability to know increases. Knowledge requires awareness, without awareness you cannot know yourself.

When there is more awareness in the body, the capacity to know feelings increases. With increasing feelings, it is easier to discriminate, strength grows, patience and courage grow. Peace and gentleness reside within the body. Particularly within the heart. Our experience of our nature becomes knowledge. It is when our essential nature of oneness with all life is achieved, that experience and knowledge become inseparable and that is wisdom

Our bodies and minds are knowledge. This happens when the oneness” all that is “reveal its magic, of its boundless dimensions. With these new revelations the new paradigm is accepted.

Let us talk about twin ideas of knowledge and power and the concept of Self-Mastery. In order to gain self-mastery, it would be wise to shift your focus inward and see the world and your place in it in new light. Throughout our lives we acquire information which in turn allow us to pursue status and symbols of status. This gives us power over others. From now on, it would be wise to develop self-mastery over your own thinking and the feeling in yourself. This will allow you to give your gift to the world.

So power over others is replaced with self mastery over self . The awareness of your self mastery and inner strength, will empower you to behave from a place of great wisdom, that will be revealed by the Christ Self (within). As you learn to modify your thinking, your world will undergo fantastic dramatic changes. You will realize that you are responsible for your reactions in any given moment. Others will cease to have power over you or control you. e.g. Why is that person behaving that way and making me feel upset and tired? Ask the question. See this situation as an invitation to explore yourself from a new attitude of self-mastery. By seeking your stream of thoughts and simply going with them, the conduct of that other person instantly loses its power. Your inward examination will allow you to listen to the inner teacher (inner response). Your inner Christ Self will allow you to examine your thoughts with tolerance (LOVE) toward yourself. By calling on the inner Christ, the conduct of the other person instantly loses its ability to hurt you.

By refusing to turn the controls of your existence over to anyone or any set of circumstances, your exercising your personal strength instead of force, you are now practicing self-mastery and a new internal state will come about.

Whatever situations that you find yourself in , where you are anxious/upset over the conduct of others, take the focus off those people or situations you are holding responsible for your inner distress. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling without blaming yourself or others for the feelings. Tell yourself that no one has the power to make you feel whatever you are feeling and make you act in a certain way without your consent. But you are willing to feel your emotions without calling them wrong or need to chase them away. This is the time to focus on understanding yourself. Now by taking full responsibility for how you chose to respond to anything or anyone. You are aligning yourself with your Christ Self. It is about changing the way you chose to perceive the power that others have over you.

Allow yourself to dismiss any desire to extend power over others through forceful nature of your responsibility. Catch yourself as you are about to tell others how they should be. Practice allowing them to make their own mistakes without interference from you. When you are in judgment mode, you isolate yourself from the “Inner Teacher” (Christ-self). Your whole body constricts and acts as an insulation from love. To poison another you first have to be the vessel to create the poison ,hence you poison yourself.

Remember: “I am responsible for what I see, I also choose the feelings I experience“. By questioning and investigating , you will be able to shift through what you think you know and with an open mind allow other kinds of perceptions and values and even actions to emerge within you. Now from experience I know as your perceptive ability widens, the picture is bigger and your ability to know at deeper levels increases. Knowledge requires wisdom , which leads to awareness. Without awareness it will be impossible to know yourself.

When there is more awareness in the body , the capacity to know feeling increases. With that change in perception the intuition and heart sense begin to make them self know . Hence awareness is off and running. With the increase in feeling ,Your Divine presence is able to guide you through how you feel. Loving thoughts about your world increases the vibration and the feeling of love that you experience is transferred to the sub consciousness which is then your new truth. With regular feeding of love this change perception deepens your awareness. Now with the added awareness it is easier to identify what is truth for you. The conscious mind become aware of the experience and that becomes knowledge which will become wisdom over time.

As we experience our true nature ,we begin to realize our essential nature is Love. It is in the realization of our oneness with all life that peace begins to be known. Then experience and knowledge become available and our bodies and mind become wise and knowledgeable. There is no separation, you realize that you are unique, special and a loved soul. It is our essential nature of oneness with all life that experience and knowledge become whole. Then essences revels it’s boundless wisdom and knowledge of all dimensions to the recipient. The spirit realms are now revealing to the world the Christ Teachers. Who in turn will make ready all who are desiring Christ contact. This will be different for everybody. You will not know the time or place when you will be lifted up into that realization. My own experience was beautiful . I remember the feeling of pure love energy passing through my body. To describe the energy there are no words. What I experience was expansive ,gentle, smooth ,and loving. At no time did this energy create fear , doubt or judgement about me . It was the most beautiful knowing which produced cosmic brotherhood which awaken in me spiritual comprehension and resurrected me into the consciousness of Bliss. With daily meditation you will be choosing to awaken your spiritual joy and you will be prepared to begin to liberate your soul which has been in bondage since the beginning of time. I recommend eternal life. So make meditation your daily work and prepare to receive your Christ-Self.

