Body Wisdom and perception.

Body wisdom does not come from the fearful mind. It comes from a deeper knowing than that of the intellect. Body wisdom comes from the ability to develop an inner sensitivity. This inner sensitivity can be developed by taken massive action to acquire the ability to allow spirit to impart the process of cleansing. As far as I know this can only happen within meditation and while you sleep. What do I mean by massive action? It is taken the necessary time and attention to achieve a desired result. Most people tend to mean to do something about their fearful minds. But few actually do anything about it. Those that do, acquire the ability to receive guidance from within through the silence. What actually takes place is a knowing originates inwardly within the mind. So it was with me. To explain more about the body wisdom, I want to introduce to you the process of what you would be familiar with. This process is the dialogue which would take place between two separate being (Tom and His Christ Self). But in fact there is no separation, for all are one.

“Did you feel that? Good is it? A vibration came through Tom. He didn’t hear anything, but there was a knowing within him from (His Christ Self). Tom paused and drew a deep breath; he wondered what was taken place. You have asked for wisdom, a wise choice, his Christ Self said. Tom asked, how did you know that? I only decided that last night and it is to be my gift for my confirmation from the Holy Spirit, Tom continued. His Christ Self answered, well, I hear you. I have come to teach you body wisdom. What is body wisdom? Tom asked. His Christ Self answered, it is an inner sensitivity with your self, which will allow you to be sensitive to other realms. What do you mean by other realms? Tom asked again. Do you remember what Jesus said? Let me remind you, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions”. His Christ self implied. So there are other places in the universe? Tom questioned. Yes, see, you are receiving your wisdom already. His Christ Self said. What is your job for the universe? He asked. My job is YOU. I am your door into the infinite universe. My first job is to teach you sensitivity. Sensitivity to truth and wisdom. So that, you can carry out your divine mission. His Christ Self explained. So, I have a divine mission? What is my divine mission? Tom continued to ask. Your divine mission is whatever you want it to be. His Christ Self answered. I need more of answer than that. He insisted. You are created out of love, you are love and at no time you are less than love. Peace is with you. His Christ Self said.”

With these words, Tom felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. It was a feeling of love and Tom noticed a beautiful odor of flowers and a tingling sensation of joy filled his body. Tom was left in no doubt that he was experiencing very strange phenomena. But he was not afraid, in fact, he was at peace. Tom was receiving his dialogue from within and it was been confirmed with a beautiful feeling of love and fragrance of flowers. Tom felt like he was in heaven.

“Don’t go, don’t leave me, I have so many questions for you. Tom begged to his Christ Self. There is no separation, so I am not going anywhere, but you have work to do. Remember, truth is relative, it will change. His Christ Self said.”

Tom decided to make a regular place and time to communicate with his Christ Self, and also, he would not allow anything to distract him from this. He told himself that he would make it consistent. Many weeks had passed and on review, Tom noticed that the visits became less and less. Tom started to think that he was doing something wrong. The feeling of the presence, grow hot and cold. Tom wonders why. So Tom asked the question. He addressed that question to his Christ Self within meditation and waited for a reply. But none was received. Tom thought he was going mad. He thought he might be in illusion about his experience, or that he was going mad and having a nervous breakdown.

But something inside his knowing said, Be patient. Be still and know “I am all that I am”. Tom continued to meditate, and within his meditation, he asked for more wisdom. Tom became aware that meditation was the most important thing he could do. This excited Tom, as a full sense of knowing has given him the answer to his dilemma. Tom found peace with regular meditation

So within Tom’s next meditation, Tom’s Christ Self came through very quickly. He announced himself with the usual fragrance of flower and a deep sense of peace and love. Then he spoke.

“You are learning fast. Tom’s Christ Self uttered to him. What do you mean? Why didn’t you come when I ask you all those other times? He asked his Christ Self with a bit of dismay. It has to do with your vibration. His Christ Self answered. What was wrong with my vibration? Tom asked again with confusion. You had created a holding vibration of fear, which had insulated me from reaching you. His Christ Self explained. How did I do that? Tom questioned. You did that by your attention on your fears, which allowed your fearful mind to be in control. His Christ Self replied. What fears did I give attention to? He continued asking. You were unconsciously focusing on not been able to reach me. The “what if” story had been created in your head, “The Law of Attraction” only works in the now moment. So your thoughts created the block. His Christ Self said. You mean, because I was afraid that I would not be able to contact you, I just created that experience by focusing on that fear, and that’s what I got? Tom wondered and said. YES, his Christ Self answered. So my focused thoughts are very powerful and what I give my attention to will manifest? Tom asked again with realization about what happened to him. YES, his Christ Self replied. So any fear creates separation from my desired results, if I give attention to it? He continued asking his Christ Self. YES, his Christ Self answered. So my thoughts create my life? Tom asked. Partially so. There are also other factors that come in to play. His Christ Self replied. All souls have a path or journey, which allows it to return to full awareness. Then, what do you mean? He continued to ask again until he got the answers to things that bothering him. When you think good thoughts, how do you know they are good? His Christ Self asked him. I feel good. Tom answered. Now, use that wisdom and apply it to your thoughts. So for next week, I want you to do a list of feelings and thoughts associated with these feelings. His Christ Self gave him something to do to challenge his beliefs and faith.”

