Emotional turbulence creates unrest and lack of true peace.

Meditation leads one to the inner search for peace and what is truth for the one that practices it.It strips the untruth from what is real and truth, setting one free.Within the human condition we all think,feel and act and we all exist.All these allow us to begin self discovery of the truth of our being.But without love to catalyze these process their can be no self realization.What is their to be self realized in the human condition? Before one develops the the ability to still the separate mind. the mind is full of non coherent thoughts that co exist with fluctuation of feeling of joy to fear. So the separate mind has no down time or rest except when we sleep.I call meditation the great purifier. I have found that for me the purpose of meditation allows pure light of truth during meditation to create a peaceful mind so as I can listen to the inner teacher “the Christ Self “through the intuition. This create direct knowing for this inner knowing resonances with the bliss of love received. The path of meditation is based on spiritual awareness.When one state of mind is motivated by the ego and selfish desires one has no awareness of others.As one thinks , feels and acts as if one is the cause of what is without full awareness of the ultimate reality of “I Am All That I Am”one feeds the separate ego.This lack of awareness turns the soul away from God.But when one is aware and motivated by the principles of love, one’s heart become pure and energized to be all loving. This all loving, over time will eventually become desire less love and this leads all back to God and our true nature.

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