Hallmarks of focus of attention.

If one stand back from the screen of life, one will noticed that our focused of attention is based on egotist conflict where one sees themselves as separate from all that is. The simple fact is, our minds are the stage where we are entertained by the diversity of false egotist conflicts as a form of entertainment. From the first time we start to observe life at the very young age, we are lead into the trap of the ego. Our focused of attention is blindly lead into absorbing false truth, which is accepted by the subconscious mind as our truth. Our true consciousness is denied and the destruction of truth of the child of spirit begins. No longer do we get to know the inner Christ consciousness within, so we do not develop the ability to access our true power. Instead, we create a destructive consciousness as the false anti-Christ is given power and hides from us our true reality as co-creator of father-mother God of all that is. If we look at the lies and the falsehood perception that are carried out in the name of relaxation and a sense of being who we are, TV films, plays, media materials which keep our attention and bond us to the limitation of who we have become. It would be better to focus our imagination and use the power of our wisdom and rise above who we are now to become our future selves where love, peace and joy are our focused. Not only is our attention firmly on a destructive conscious form which when seeded within our consciousness create feelings which we claim as our own and misinterpret the guidance within this feeling that are produced within our body.

We have allowed our focused and attention to be consistently diverted to watching and filling our minds with entertainment that desensitized the mind allowing the emotional fears and subsequent vibrational frequencies to become real within our lives. Just take a brief look at our media and our focused that is directed to it on a daily basis. Now, ask the question “Why do we give so much power to what invested interest want to keep our attention on?”. Taking into account the “Law of Attraction” what you habitually focused on you invite into your co-creator mind by your attention to it. There is little doubt that someone in your community or country will be experiencing the very same situation as real. Remember, what you watched on TV or what you focused on TV is implanted into your subconscious mind as real. Now I have a question for you and is simply this, “Why do we ask people aspiring to know love, to be love and to express love, allow our attention to be consistently kept on full gross mental heavy ideas or pictures, story lines and concepts?, that create fear.
We, as people are in the midst of a paradigm shift in consciousness. A time is coming when people will rise up with one voice to not support such horrific, disgraceful use of imagination and instead realize that what we focused on, we give invitation to expand ideas, concepts, ideologies that come into our lives and create fear, pain, anguish, distress and these visit us and our children.
A while ago I wrote an article called “Body Wisdom”. In that article, I was stating that it would be wise to listen to your own body wisdom within the silence as you meditate. I have found that the ability to communicate with your own body wisdom gives you the advantage to utilize greater wisdom than the conscious mind has to offer. The conscious mind offers data, at best other people data that you accept as truth. So the question I have for you today is “Do you really know who you are?” also “Have you ever tried to find out who you are?”. If you decide to ask this question, I would ask you not to ask somebody else but to ask your inner self within the silence. Before I started my own spiritual journey, I was confused to the distinction to be discovered between the ego and the real self. In the beginning of my journey, I studied a book called “A Course on Miracles”, it was the first step to lasting freedom. This first step allowed me to adjust my mind set. After many years of studying the course, certain realization started to take place within my life. So I meditated on the following questions for several weeks.

Question: What is the primal distinction to be discovered between “one’s real-self” and the ego? In other words, who is the “real self”? The next question I asked was; if everything is an illusion, what was real and authentic? So if one keeps their focus on the illusion, the illusion get bigger and more real. So I felt that such a view can’t really escape dualism at all. This is where I saw and experience conflict within myself. Now for me conflict was evidence of lack of true peace and a degrading of what real love is. I know the real love is all encompassing so I choose not to be stuck in contradiction. So with meditation, I expanded my consciousness and accelerated my awakening which opened other spiritual gates to the vastness of my soul. Then the soul through the Christ-consciousness allowed me to awaken and understand my life purpose and divine nature. So it becomes necessary to awaken from the dream of the dreamer itself. “The mind has the choice about what it chooses to think of what is reality. But what about what I feel? By focus attention and meditation on everything through the belief of metaphysical conclusion that “it all unreal” creates false reality. I am very much fused to a dream made by an internal sense of the dreamer.