Tom decided that the way he was looking at the world could be improved. So he made a promise to himself, to be aware of what he gave his attention to.

From that day onward, whenever Tom had to make an important decision for his life, or create clarity for his life, Tom was told to seek spiritual awareness from within him. To become the watcher and learn on the daily basis, by creating inner space and learn from the lesson inherent in each day. Tom started to realize the unconditional love takes many forms. So he decided to start to see love in all experiences, whether painful or in joy. Love in Tom’s heart grew. Tom started to separate truth from illusion, and realized that his circumstances were stepping stones on his journey of self-realization.

Tom also realized that it would be wise to listen to his heart, as it had intelligence far beyond what his head keep telling him. Then “out of the blue”, a realization came over him about what Jesus said about having two masters. Just then, his head said something and his heart said another or rather a feeling of knowing came over him. Jesus words kept on ringing within his heart, “you can’t have two masters”. So Tom realized that meditation was how he could merge his mind and heart, so that there would be only one master.

For the next two months, Tom paid careful attention to his thoughts and how his thought creates different feelings. He segmenting his day as his Christ Self gave him instruction to do so. Tom learned to break up his day so as his focus would rotate every two hours, to allow a hundred percent attention on particular areas of his life. He also energized this focus with feelings of love and acceptance.

Tom started to listen to the heart as before he listens to his mind. New awareness and stronger intuitive perceptiveness started to grow within him. A deeper intuitive wisdom started to emerge into Tom consciousness. He was asked to withhold judgment and accept whatever was unfolding in his life as it was by the grace of God that this lesson were sent to him. This acceptance allows subtle changes to take place within Tom, which created enlightenment. Tom’s capacity to heal himself became his priority. He learned from his past negative experiences. So he chooses to let these perceived fearful feelings go. In there place he used the power of his imagination to create new feelings by creating new thought which he focused on.

The objective was to remove fear which would build up over time. Tom noticed that any fear related thought would block the flow of light and create a resistance to the flow of love which had started within him. Becoming one with the Christ Self is the first step in eradicating fear. When Tom looked around himself and at other beings, he noticed that some men and women thought of themselves of been individual and separate, where they believe they are the centre of the universe, ego centered rather than God centered. Tom was shown that direct guidance would increasingly become available to every person who sought it, and that their guides and teachers would be forthcoming in their wisdom to help all through the complexities of life.

Tom accepted the process of collecting and receiving new awareness. He searched for serenity and self-realization, because he realized that was the purpose of his life. He believed that all human beings were meant to prosper and to learn the means to discover a peaceful and joyful ways of learning to live together cooperatively. Tom practiced his breathing. Everyday before he went about his day, he would re-assure himself that the presence of his Christ Self was real and present, by calling in the presence of his Christ Self. He would know this truth by the feelings of love which would run through his whole body.

Tom was told by the “Inner Teacher” that time was his ultimate tool. With daily spiritual study, he would experience more insight and powerful feedings of love. And when the love became overpowering, give it out to others and to know that there was no limit to the amount of love that could be received. Tom was told to “breathe in love, and breathe out fear”. This state of inner peace and joy could be achieved by regular meditation. He was also told to create space between his daily thoughts “to still the mind” and that over time he could observe different kinds of waves of energy passing in him and around himself. When Tom sought awareness, he would ask question and then become aware through direct knowing which would be confirmed by a feeding of love and awareness.

Tom realized that breathing brought his life energy into balance, and also cleansed his system by eliminating unwanted and negative or unproductive thoughts and feelings. He also noticed that no thought could be introduced into his mind while he focused on his breath. His Christ Self had brought his attention to breathing in love and releasing fear every time he had an encounter with fear.. He was getting very good at doing it. He knew that he was accepting divine love with each breath and releasing his fear by transforming them into love and sending them back into “All That Is”. Transformation started in Tom’s life. He started to believe that anything was possible.

I hope that Tom’s story will inspires you to discover the true wisdom within you. All of us have the power to awaken our own Christ Self. What it would be wise to pay attention to is the feelings which are like a small spring which will become a river and over time will lead you to the infinite ocean of cosmic consciousness. It would be wise to keep in-tune and listen to the inner voice that will guide and help you realized your true purpose in life. It is all our purpose to support each other to embrace the new wave of love which is been now attracted to all humanity.

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