What about the real reality of love? This then allow me to ask, how could love be a dreamer? For love is not separate. Love is real. With this realization, I felt a presence a strange feeling of love was experienced within my body. (This truth set me free). I realized that a belief created by the conscious mind which is based on fear and is the corner stone of what is seen and felt is not real or illusion was erroneous. The fact that we state that object, people, things and experience or ideas are illusions will always that draw our focus to them, which expands them and it does become a reality through “The Law of Attraction” (What you believe and expect is).

The strong possibility of finding peace is before you. This journey is achievable, for I am in the process of it. The NEXT STEP is yours. You can experience these same divine truths within yourself. If you would like to read more, I refer you to the previous article that I wrote “Embracing Peace”.

The whole world is in the progress of an awakening to a new reality of our true being. There is a light emerging from within everybody’s heart. This light is the light of the world and announcing an inner teacher or presence which is in the progress of birthing a new consciousness and at the same time preparing each of us for a paradigm shift. Our focused of attention will begin to shift from what we presently pay attention to. We will start to support a new understanding of how the world really operates and this understanding will emerge as truth.

Thought patterns that become permanent do not allow for new perceptions and discoveries. By only depending on the conscious mind which stores data that is obsolete we ignore our superior mind (Christ mind). This limits us from accessing the super conscious mind which is available to all. This super conscious mind gives access to all who attain the awareness within themselves of their oneness to all that is. So it is little wonder when we have a resistance to change our beliefs, ideologies and our accepted truths that any new wisdom emerges. Resistance to change keeps false assumption as our truth and limits our power. It used to be said that knowledge was power, but what is now taking place is wisdom. For what is knowledge without wisdom? One must know what to do with the knowledge that one has acquired and one must utilized this knowledge for all.

As children growing up, we accepted truth from those people who we depended on such as parents, brothers and sisters and closed relatives. Our truth was clouded by their beliefs and their habitual pattern of thoughts, which we generally accepted as our own without ever testing. Recently there has been published new article relating to how the mind works. It is now generally accepted by the visionary community of innovative and new thinkers that reality is a by product of our beliefs, attitudes, habits and what we pay attention to. With this new understanding, it beholds us to redefine our habitual patterns of thought and ideas based on our own perception. Empirical data is not enough. New perceptions and new discoveries always change the paradigm of our beliefs system in which we operate. In some point in our lives we are faced with certain challenges which create a desire for new wisdom. With new discoveries and perceptions we are able to overcome particular blockages. You must remember that modern science is now looking at reality creating as a product of our unconscious and subconscious beliefs manifesting as our truth.

Mass mind reality creation is the collective level where the whole world is at as a whole. But there is an individual level of consciousness which can be developed and improved. This type of consciousness is developed by meditation and mastering your thought and associated feeling. The more people that engaged in the practice of meditation and developing within their own consciousness a knowing that we are all from the same source called LOVE. Our focused of attention will not choose to entertain thoughts, ideas, ideologies, beliefs that create fear instead our focused of attention will demand with one voice that we stop creating deficient thoughts through our books, films, plays and entertainment in general. Instead our entertainment and our focused and attention will incorporate ideas, ideologies and beliefs that instill peace, joy and freedom. We will elect politician that create a focused on joy, peace and freedom. At the moment, our TV depicts violence which acts within our subconscious mind and bonds us to attracting these into our very own lives. Remember, our newspapers, all our media keeps our attention bonded to the concept of imperfection and creates the vibration of fear.

For example, our minds are bombarded with violence, death, pain, guilt, torture and explicit behavior that create fear and lodges within our body system at the core of our being. This bonds us to the limitation and imperfection that we presently have and creates a continuance for more of the same that gives invitation for more of the same to come in to our lives and the lives of our children.

So would be wise to start focused on the higher form of entertainment, ideologies and perceptions which is love, joy and peace.

God is coming into the world in a new way. He will reveal himself in all of us as we are all in the Diamond Heart of God where all facets are of the one substance called Love. All are equal and all have equal potential to manifest heaven on earth. We have free will to not focus on deficient ideas and thoughts which were introduced into the world from the beginning of time. “I am All That I Am” lives within us and through our being. We are starting to conduct His power all around us. God is Love, Wisdom and Truth and you will know the manifestation of the Christ within your own consciousness by these virtues. There is nothing greater than love; wisdom and truth for these principles is the cornerstone of developing Christ consciousness within you. God’s love brings forth life, His wisdom brings forth light and His truth brings forth freedom that destroys fear. It would be wise to merge with the love nature of God being, as without merging we create separation which leads to fear. The path we walk in life leads only to love and when we are filled with God’s love our bodies becomes shining, majestic and invincible. To support this paradigm shift, it would be wise to start your own spiritual journey so you are ready to receive within your own knowing and own consciousness the knowing that you are one with all life and “all that is” and that your very nature is LOVE.


Perfect reflection of Christ- consciousness

Perfect reflection of Christ- consciousness

In the beginning of the birth of creation the first coming of Christ was the birth of creation. God breath a desire and the Holy Ghost or Mary carried within its virgin whom the Christ consciousness. Which was symbolized by the son of God? which was” the only begotten Son” child of spirit. The PERFECT REFLECTION of cosmic consciousness (GOD THE FATHER) in and beyond all creation.” In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was GOD.” So the perfect reflection was imbued with cosmic intelligence. It is my understanding now that Jesus was the first to become aware of this knowing within his conscious mind. So was able to say” I and the father are one” He did say follow him. Jesus message for all of us was to follow him into the diamond heart awareness of Christ consciousness. The diamond heart consciousness and awareness is symbolized by wisdom, love, clarity and ascension. The diamond and the heart symbol can be seen in every era, culture, religion and esoteric writings since the beginning of time.

The second coming of Christ is happening now. It is happening within you right now. It is happening within the subtle regions of your being.

To support the diamond heart consciousness it would be wise now to practice meditation and begin to focus on the heart sense which has intelligence far beyond that of a fear based mind which is after all a servant and collector of data. Daniel Defoe once said “that the soul is placed in the body and it is like a rough diamond, it must be polished within or the larder of the soul will never appear “The Diamond heart awareness will transform the lost soul of every day realm of consciousness to a new understanding and wisdom of the potential of each soul. Already modern science has acquired new perspectives of multiple universes including the string theory and folding time theories. We hear a lot about vibration and resonances, and soon more discoveries will lift the lid to new discoveries. Since new discoveries and perceptions force us all to acknowledge paradigm shifts do take place. Soon it will be common knowledge for all to see. This vibration tone is at present been measured by modern science. The diamond heart awareness symbolizes the soul’s journey home to its true awareness. It is with this new awareness or heart sense that the people of the world will define what we give our attention too. Already many people of the world have started to wake up. The hallmarks of our attention will manifest our very thoughts and will utilize the emotion of fear or love to co creates them.

The Native American Indians and other Native nations such as the Australian tribes have been given the concept of the diamond and the heart to acknowledge immortality. It has been preserved as both a symbol and acknowledgement to transformation. The first time I came across the Indian motet was on my visit to America back in the early eighties. I learned that the butterfly diamond symbolized transformation by a process called metamorphosis. At that time I was searching for answers which no person was able to give me. Since that time I have learned that the diamond symbol is emblematic of time and space, which prompts us to live in the now moment. The diamond heart awareness is announcing to the world a new understanding or reality to be embraced.

In alchemical philosophies and metaphysical speaking the diamond and the heart create unity and balance to” all that is”.

Most of us now more than ever before are very much caught up in the restlessness of the annoyances of life. These include the constant roller coaster of emotions and the drama of life. Our worries and our constant expectations of financial, emotional and spirituality aspirations are always arising. It is my opinion that without loosening of the hold of our focus on these issues, our attention keeps us binding to these and we invite more of the same because of the unconditional love of the “Law of Attraction”. Focus attention on imperfection binds us all to more imperfections. In the modern world, freedom can only be achieved by realizing that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and have forgotten the nature of your being. What is taken place now is the remembering of who you are, or your return to the knowing of your infinite eternal soul. Be aware that the energy waves will be ebbing and flowing with increasing frequencies from now on. It would be wise to call on the comforter The Holy Spirit, when fearful thoughts enter the mind through habit. So anybody who would attain the diamond heart awareness would be wise to include meditation. This will support you in loving and merging with the ego. Then rise above the consciousness of your physical self (deny himself) and keep in attention constantly focused in Christ peace even while you are daily crucified by trials and your spiritual aspiration, as well as being tormented by restlessness and destructions. The intensified focus, fervent devotion and meditation produce the ecstasy of oneness with cosmic consciousness.

By now some of you will be aware that you are beliefs of who you think you are. Your very intentions and thoughts are energy and this energy that you create will manifest. So any intention of thought set in motion will change to the degree that the soul remembering will allow. Fear inhibits the remembering process. We are becoming aware of energy and as it expands beyond the physical, some of us sense it others see it and yet still others can communicate with it. With this group of people I have this to comment. Notice how the mind set of unconditional love practices regularly will change the reality that you are experiencing. All the resistance of the drama of life dissipates. Limitation will start to fall away. New belief systems will be evidence of the new seeds that you are planting within your consciousness. This will become your new truth for now and your experiences will reinforce the “Law of Attraction” with vibration of love and this energetic environment will affect your physical world. In fact you will be working with thought and intention before it will come into manifestation. Now with deliberate conscious creating of your part in creation as a co-creator, the universe will create that which you desire. This freedom creates peace within and more remembrance of your purpose.

Any thought that is diluted down with the remembrance of fear is not perfect. Hence we are the creator of what is. Have the wisdom to know that your very thoughts are creating this world. Accept full responsibility for your thoughts, words, deeds and associated feelings and beliefs which are making you a beggar man in God’s House. We then can take responsibility as co-creators and have the wisdom to stay focused on putting LOVE before every thought. This will bring about unconditional love. As a result, the people of the world will find a new and meaningful means of nurturing ourselves and allowing the emergence of truth, love and wisdom to allow the all new expansive transformation of life which is well and truly underway.

By feeling love within one’s own consciousness, a light will begin to break which allows the individual to experience a profound peace and joy more than the ordinary human heart has ever known before. The first time I have personally felt this peace, I heard and felt a feeling of love so pure and real .It changed me there and then. An inner voice, the same as what the shepherds in the countryside of Bethlehem had experienced. “Peace on earth, goodwill towards men”, was my knowing within the pure silence. I had realized, I had to create peace within myself. So I resigned to create peace within my own heart. My task was to create a heart that could love unconditionally. The only way I knew how to do this was through meditation. This practice created in me peace. It enlarge my consciousness, my cup became overflowing. Before, this peace was realized, I had two masters. My fearful mind was one master, and my heart prompts was my second master. Whenever I decided to do what my inner prompts were trying to achieve my fearful mind would overrule them. I was a divided house, and my ability to focus was always over ruled with fear full thoughts .So my overall focus was fear. Christ peace gives all who with devotion and whole heartiness to obtaining Christ consciousness within meditation the total enjoyment of ecstasy and peace. By keeping your feeling free from fear vibrations which create restlessness in the mind, you have but one master. When this inner peace is experienced within meditation, one enters the soul and overtime the vaster peace that one feels is Christ consciousness or the Christ self which moves into cosmic consciousness and a knowing of the infinite consciousness and what you are able to tap into. Eventually, overtime and devotion, the restless thought and associated feeling are vanquished within the silence and ever new bliss is celebrated within the soul and body. You are the consciousness which you have realized within yourself. Therefore, you are a belief expressed about who you think you are.

Christ consciousness is the perpetual state of unconditional love always choosing love over fear. This is achieved by blending heart and mind in meditation and developing an inner sensitivity to be able to be on vigilant watch to hold fast to the joyous inner communication with infinite consciousness (the only begotten son of the Father Mother of God of All That Is) child of spirit. Over time, this will bring about the ideal of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and adherence to the highest divine truths of universal love, where one realizes their oneness with God.

By learning to listen to the pulsating presence, feelings will generate a world of love for everybody, by feeling our hearts desires into creation. Soon more and more people will be radiating energy for the good of all. Throughout the universe everything is vibrating. It is the balancing of the fearful thoughts that is now taking place so that the correct order as per design of our Father Mother God where Love dismantles what thought has diluted down and has created from the beginning of time, by distorting the perfect mind, by introducing the concept of the possibility of not good, hence the creation of imperfection.

Intention seems to play a great role in the evolution of WHAT IS. So it would be wise to align and listen to Divine intention. Any decision based on fear or selfish benefit creates an intention to hoard or keep there by breaching the “Law of Supply”. Hence we have created this recession. So companies and institutions that lay claim to possession and who with hold information will be focusing on fear and fear related issues. The unconditional law of attraction like a good servant will reflect back to them, what they imagine into being through their fear. By sharing information and desiring to support all and accepting that we are all on our journey home, life will be so different. Unconditional Love will transform all. So by practising inner silence, one will meet God, and Goddess and divine peace will abide. In my own experience, it took devotion, faith and perseverance, but I keep knocking at the door of silence and God did respond. It was the habit of being inwardly in the calm and peaceful knowing of infinite consciousness that I realized the Divine Presence. Ideas in the mind created through the power of faith produce the respondent feeling of Love. Taking control over your thoughts the emotions by merging heart and mind in the now moment creates a partnership of trust with Divine Presence, I noticed that, invading the disturbing thoughts of restlessness which were focus on, sometimes produce feelings that created in me, judgements and I was trapped in the duality of having feeling of attraction or repulsion for them. So what I experienced through my heart bonded me to likes and the dislikes which create attraction and repulsion situations. I realized that my heart stores up emotions and it is the desire of habit that my words, thoughts and deeds reflect what was in my heart. In realizing the truth about what emotion I allow into my heart, I knew it would be wise not to be tempted by the fearful thoughts and corresponding feelings. Knowing that my thoughts can produce various emotions I started to use my feeling to monitor my ideal thoughts and then started to choose better thoughts to produce associated good feelings of love.

Divine intention is now more than ever before, forging a path for all. To support this paradigm shift in consciousness to allow the subjective nature to prompt each of us “Be still and know I AM”. Daily meditation would be a wise choice to know the loving voice of the only begotten son of God and Goddess (The Christ consciousness) the only begotten son, child of spirit speaks within the silence. Allow the spiritual power to strengthen, uplift and redeem you. It would be wise to accept the baptism of fire, which burns away your fear and replaces this with unconditional love. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter will be your redemption to quicken the spiritual nature of your being and return you to the true consciousness which is the purity of the diamond heart consciousness and its ability to fulfils Divine Intention

The diamond crystals feature the building blocks of all life. The diamond crystals are pure and all life comes from this purity of creation. With the recent introduction of the law of attraction we all are becoming aware of the reflective nature of our lives, hence our habitual focus on fear and powerlessness, bonds us to the limitations we think in being and reflects our reality. Each person on the planet is love and at no time are they less than love, but within their own accepted truths of who they believe they are. We are all unique and perfect and will all contribute to the whole, just as the many facets of the diamond contribute to the overall beauty of the diamond. When the Christ light becomes a reality, the diamond heart awareness allows intuition to guide and to establish faith, love and wisdom within your consciousness. ” I am the door and no man can shut it” this door that no man can shut is the door to infinite consciousness. It is only by actually experiencing this knowing within the silence that you begin to be self realized. All the great masters realized this.

So by practising meditation and developing your inner sensing capabilities you will embrace the Christ light of your higher self, which is love. As the diamond heart awareness grows among the population, the collective awareness will shift the masses in a new direction. This will be the beginning of wisdom, which will transform and create the magnificent metamorphosis on planet earth. This will bring forth a new earth and new consciousness will be introduced as pure wisdom. Advancement of great magnitude and magnificence will be ever increasing and joyous. Our bodies will be transformed and our soul will know of its capabilities, leading to the development of our dormant capacities which have yet to be discovered.

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Shift to wisdom by embracing the principle of love.

Since we now know the separate mind project on to the screen of life and our attitude and our very focus of attention summons our life experiences we would be wise to embrace the principles of love as a basis for our life experiences and those life experiences of our follow brothers and sisters. We all come into life with the human condition of being separate from love. We are all creating life experiences by thinking them into being while not realizing that we are in divine partnership with “I Am All That I Am”. As one awakens to the ultimate reality one starts to embrace unconditional love. The existence of love in our thoughts imply the existence of  a power that allows all things to exist and become more aware of the ultimate reality.When we love and choose to love we find our true nature, which is love. The only place where love does not exist is within our own separate mind.The human condition is now being transformed by an awakening to the principles of love. The masculine energy is the action taken energy which when in unity with love creates trust that the action taken will produce our good. The feminine energy is the allowing energy or trust energy which drives the law of attraction to produce the desired result. When the heart is blocked by judgments it creates separations from our good and this separation from our good blocks the trust energy. Thoughts are the power that move everything into existence, When one’s thoughts are focused on sharing knowledge or wisdom one is rewarded by the inner awareness of joy and bliss.As one feels an expansion through the heart know as the resonance of truth one is aware of the confirmation coming from the inner knowing that one’s good is at hand .As one feels an expansion of love , joy or bliss one is communication with the presence of God.